Sep 28, 2006
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    1. Evil_Riu48
      how is it going man! do you want to met and have some mk9 games?
    2. Gurimmjaw
      Not much man, just hanging out with my family.

      I almost forgot I need to re download AIM. I'll tell you what my AIM is once I get it becuase have to make new account.

      Also will send you new invite on youtube since I closed my other one account. Saw those MK SM videos you did that was some great stuff.
    3. Gurimmjaw
      Yo, whats up Check?
      Yeah, I'm glad to be on winter break but unfortunately it's about to end.
      Lol, yeah me and Favi play MK or MW2 every so often. :P
    5. Victor
      Hey, what's up Check buddy! :)

      How are things going for ya?

      You going to be at WCW by chance?
    6. RoGE
      heh, you to.
    7. KingShaz
      Merry Christmas J, have a good one and enjoy the rest of the holidays.
    8. RoGE
      I don't think they are really trying to attack you in any way Check, just pointing out some things you said. Yeah, maybe you guys should just call each other to get this stuff straightened out.
    9. RoGE
    10. KingShaz
      Yea, I do check out all the Youtube uploads you make, I think I left a comment on the Reo v. Tom series vid. I saw the comment on your PSN with the high score on pacman lol.
      Alright man, good luck with school, I'll talk to you later.
      I'll defiently be looking forward to some MK9 games against you and everyone else on here.
    11. KingShaz
      What up Check, how's it going?
    12. BOSSETTE
      Hey, how have you been?
      We should play some mkdc again sometime.
    13. Dtoxz
      Yeah man! Scorpions combos in mkdc were my favorites of all yours. He's my favorite character. Can't wait to see what you do in the next one. if the devs can make a good scorpion combo vid already, then i cant wait to see how you do! Keep it up!
    14. Dtoxz
      Combo king!!!
    15. AREZ God of War
    16. Krayzie
      Yo, join our chatroom on the TYM Toolbar. I'm chillin with Karate there.
    17. KARATE
      what up dude? I just seen the MKast and man i have to say im loving the Combos that Kung Lao and Mileena has. It looks like some goood old fashioned big combos with hours of fun. Bone sent me the invite to check this site out and i have to say its nice. Im just a little confused about how to use it lol Man i really hope to get to do combos again with you sometime soon. I have made some bad choices and i have to get my shit back together again man...Hit me up. 3X 4 LIFE!
    18. Krayzie
      haha for sure.
    19. Krayzie
      I'll try and hit up ECT3. And I will definitely be hitting up Evo.

      I'm actually currently working on networking with a few people to get MK at WCW3 here in Cali. But we'll see how that turns out.

      Cant wait to watch all of the videos, and im really glad you guys had fun. This is exactly what ive been preaching to the community. But I guess you never truly know until you experience it. haha
    20. Krayzie
      Big time props on placing top 3.

      And I cant wait for your interview!

      I realy wanted to meet you man. But unfortunately, things came up sadly. I sure do want to meet you very soon though.
    21. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Why on EARTH would you go BACK to Florida?? What a waste of a state, Dude!!! I'd NEVER move back there....U should try moving closer to Philly and be closer to the Fighting Game scene.Wth is all happening there? Drama and dumb shit or what? Talk to me, mayne
    22. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Sup's shit going?
    23. WIIDOSHI
      hope you will feel better soon my man!!!!! ...drink some hot honey jack daniel mix up!!!! ;)
    24. WIIDOSHI
      Damn!!!!!!!! CHECK!!!! .....ok, everybody is here! lol :) how are you man???
    25. BecomingDeath13
      cant make me play santana lol. I don't have any santana songs across my guitar hero/rock band collection. I'll definitely check out the combo vid. Already suscribed to you a while back. youtube name being jeffhardydude3. Also, its not a problem. Didn't really think that would mean to much to anyone, but I guess I was wrong lol. Appreciate your courtesy as well.
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