captain cold

  1. legion666

    Guaranteed Unblockable Resets

    Ok so after finding a new easier and more optimal guaranteed reset I am updating OP to show the most practical stuff first. First video shows the reset's concept. I recorded the AI to do it so that I can show that it is fullproof. After the actual combo I try 2 times to backdash before the...
  2. xxsledgrenxx

    Captain Cold Patch 1.12 Tech & Setups Online Compilation

    vids down no one cared for it
  3. I

    Captain Cold - A Cold Day in Hell

    Wasn't sure where else to post my montage, so here it is. It has combos and set ups that I really think will help out during the game -- for all characters. Hope you enjoy!
  4. I

    Captain Cold Matches (Post August 2017 Patch)

    The Captain Cold community seems less confident after the August patch. I wanted to make this thread in hopes to spread some positivity by sharing and encouraging other Captain Cold mains to share their gameplay. This would give us an insight on how to play our toughest or fairest match ups when...
  5. I

    Captain Cold - Funtoblockable Set Up

    I discovered this corner set up that can also be done mid screen. I know the icicle-d1corner set up is kind of old, but I found a way to make it better by adding freeze at the end. It can be blocked, it's just extremely difficult but fun for Captain Cold, hence the title. It's a low, overhead...
  6. I

    Balance Patch?

    Does anyone know for sure if there's a balance patch coming right after EVO? Captain Cold is suffering out here lol. Also, I hope they add competitive koth. That would be lit.
  7. I

    Tech - Push block into freeze

    When I need to play defense, I set up the puddle and charge my gun and zone to build some meter, but characters like Robin, Cheetah, and Gorilla Grodd always found a way around that... until now. It requires 2 bars. I used more than that in the video just to show off, but typically this tech...
  8. F

    FRANtastik's CAPTAIN trap god COMBOS

    Hey everyone for all the CC lovers out there or anyone who wants to see what the beast is capable of I put together a video on the TRAP GOD Captain Cold.
  9. J

    Didnt CC have a ice platform?

    I couldve sworn he could create ice platforms he could jump off of.
  10. HatecraftsWife

    Captain Cold unblockable interaction reset

    Not optimized at all, but here's the proof of concept. Cannot be poked, backdashed, or armored out of.
  11. sandwichofdoom

    Captain Cold Speculation Thread

    I was wondering why no one made this thread yet, but then I realized I can do it. First an intro for those who don't know the character (I probably should have a picture here but my device is not ideal). Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold is a long time enemy to the flash and leader of the rogues...