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Jul 8, 2015
Apr 22, 2011
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Razor Wind so good May 14, 2015

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Jul 8, 2015
    1. SZSR
      Yeah lol good and wonky games. Our online was ok, but I hope I can play you offline so I can finally see how my Smoke fares.
    2. 9.95
      Yeah, driving or taking the LIRR to Valley Stream...
    3. xxteefxx
      Hey man. hehe srry i just noticed ur post!
      apologize for the late respond. sure thing man, i will be back :) this friday i am coming with the peeps...so hopefully will see u there man. take care
    4. arydious
      Hey, what do you think of 2 dash 2 dash d1 smoke bomb, as an anti air. slightly over midscreen you can actually do 2 dash 2 dash d1 smoke bomb 3 1 f4 EX smoke bomb. It took me some time to land it but it did work with the reset.
    5. SZSR
      No problem, I just thought i'd give back to what was given to me, but you already figured it out yourself. Honestly, NW isn't my worst matchup just because I fought LotF so much, and he explained a lot of his things to me, especially what I do that he can easily punish. But if I didn't have LotF I wouldn't have figured out half the stuff you figured out on your own, so many props.
    6. SZSR
      Hey, subzerosmokerai here, terrific work in the first place i'm glad we've got dedicated Smokes like you, I just wanted to say you seemed unsure a bit on the Nightwolf matchup, but i've played LoTF myself and trust me, you did not miss a thing, everything you said was the way to approach Nightwolf, being careful and punishing with d+4, b23 bomb and d1, d1 bomb are key components to beating Nightwolf. So yeah just wanted to confirm it for you, great work again.
    7. arydious
      Hey man! I would like to request something if you could find the time to do it. If at all possible i think it would be really awesome to put up a forum that details smoke strategy vs a character, and do it for every character also just the general strategies of smoke vs mirror, rush down, and zoning would be really cool. I realize this may be a huge task and I am willing to help in any way that I can, I just dont have as much knowledge as you do.


    8. SwiftTomHanks
      Hey man, sorry to hear that you won't make it out to Summer Jam. But if does change, let me know!

      We left soon after you, AC had work at like 7am the next day. That would be awesome to chill up there for longer though! I only work on the weekdays so as long as AC has off I'd gladly take you up on your offer. I'll bring some good micro brews from Philly.
    9. spyk
      Yeah it's an old school one. I like it too, kinda want to get a ps2-ps3 converter, just don't want to get one from overseas.
    10. PeeJaeys
    11. G4S KT
      G4S KT
      Post Match Message from an opponent on 7/13/11

    12. Organelle
      Alright awesome man. There is a thread called Northern NJ on here where we are trying to organize a weekend thing in fort lee. Make sure you post on there too so that we can get this Jersey scene going.
    13. G4S KT
      G4S KT
      Thanks yo. I like to think my Smoke is better than average, haha.
    14. PoliceBrutality
      Yo I think I played you in one of the rooms. Nasty smoke lol
    15. G4S KT
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    "[KT] is really good, but only shows up for a little bit before he goes back into obscurity"
    -Pig of the Hut
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