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Apr 23, 2011
Jan 12, 2010
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A House
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Apr 23, 2011
      I kno TY,TY. Who says gurls in MK cant be sexy. 8)
    2. RaYRoD114
      Lmao @ pig of the hut. You have no friends Period. Who are you to talk? ibet ur some hobo playn @ da ymca. DevilSpy, Aka DBD_the[abyss] Happens to be more intelligent, classified, and successful then you may ever be. =P. sh!t, if being an internet dork means doing things for a proactive, helpful, wise purpose.. While earning $$$ @ the same time you have fun. Then I guess it aint bad. :D
    3. Pig Of The Hut
      Pig Of The Hut
      I'm sorry maybe you think i care about internet dorks...LOL
    4. RaYRoD114
      Abyss, Ive Talked down every fagg0t, Daz Been startin sh!t on ur page. Wish i woulda came sooner.
      ~Twzted Chokes on Dicks all Day, And Pig of the hut is trash lol, Btw i have 112% Wall combo with scorpian =D.
    5. Check
      Oh, about the girl, i had some shit happen to me when i moved back here in august. There was this girl i knew since high school who i kept in touch with online all these years etc... then when i moved back here, we met up, and well... i dont want to talk about it. Since then ive been very hesitant to approach someone, and right now all im focused on is myself and succeeding so that i can provide for a girl and not have the same mistakes happen.
    6. Check
      Yes, you're young, but you have the ambition that i had at the same age as you. Again, the question is longevity. Will you continue to do it? Take your time with whatever it is you plan on doing. I graduated high school in 2001 and didnt get into MK until 2003 or so.. and even at that, for years i did not know what i wanted to do. But now i do, and am going to school to become a tester. With that said, i dont need any sort of negativity surrounding me in the MK community because look what i am doing? and look at all that ive done?

      Yes, its been hard for me, but MK has been a saving grace in my life, and im grateful to have met such wonderful people like you. My apologies for the late response. I hope the reply was well worth it.
    7. Check
      You're welcome, and no, thank YOU. There are a select few individuals in this community that do what noone else does, and you're one of them.. When it comes down to it, since ive been here a while, is longevity in this community. Are you committed to helping us for years to come? That is the true test of fate. But nonetheless, you will always be respected for who you are and what youve done while you were here. And im honored to be able to share my friendship with you as well as hearing you say such nice things like you just did. "You are truly the best" Do you have any idea how good that makes me feel? Just know that you will be blessed tenfold by such mannerism. Its people like you who succeed in life.
    8. Krayzie
      Been busy lately.

      What up man.
    9. TWZTID
      Again, my apologies to u
      It's not directed towards u.
      Good luck wit ur clan but wit rayrod, it will never be high level
    10. RaYRoD114
      dude im sorry ok? i wont do that again. just a bad habit.
    11. RaYRoD114
      Abyss. Why didnt you tell me bro. -_-. Honestly i could care less. If someone was helping us, With the moderation. i would be glad to help. Therefor in that matter. I am telling all people now. if your coming to help with moderation... please d let me know aswell. and i will add you to my auto-op/protect list. Me and abyss are here to help. Btw @abyss, Nice thread plus idea you got going. * I like it *. Just be careful exactly who you allow in. Some info is to much for certain ppl to handle on the safe side. =P.
    12. RaYRoD114
      Hey wutup bro. i finally finished my profile q=^P
    13. BOSSETTE
      Just call me Bossette. :)
    14. DevilSpy
      Hello to all, im Abyss, aka will. I like to test and exploit bugs, both ones i discover or ones i hear about, i like to make sure that everyone has fun, and if thatr means finding out how people can attack a server, then by damn ill do it. i also would like to run a game server, and if anyone wants to help that would be awesome :). if you want to : Make Games, be a moderator/administrator, test and fix bugs, and test games, i would like your help asap!!! :).
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    A House
    Un credentialed unauthorized, untrained and unpaid
    The man, the moment, the machine. I am Abyss

    Bug exploitation and bug working. finding vulnerabilitys's and of course helping out Mortal Kombat


    I am darkness,I am judgement, I am Invincible, I am The Abyss.