1. S

    Kung Lao's Best Brutality

    I think this is Kung Lao's Best Brutality. Do y'all think he has one that's better then this? I'm interested in what y'all think!
  2. NickandAutumn

    Johnny Cage triple head fatality returns as brutality in MK 11

    What do you guys think? We hope NRS brings more stuff like this to the game To perform the original fatality in MK2 you press down+LK+LP+BLK right after perfoming Johnny Cages uppercut Fatality.
  3. NickandAutumn

    New krypt event rewarding brutality

    The krypt event today is rewarding Frost's unscrewed brutality and Cetrion's Calafia Goddess crown. We already had the Frost brutality so thats why it wasn't a reward for us.
  4. NickandAutumn

    All New and Upcoming Brutalities

    We hope you enjoy seeing these new brutalities showcased :)
  5. NickandAutumn

    New Secret Sub-Zero Brutality Ending *Video*

    Here's a new secret Sub-Zero brutality ending for 'Falling to Pieces',
  6. NickandAutumn

    More NEW Brutalities after update

    There have been more brutalities found by the community. There is a catch though, right now only AI can do them. Here they are -
  7. Snake Sound 222

    I think Baraka might have received a new brutality

    I happened to be looking at my customization options for Baraka today, and when I got to the finishers section, I saw that I had 17 out of 19. This confused me at first, because I thought that I had all of his fatalities, taunts, and all but one of his brutalities. Then I remembered that the...
  8. PurpleMenace

    Johnny's "At The Door" Brutality Requirements

    The brutality demands the opponent to be defeated on the third hit of Mime Time, but so far it's been really inconsistent. The move itself does 110 damage, so to guarantee it you'd need around 109~ health or less on the opponent for the third hit to kill, right? The trouble is, sometimes it just...
  9. Caleb Smull

    Jade’s BETA brutality?

    Has anyone figured out how exactly to do Jade’s only brutality in the beta? The list in her kustomization screen literally just says “Hold 2”.
  10. Jhonnykiller45

    Mortal Kombat 11 BRUTALITIES

    This was posted in another thread earlier but I figured it was worth creating a new thread to talk about this, all of the Brutalities present in the Reveal build for MK11. Courtesy of Brian Tong from YouTube. Thoughts, favorite ones so far? Any more Brutalities you'd like to see added? I...
  11. L

    Match Footage - Reptile Double Brutality?!

    This just happened a couple minutes ago, I thought i'd share. Random ranked match with Comfort2000 GGs. Please excuse my bad reptile play, but please watch till the end. I have not seen something like this before pretty hype/jokes. :)
  12. FallenAngel

    Discovery Hidden/Secret Brutality Hunting Thread!

    Hello Gamers, pro's, Noobs and human auto correct's of the internet. Since we all know mkx is near its end , yet there is more to be discovered about this night of the living dead fighting game (yeah i went there) so i propose a brute hunt(Easter hunt is trademarked damn Easter bunny) in which...
  13. D

    Video/Tutorial - Deceptive Reptile Deceptive Brutality After X-Ray New Way To Combo Into

    Reptile Deceptive Brutality after X-ray new way to combo into(Tested already this week in Ranked) - Requirements - works only against: Goro,Jax,Jason,Kothal Khan,Quan Chi, Raiden,Tremor,Predator,Leatherface,Alien, you must be in deceptive variation you have to perfom two acid puddles during the...