1. Juxtapose

    TYM Killer Instinct Bi-Weekly Casuals

    Hey all, We've been talking for a while now about playing some Killer Instinct since several of you have recently got the game, but it never seems to happen. I'm looking to change this, and I'd like to host bi-weekly casuals so long as there's interest. All skill levels welcome. I was going...
  2. Sablicious

    Casuals flip-flopping: MK11 gameplay now "feels slow and limited"

    Relevant spiel starts at around 9:30 (preceded by sponsor sycophancy). tl;dw -- It's "super great" that players no longer need to memorise Rachmaninoff's Fifth / 'UP + button' type inputs to activate the erstwhile "Amplify", now "Burn" EX attacks (and that if they no longer have to, no one...
  3. Phoxx

    [Mondays in SoCal] Dropkick Mondays @ Power 9 in Long Beach / Signal Hill

    Hey everyone! A new FGC local has started for tournament/casual play in Long Beach / Signal Hill in SoCal, presented by Dropkick Events! This week will mark the first time we run an Injustice 2 tournament (we also run SFV), $5 to enter -- and please bring setups to waive the venue fee! If...