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We do NOT Grovel-Ermac/Gonna give me an A++Kung J., Male, from Earthrealm

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Cyborg...*yawn* never been a fan. Where is Flash? has to be a reason they're holding out so long for his reveal... Feb 23, 2017 at 2:47 PM

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Feb 23, 2017 at 4:09 PM
    1. MTG Sapphire
      MTG Sapphire
      lol nah I'm Black but I got Spanish (Spain) and Native American blood.
      1. MKF30
        Ohh ok that explains it, so you're mixed. Mixed people are often the most beautiful :)
        Feb 15, 2012
    2. MTG Sapphire
      MTG Sapphire
      Hey there! thanks :) yeah I'm on PSN.
    3. LIMA BE4N
      LIMA BE4N
      I Love You're Voice MKF ;)
      1. MKF30 likes this.
      2. MKF30
        Thanks lol I made sure to give you props for KL in best player per character topic :)
        Mar 2, 2012
    4. Check
      Great man! One more year and im done with school and off to NetherRealm. Did you hear they flew me in to Chicago last February to work on the game? :) My dream finally came true, Pete! Talked to them while i was out there about my job when im done with school and im good to go! The prophecy has been fulfilled! Thanks for all your support these past 10 years. You've been a great friend! Happy new year to you :)
    5. Muffinmuggers
      Cool, i'll try and hop on tonight
    6. Muffinmuggers
      I use reptile, scorpion, Ermac, Subzero, Cyrax, Noob, Quan chi, Kenshi, and Rain. My mains are Reptile and Rain. A lot of the word is that i have a dangerous reptile too, and yeah a lot of the word is out the mkf has a great ermac, haha.
    7. Zyns
      Thanks a bunch man!
    8. Zyns
      Tails has always been my fave Sonic character, don't know why, don't care :)
      And yes you are an amazing Ermac!
      I have the time to be an LK mod :) I applied, but I doubt I'll get it :(
    9. Killphil
      Hey man, you should go to the thread where you can apply to be a character mod. I applied to be an Ermac mod so you should too. I don't know your personal life but if time permits you should give it a go.
    10. MayorMcJustin
      Come on down for this. Get as many people as possible if you can :)
    11. MayorMcJustin
      555 lordship blvd
      Stratford, CT
    12. Juggs
      We don't have a problem with religion topics, that thread wasn't a religion topic. There's at least 1 or 2 religion topics already, kinda old though.
    13. Juggs
      Because I didn't see it. Next time PM me if you have an issue.
    14. Squirrelpion
      damn dude, i still can't beat you hahaha. i was wanting to fight you some more the other night but, my xbox live gold membership ended right after our last match. damn!
    15. Krayzie
      You have yet to understand what the FGC is about man.

      I will no longer push you, so I hope you one day open your eyes and explore it.
    16. Mercyful Fate
      Mercyful Fate
      Let me give you a hint: my real name is that of an MK female =)

      No tats yet, got 7 piercings, and will get a tat on the back of my neck of ZOSO, hopefully soon.
    17. Mercyful Fate
      Mercyful Fate
      I have X-Box but have MK9 on PS3 :/ My 360 and Wii collect dust. I rape my PS3 daily :)
    18. Mercyful Fate
      Mercyful Fate
      Indeed and thank you, though I have been here for a while but don't post as much :/
    19. burnyourbra
      That you did :)

      I'm more focused on SF than MK so I only play it casually for now
    20. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      I will say this ONCE and ONCE ONLY....stop leaving messages on other peoples profiles. If they leave you one, report and ignore it. Dont do it again. I'll handle the others but you handle you.
    21. xQCBx
      Glad to know someone has some sense. lol
    22. DaiHuu
      Hey could we get some matches in today? I wanna see if Nightwolf does indeed have trouble against Ermac.
    23. Gurimmjaw
      Characters in MK I know who would beat Kratos would be Shao Kahn, Raiden, Fujin, Shinnok, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kabal, Sindel, Quan Chi, Scorpion(he's already dead), Ermac, Noob, Human Smoke, Mileena, and Kitana. Im pretty sure just about the rest of MK cast can take on Kratos too. They actually know how to fight. Unlike characters in God of War who are slow and weak even though they are "gods". MK Gods and characters are more powerful.

      Wanna know what else is funny? People say Quan Chi looks like Kratos. Actually they got it wrong. It the other way around. It Kratos who looks like Quan Chi. Quan Chi been here since 1997 and Kratos wasn't thought of till 2005. God of War fanboys know nothing lol. God of War series is good tho, but it is overrated along with the character Kratos.

      Also, I think Fujin will be DLC for MK9 soon. There voice announcer saying his name. They say "Fujin". Check out my thread on it. Is he your favorite MK character? I know you like him a lot.
    24. Blaze
      K to bad man, and im not johnny blaze by the way. See u around.
    25. Lady Death
      Lady Death
      It's all good. lol

      And MK9 surpassed my expectations. I'm SO happy with it. I plan on getting it for the 360 when I get money but for now I'm stuck with lolPS3. I'll keep contact. :)
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    "Your Soul is Corrupted"-Ermac
    High Level MK player. Mid/Low Tier MK9 Xbox tourney champ. M.K.F.30 #1 Mortal Kombat Fanatic.
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