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Jun 24, 2010
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tupac aint dead, Male Mar 28, 2015

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Jul 14, 2017
    1. rpg
      cant wait to see you play again man.
    2. Briggs8417
      Hey dude, two things:
      1) How short are you for your trip to FR?

      2) Sorry I missed you for games yesterday I got REALLY held up at work, and are you down to play around 430 today?
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      2. Briggs8417
        It's not a problem man, I really want to see you go, I think you are going to do very well there.
        Feb 28, 2012
      3. Briggs8417
        I sent the money you needed this morning so I'll see you at final round!!
        Feb 29, 2012
      4. DetroitBalln
        Cool! Thanks again man. See you there c(x
        Feb 29, 2012
    3. Briggs8417
      Hey man, you think we could get some games today?
    4. REO
    5. Insuperable
      hahah thank you! One more thing. Quan vs Shang. 5-5?
    6. Insuperable
      Quick question, sir hahah. Ending a corner combo/bnb, does ex-upskull > regular upskull in terms of pressure? I'm not sure if it gives more priority or anything, so I figured you could answer it better hahaha
    7. stamatis
      you know,i saw the check's anti shang tsung strategy,and it makes me wonder if you believe that any of these "tricks" could ever hurt the beast tier you choose,i don't,you?
    8. DrDogg
      Maybe when TYM decides to acknowledge that frame data is important enough for a front page story...
    9. B W1zZ
      B W1zZ
      I wish man, I'm through a temp agency and they don't give any of us discounts.
    10. MKK hanzo
      MKK hanzo
      My friend BIG PROPS for winnin NEC12. You have always been a great player. Hey if you have Facebook, add me please via PM
    11. NoDoubt
      hey sent u a mame directory on MKU. great 2 meet u again : P
    12. G4S KT
    13. pherleece
      you earned the win. great meeting you
    14. SkiLLz-uK
      Congrats on winning your first major :) Well deserved!
    15. WonderedFuture
      CONGRATS ON TAKING NEC 2011 MAN!!:uzi:
    16. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      When are you flying in, man?
    17. Insuperable
      I asked for tips with Shang and you said no. I was sad :(. And no, I wasn't asking for your secret tech.
    18. AK Toxic
      AK Toxic
      I think I'm going to be rooming with you and Pig at NEC, looking forward to meeting you man ^^
    19. CJKRattlehead
      Very nice play at Dev, some of the flashiest stuff i have ever seen. Good luck at future tournaments at keep up the good work.
    20. Krayzie
      Hes home right now. There was some complications, so he has to get better in order to see if they can do the surgery on him. I'm positive everything will be cool.

      But anyway, good luck today. I've been searching for the schedule all morning and I cant find it. What time is MK at, and what stream?
    21. Krayzie
      And last thing man. I didn't "Not bother" to go...

      My father had a heart attack...
    22. Krayzie
      And if I was serious, then I would be a bipolar person for giving you props a few hours later... lol
    23. Krayzie
      Obviously I haven't used him for 2 days... >_<
    24. Krayzie
      lmao, I was trolling the guy who was replying to me. I was criticizing Shoryuken because we practiced the matchup before he left to Devastation. I wanted him to win, hes my friend. I mentioned you weren't taking advantage of his iagb and he wasn't doing anything about it. Relax, the last thing you want to do is go into top 8 and play with this shit in your head.

      good luck.
    25. DetroitBalln
      This is what i'm talking about:

      Vvv_krayzie: My Kabal is better and I've used him for 2 days.
      Vvv_krayzie: when I figured out kabal iaf was godlike
      Vvv_krayzie: that kabal was ***
      Vvv_krayzie: sorry for my rant
      Vvv_krayzie: im mad
      Vvv_krayzie: shory can do better
      Vvv_krayzie: he could walk right through those fireballs
      ยป he wasn't even doing instant air
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