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Nov 16, 2012
May 12, 2011
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Nov 16, 2012
    1. B W1zZ
      B W1zZ
      Haha...or how about AU_YOUR_GOING_TO_DIE? Sounds a little more intimidating :P I might switch up to one of my other aka's, either The Grand Wizard or Lord Mordolus
    2. B W1zZ
      B W1zZ
      Oh damn I said the same exact thing in your thread lol. But yeah, you definitely made some major improvements.
    3. B W1zZ
      B W1zZ
      Thanks man, good shit at the Chicago tournament, I was impressed.
    4. Error
      What's up, and thanks lol. Not interested in anything you're selling though :p
    5. Saint
      appreciate it bro, nothing in comparison to the legend arnie :)
    6. Geotakku
      Haha thanks! Paint isn't so easy to draw with, even though its Johnny Cages first took me a million times to get it right.
    7. Metalwolf53
      Haha, thank's man. Your's is hilarious. First time I read it(online) I couldn't stop laughing. Your clan is pretty neat, man. I'm about to hop on the game in a bit for some practice with my secret character. What's up with you?
    8. I$AAC
      Hey bro! Thanks for stopping by. How is everything? Peace!
    9. Briggs8417
      Hey man nothing much here, just about to leave work and hit up AU_Mr_Mileena. What's going on?
    10. Professor_Rouse
      When you get a chance. I can talk to you today about everything if you want. I send you a friend request on Facebook so hit me up whenever.
    11. APPLES
      APPLES i lost m,y ### let me get ure number again..
    12. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      Same with you. Best wishes, and thanks for all the love you bring to the scene. Unfortunately due to some serious family issues, i had to back out of Evo. Long story i might share at a later time, but even tho it makes me angry i cant be there, the reasons are more than worth it. Family first. anywho, ttyl :coffee:
    13. APPLES
      koo...there r more ppl that play MK9..but dnt post on tym. they r on
      let me know in advance when offline action is going on!!there is a bbq on the 4..u should check
      it out..i also host every other friday u r welcome to swing thru ill let u know!!708-663-4636
      i havnt paid my phone bill..on some broke shit but i can receive calls..were do u stay by..?
    14. AU_WANNA_DIE
      lol thats right! whats up.. i have a few people who wanna get a chicago scene fired up! we got this!
    15. APPLES
      haaaaahaa..dude im the guy u hit da bong with....i play cross handed..
    16. STORMS
      Very cool, welcome dude.
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