Sep 28, 2006
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    1. Check
      I'm really sorry. My day was just fucked. I was just glad to be there. Yea, im confirmed for next week. I got to do random select with JamesMK tonight, and it's just too good. I'll do whatever you want :) I couldn't believe i sat there tonghit and did a combo with Quan that i've known of, but didn't realize it did 45%. I had tried it and thought it did like 42 or 43 . Maybe you saw it? If not, i'll post it soon. You probably already know about it. I just forgot it did 45%. Wow. That's his highest lol.

      Thanks for being super cool about tonight. You seem like a very cool dude. I hope you really do randoms! We need more of it in the community. I'd love to record a bunch of randoms with you. Tag of course, is the most fun, especially if you have a 3D TV. Highly recommended :)

      Take care insoop! Goodnight.
    2. Insuperable
      I was literally right about to pull up a chair next to you, but CDjr got to it first :( Will you be there next week? My brother and I are pretty much confirmed :) I need to touch up my unknown characters (which is about 3-5 that I have no idea of combos/strategies :p) We should do me and you tag/random select vs r0botic and rev0lver haha. We will rule VSM with an iron fist!
    3. Insuperable
      That would be awesome :) By the way, VSM is confirmed for me, so the hype will be overwhelming between us! haha
    4. Insuperable
      I plan to see you at VSM one of these days, after my finals are over! We can have random select/hidden cursor 1v1 and tag battles all night haha. I need to head back to studying :( but I'm probably going to fall asleep in my accounting notes :( lol. Take it easy, buddy!
    5. Insuperable
      Hey no problem! You're basically an idol to me, and to top it off you're insanely chill :) I fell in love with your deep kick, d4 into trance with Quan in your endurance video, I definitely need to try that out. Thank you for the video! It has been added to the list of Quan videos :) Happy holidays!
    6. Insuperable
      Check!! Grats on the MKDC win! :)
    7. xxteefxx
      Dude lets play some Castlevania man :) also, let me share /give u Blood Rayne cause it's REALLy fun game :)
    8. webreg
      Ok, video is up in your thread.
    9. Doctor_Rouse
      We know who you are check.......We know who you are. lol Going to season's beating?
    10. MeZMeRiZe
      I got 2nd at titans. I had a major meltdown against noobe in grand finals shit was crazy as fuck
    11. freshprince2
      look listen atm i cnt be beaten at this game i havent lost a game for 3 weeks straight playing it everyday, heard u might be sum sort of a challenge, hit me up broski cos its gettin to easy, if u think u can tht is
    12. MeZMeRiZe
      Well if your ever in jacksonville hit me up homie :)
    13. MeZMeRiZe
      Yo good shit at summerjam dude. Wish I was there :( hope to get some games in with you sometime homie. I'll be at titans in september, you coming out to that?
    14. G4S KT
      G4S KT
      yo dude, cool meeting you last night. Looking forward to getting more matches in at LB next friday
    15. SWBeta
      Are you still in the project or no? Just trying to figure some things out.
    16. macmillionx64
      hey its ironman, ppl seem to think im nuts for wanting legit balance lol
    17. XEVILCl0wnX
      My god, I'm jealous of your combos. Wish I could play against you.
    18. SWBeta
      Hey, man. Just wondering if you got my PM or not.
    19. Dtoxz
      Check Check! Can't wait till PSN comes back so we can FIGHT!
    20. FiNAL-LiFe-G
      yoo bro, when PSN online gets back on, when need to play for sure :))
      hey man wat up.
    22. DaiHuu
      Hey, this is redemptionmusicz from youtube...Hi ;D
    23. I$AAC
      Hey Buddy I better see you at CEO reppin FL. Just wanted to say whats up!
    24. prospic
      no. 1 fan
    25. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Hey's it going. Add me on PSN dude....I tried adding you awhile back your friends list is full "AREZGOW" is my GT. I am proably going to go cop a few games tonight w/ some of my tax return....MKDCU, SCIV, SSF4....who knows what else....let's get some games in, J. PZ
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