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Noob, from Europe, Poland

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May 12, 2016
    1. Bidu
      It's just me or this Denzell guy missed a few classes in school? The dude doesn't even know how to express himself sometimes...
    2. OnizukaPM
      Yeah, ex icepuddle is useless now :) We can only do in corner 22,freeze,3xNJP exicepuddle but escapable by wakeups.
      Im doing JP,22,freeze,JP,b121 and then continue pressure, after 212,freeze i do dash (B1)2,22,slide.

      After 22,freeze, just do dash and milisecond break and charge B+2, its unescapable if your timing is good.
      For unescapable reset u can do 22,freeze, regular puddle, B+2 into combo. Set dummy in practice to jump so u can make timing properly, its really hard timing.

      Raiden is one of my best matchups. Always be in front of your clone so he cant tele/superman. Every tele u can punish with 22,freeze into combo
    3. loogie
      hey there man...

      with the patch, we can forget about the b1,2,1 pressure midscreen after expuddle, i guess we have to stick to the tried and trused 2,2 in all situations. and keep ex-puddle for corner stuff.

      i wanted to ask you couple of things, since you are THE best Sub i've seen online and i mean that:
      1. how do you deal with Raidens, they are the hardest for me to beat...
      2. is there a way to make the the b2 unescapable after 2,2 or a normal grounded freeze? some of the better players escape it by jumping over me for a cross over and I get punished hard. i think there is a tech to make it unescapable unless they stay neutral and just eat it without getting frozen but then you can always do the b2 cancel into another 2,2 freeze or a 2,1,2.

      let me know what you think?
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