1. MasonBc

    Sick interactable combos from Impulse #bonehawks

    Don't know if anybody will see this but Patient-Impulse/ babyseal-pan has a list of insane interactable combos. All credit goes to him for finding these. #bonehawks Definitely check out his channel. red hood: cheetah: firestorm: superman: Brainiac: Scarecrow: Flash: Robin: Catwoman:
  2. Roy Arkon

    Starfire Meter-Burn Tamaranean Charge Delay

    I saw SCR 2017 and I watch a Starfire player named R3AP3R, and during his set on stream I noticed that there were several times of which he could delay the MB version Tamaranean Charge (B,F,2). So I went to the lab and in turns out that yes, Starfire can indeed delay the MB version of TC, on...
  3. Espio

    Vixen For People In A Hurry

    Vixen For People In A Hurry The purpose of this guide is to give new players a simplified, streamlined way to learn this character that doesn’t take up too much time and allows the player to play them in a viable, competitive way. This is apart of a series and will include Blue Beetle and...
  4. Bum1six3

    Inj2 rank mode with Bum1six3. Check out this very funny but salty match with me using Swamp Thing. - Check out this funny but very salty match from the top 332 cheetah player against my Swamp Thing. Please share with others and subscribe to my youtube for more Injustice 2 matches. Hit me up if you have any questions. Also check out my stream -...
  5. xxsledgrenxx

    Cheetah bf3 cancel setups & Compilation

    cheetah injustice 2 gimmick thread
  6. RevonKnight

    Cheetah Blood Lunge interaction with Omega Beams

    I am probably not the only person to notice this but do you think they will ever fix it or much less notice it?
  7. xxsledgrenxx

    Cheetah Ranked Match HighLights (SLedgren)

    Im not really sure who plays her or who to tag but shes gonna be my side main forsure mid tier at best to me tho
  8. EyeOfThundera822

    Cheetah Cross-up Super in the corner

    Posted a vid of it on my twitter feed but couldn't describe much due to the 140 char limit bs. Basically you can time it by hitting the opponent with DB3 and when there body hits the floor flat dash up and do super. If you look in the corner you can see it reads as a cross-up and the computer...
  9. KingofBreaker

    Using Cheetah's Most Useless String - 223 in the Corner for Sick Crossups

    Hey gang, found some really interesting stuff after 223 in the corner. I've been looking for a way to integrate it into my game but because it's -31 on block I had relegated it to the dumpster. BUT CHECK IT! Using 223 in a corner juggle leads to a hard knockdown and a super tricky cross up...
  10. RoboCop

    The Ultimate Cheetah Guide

    The Ultimate Cheetah Guide I figured I could go ahead and put together a basic guide to help people get acclimated to Cheetah, and continue to update and refine it throughout the life of the game. I still have a lot to learn, so feel free to share your own tech, combos, and corrections. You...
  11. Cinnabun

    Cheetah Combo Video

    So this is just a combo video with what I could find with cheetah. I managed to get a 780 damage combo without using super which was pretty sweet.
  12. SMGxPrincess

    All Gameplay Reveal Trailers Compilation - INJUSTICE 2

    Put together all the injustice 2 character reveal trailers into one video. Hope you enjoy. :p