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Is Poison Ivy good in this game? Seems she has no answer for jump ins, wake up attack is bad, and people dont have to respect her zoning May 29, 2017

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Jun 1, 2017
    1. MKF30
      I know right? And yet Yoda was banned for being broken in SC4...Kratos may not even be broken, the only reason to ban him is if Xbox and PS players fight each other since console exclusives are an advantage...that the other side wouldn't be used to. Otherwise yeah I agree, the whole crying over Kratos being in MK despite reason is so dumb....

      They already confirmed he won't have anything to do with the story which is great news...but the dumb haters are going to hate and fail to see why this is still MK going back to it's roots, what also people ignore and forget which is why your point is great hypocricy on their part is ridiculous since EVERY FIGHTER NOW does it lol...MVC? Check. SC4? Check MKDC?Check SSBB with solid snake, sonic etc? Check SF vs. Tekken? Check...

    2. MKF30
      Oh yeah I remember you :) what's up man? Yeah, I agree with you..IF they were going to use him in the canon story I can see some MK fans being pissed..but totally not the case. They confirmed he'll have nothing to do with the storyline as I anticipated but some idiots in general that hate MK or Boon assume "it's a bad idea" yet come to these bs assumptions you know?

      I'm happy I guess, I don't have PS3 but my friend will get both versions I'll just get the 360 version. I wonder who will be for 360, Marcus or Clay from GOW or maybe MC? I doubt MC though lol
    3. Solo
      Never heard of him, but not bad though.
    4. Krayzie
      Damn, that sucks.

      Hope you get one for christmas.
    5. Krayzie
    6. Krayzie
    7. Krayzie
      For sure man. Keep it up.
    8. Krayzie
      Cool man, let me know when you want games.
    9. Krayzie
      btw, I added you on PSN.

      Sorry it took a minute. My brother usually keeps the PS3 in his room, and I have the 360 in mine. Sometimes I borrow it, so I don't always have it.

      Are you still playing SSFIV?
    10. Krayzie
      Whats up man?

      Are you going to NEC?
    11. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      Hey bro, thanks for the love! :) We put a lot of time, effort, money and dedication into the scene, so hearing you say this is very rewarding.

      But yea, REO is a freak of nature. No matter what he plays, he learns and adapts to everything so fast. But yea, there is a nice Cleveland scene for offline gaming. Check it out on SRK if you can! (link -

      As far as UMK3 goes, Kang is awful in UMK3. Dont even bother with him until you get learn some higher tier characters and just learn how to play the game in general. Check out this, the HOLY BIBLE of UMK3! -

      Thanks dude!
    12. Demonium
      What's up GANON?
    13. Krayzie
      I don't know man, I don't live there. But you should definitely ask your peoples like Azuro.
    14. Krayzie

      Hopefully you get to play with Azuro and P2W soon.
    15. Gurimmjaw
      Hey, did you know there is another big tournament similar to EVO? It called Devastation you should check it out.
    16. Krayzie
      I'm sure they have plenty of sticks for you to use.

      Or if you still use a pad controller, why don't you just make a post and ask P2W if he could let you borrow his? I'm sure he wont have a problem bringing his 360 remote for you to use man.
    17. Krayzie
    18. KingShaz
      sup, ill be around mke a little more often now.
    19. oBryant
      lol ni*** you lost cause you lost.. not cause you were over confident.. Next time, zone him.. forget all the pretty shit.. you are akuma.. ZONE
    20. Check
      Nothing much mike, but its good to see you around here again.
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