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Jan 11, 2013
Feb 8, 2010
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Mount Olympus
God of War

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AREZ God of War

The Crazy BeastMaster, from Mount Olympus

drank too much Vodka last night......feel sick now Dec 1, 2012

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Jan 11, 2013
    1. B W1zZ
      B W1zZ
      haha that was epic
    2. The HuBBs
      The HuBBs
      my buddy sorwah was running the st tourney there. but yes i believe we did in fact run into each other. coming to winter brawl?
    3. Shock
      Depending on the character you can get another hit afterward, like a juggle sweep or a run in LK. Vs Sheeva and Jax I believe you can squeeze out another JK AFB. The reason the juggle combo is 72% is because it starts in the air with no damage protection that results when you start a ground combo, add a LK for 84% or another JK AFB for a kill combo.
    4. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      No idea.

      Sounds like something is bad on the SNES.

      does the TV have audio/video connections?
    5. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      But your getting a picture when the N64 is connected? not when the SNES is?
    6. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      Damn i didnt even realized you called until super late. :(

      Are you using a coaxial out for the hookup or audio/video?
    7. McNasty
      Finals week right now or else Id be down.
    8. Sushi
      It was nice meeting you as well, Arez :). I'm doing my best to go to Winter Brawl. If I do, I'll see you there!!!
    9. Goldy
      I had a pond full of feeder comets that I brought indoors when it got cold for about 10 years. They were huge! I eventually had to donate them to a zoo because they were just too big for my aquariums. I've been meaning to start up a nano salt tank, but haven't had the time.
    10. Tim Static
      Tim Static

      glad you had a great time. i was suppose to be there, but it didnt work out and then, earlier this week, i got sick as fuck so that worked out lol. :(

      Every time MK is played, which ever version of the game, at a tourney somewhere in world, there is some static in the air. :coffee:
    11. pherleece
      whats good! thanks for all your help at NEC!
    12. DetroitBalln
      i leave 11:15 pst, I get there 6:15 philly time
    13. CJKRattlehead
      I was more of an MK2 player myself. Never liked that run button. Plus no Raiden in UMK3 :(
    14. CJKRattlehead
      A Nightwolf player who likes Megadeth? I like you already :)
    15. Juggs
      I know direct plug-in makes the connection better. I've played on Kaillera with direct plug-in and there's still delay.

      UMK3 just isn't worth the trouble anymore honestly, game is boring now since no one plays it really. I've played this game too much, more than most, and I never see anything new when I play online. Just lag and delay that make the game unbearable to play. Maybe MKAK patch will get me playing some if it actually fixes the lag, but doubt I'll be playing this game that much anyway regardless.
    16. mingzang
      We haven't met yet :( . I'm from vietnam , but i love UMK3 so much :) .
    17. Juggs
      Yeah that delay just is unplayable bro, sorry. Couldn't even UMK3 just doesn't work online, never has never will.
    18. Juggs
      Yeah go on WW
    19. Juggs
      You on mame right now?
    20. DanCock
      arez take it easy.. your going to scare your snakes lol breath count to ten and know that its just the internetz.. dont let some one over the internet upset you over stupid shit.. if people dont have nothing nice to say just ignore them and let them look like the total ass..
    21. REO
      I just find it amusing how this guy is talking shit behind my back when I never even mention or acknowledge him for that matter. I sent him a private message and now it's up to him to either accept and show that I'm autopilot or to decline and remain a coward.
    22. JagoBlakeFGC
      Talk, talk, talk - you're boring me.

      I'm seriously not gonna respond to you anymore.
    23. JagoBlakeFGC
      You're right, my bad. response is...

      You need to get off my dick and go get some fucking money. Otherwise, all you are is talk.
    24. JagoBlakeFGC
      I would tell you to kiss my ass, but I think that would be giving you too much of a privilege. Do you seriously have such a boring life that it turns you on to have an argument with one mere MK fan? My, I am flattered. Surely there are other people who deserve your attention more. LOL
    25. JagoBlakeFGC
      Dude, shut up.

      That wasn't you "talking maturely." That was you going out of control. You refuse to re-evaluate yourself in terms of personality. I did us all a favor by banning you.

      I'm not in the mood to confront you publicly here on TYM, so the next time you speak to me, please be "civil" for once. Otherwise, lay off.
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