1. S

    Is there a hit confirm OS currently ?

    As the title states, I'm just trying to figure out if there is still a hit confirm os still in the game. An os that on block gives you the safe special and on hit gives you the combo starter/launcher? I think I remember seeing Azeez pull off something similar to this in one of his vids, but I...
  2. S

    A Kollector Full guide ... again lol

    Sorry, for anyone wondering, the video didn't work well before so i had to re-upload it and restart the premiere. For anyone interested, it's gonna go live in 4 minutes and in the meanwhile imma leave the link here. Should be useful for anyone interested n the character =)
  3. MKfanatic98

    First Day thoughts on Kombat League

    Kombat league is finally here! What are your thoughts/first impressions on MKs first actual ranked mode? Do you love it? Hate it? Think it needs more ranks? [warning!!!] This is a disscussion about the mode itself, this is NOT a rant forum about the type of players or characters you see on...
  4. ETC Mcfly

    Kung Lao - The Shaolin Return (Setups, interactions, tricks & Tips) (By T7G-ETC Mcfly)

    Sup Guys! I leave my contribution for the players of kung lao with details of the use of interaction in combos, combos without meter, configurations, tricks and some tips that I hope will serve you. For the Shaolin ... *Competitive mode @KutlessMyth, @Saltea Moonspell, @Professor Oak...
  5. B

    [MK11] Looking for people to play sets with on ps4

    Hello everyone If anyone wants to run some sets in the future add me, my psn is lBuuck (first letter is an L min)
  6. Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    PND Mustard's thoughts on Custom Variations in Competitive Play

    So, yesterday right after the Kombat Kast, Mustard went back to the segment where Tyler mentions the feedback they received recently in regards to the statement about CV's being limited to pretty much Player Matches online. Mustard went on to express his personal opinion on the matter, and...
  7. JSF

    Why Kustom “Variations” are needed for competitive play (Hear me out)

    I am aware that I’m most likely in the minority with this mindset but I completely believe that we should be able to use kustom variations in competitive play for MK11 based on how the game is designed so far. By that I mean we should be able to choose which specials we want to use beyond the...
  8. 7horx

    Variations and Counterpicking

    Hello everyone, I'd like to share with you my thoughts about making the game a better experience especially for competitive players. Since forever a player who loses a match can switch his character or like in MKX and now in MK11 - variation. It makes an opportunity to choose a counter-pick...
  9. DorkKnight

    Locals near Columbus Ohio?

    I really want to get into the competitive Injustice 2 scene, I've been playing in online tourneys and labbing with friends, but I can't seem to find any locals near my area. Do you guys know of any events near or in Columbus, Ohio?
  10. riommaufc

    Setting a new standard: The deadshot standard (Practice mode discussion)

    Hello guys, this proposal would take effect when posting combos and their respective damage outpu: "In all cases, thou shall post your combo damage as if performed against Deadshot". I believe this standard would make it easier to compare combo damage across the whole board. Must also be n...