1. Mgo

    Sindel Flight Cancel Corner Infinite | TUTORIAL (UMK3)

    This one was requested by some people for many years, so here it is! A detailed tutorial on how to this famous combo, explained step by step.
  2. Roy Arkon

    Alternative Versions of Raptor's Corner 50/50 for Sub-Zero

    2 weeks ago, Raptor made a video of a Left/Right Corner 50/50 for Sub-Zero as you can see here: I've checked it in the lab and I've found some alternative versions to this 50/50. In addition to jump backwards before jumping forwards for a FJ2, you can also go for NJ2, before you go for the...
  3. xMEECH

    Cyborg’s corner game is better than you think. 112 DD3 MBF3.

    Obviously the opponent can’t wakeup with specials cuz MBF3. They also can’t wakeup with a majority of interactables, even when meter burned. If they delay wakeup they can’t whiff punish before DD3 hits. If they block, he’s over +30 and can easily jail a second F3 or a delayed B231, both of which...
  4. Roy Arkon

    Double Starfire Combo Video Guide - Post September 2017 Patch

    I made two Starfire combo vids, it took me like two days to make them both. Originally I wanted to make just one but then I realized that it will make the video too long, so I decided to split them to two parts. I also gave you the time marks for each type of combo in the vids if you would like...
  5. HappyPow

    Flash Restands/Resets

    These are the combos I do the most of the time. I have tons more but there is so many ways to get restands through 32 and resets thanks to either DD2F2--D1 Ex pound or whatever or even through EX Pound by itself. Enjoy the few example and tell me what you think about it! New combo video under...
  6. The_Tile

    Question Who has the best corner game in MKX?

    After the discussion about Lao's corner game in the patch thread made by @REO I've been thinking about this and I have a few contenders who come to mind. Imo it's either: -Bo Rai Cho: Could be any variation really but probably DB Quan Chi: Either Sorcerer or Summoner Sub Zero: GM obviously But...
  7. HappyPow

    Combo Video - Reptile Reptile : Nimble Combos/Setups/Corner Carry

    Here are some Nimble Reptile combos and setups by the always impressive HappyPow. Please read his message and watch his videos below. Yo I've been doing a new video lately, here it is. It shows pretty much what you can do under Slow Motion, indeed you have several opportunities and I must...