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  1. Courante

    NRS Reportedly Starting Production on Marvel vs DC Game [LEAK]

    Take with grain of salt https://www.gamingbible.co.uk/news/games-injustice-studio-working-on-a-marvel-fighting-game-says-insider-20210427?source=facebook https://www.google.com/amp/s/comicbook.com/gaming/amp/news/mortal-kombat-11-injustice-3-marvel-game/ It's fair to say that Marvel fans have...
  2. YoungTeezy 305

    DC Fandome - August 22, 2020

    DC Comics is hosting a 24-hour virtual convention on August 22. In the email invite I received, WB promises to announce new games along with other media. "Imagine all the DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains you’ve ever loved finally coming together in one place to celebrate DC’s past, present...
  3. MKF30

    Your top 5 Comic Book video games of all time

    So list your top 5 comic book video games, doesn't matter what console or genre. If you want to list Batman Arkham Asylum or MVC2, be my guest. Don't matter. If you want, you can list top 10 if you have more than 5. Here's my top 5 but also overall top10: 1. Injustice 2 2. Batman Arkham Asylum...
  4. JLU51306

    Doctor Fate Pre-Release General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Use this thread to discuss all speculation relating to DC's resident sorcerer supreme. What will his playstyle be? Will he float above the ground like a boss? For me, personally, I'd love for this to be the Kent Nelson Dr. Fate. I can imagine his attacks to be long-range/projectile based...
  5. Ryu Hayabusa

    Circe - come and get bewitched

    Would you like to see her get a spot in the game and be playable or not?
  6. P

    STRAW POLL: Best Rebirth Titles

    Basically, I chose all of the comics that I'm interested in, and made a straw poll to help me decide which comics I want to buy in DC Rebirth. http://www.strawpoll.me/11836113 It would be greatly appreciated people voted. There can also be discussion/explanation in the comments. Thanks.
  7. VSC_Supreme

    Will Story only characters make a return?

    Do you guys think we'll see some story only characters like in MKXL? And i don't mean characters that just make a cameo, but I mean do you think will there be fights against characters that aren't playable, and just retain their movesets from the previous game, just like Rain and Baraka in MKXL...