Mar 22, 2007
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@Braindead I've been thinking the same thing for like 2 weeks... Feb 9, 2015

    1. 9.95
      Tired and ready to go home from work...
    2. 9.95
      At work now... will be here for hours...
    3. 9.95
      Tired and getting sick... leaving for work...
    4. 9.95
      At work...
    5. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Alos, I asked Tim and I want to know if you and Shock would use B-W1zZ as Staff at WB if he can make it. He's CPU-smart and works hard, plus I might be able to get him out here saving him money on venue, plus staying at my house rather than the hotel. I figure, he's already TYM Staff anyway lol
    6. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      u have any luck w/ that yet, Family?
    7. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      awesome, just call me when ur ready, cuz I'm too much of an idiot to do it without someone talking me through it, but once we get me set-up, I will gladly play anytime.
    8. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      i really really really really really really wanna play KI. I'm psyched cuz I never actually had my own Arcade-port. lol....and I actually have a PC capable of running it now :)
    9. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      can u give me the link for Mame119 to play 3s and KI?
    10. AK Toxic
      AK Toxic
      Sorry I forgot to give you a shoutout man, but I just wanted to stop by your profile and thank you for the experience I got at NEC. You guys really made the tournament a once in a life time experience, despite the issues with the hotel. Just wanted to say thanks for everything, take care
    11. G4S KT
      G4S KT
      Yo Phil! What's the best way to get to The Gamer's Edge from Manhattan? Drive?
    12. CitizenSnips
    13. PimpUigi
      It's why you keep the faith alive...
    14. Dark_Rob
    15. PimpUigi
      Just follow the sign...
    16. PimpUigi
      And we're doing fine...
    17. MKF30
      Hey dude, what happened to the tournament and regional forums for local updates? Did you guys remove it, how will the site get updates from now on? I was marking future events in BK. Anywho, have a good one. Hot out lol
    18. GOL Eklectic
      GOL Eklectic
      Hey would u mind sending me a pic of how u hold your joystick Or posting one up on that thread?
    19. Tim Static
      Tim Static
    20. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Sup man....long time no speak.....just sayin hi.....come by our SB when u can....you'd be valued for "animal focus"...lol It isn't scheduled but it happens pretty frequnetly.. It'd be cool to get Duke, Dontay, Dirty, Meathook, you, myself and the rest of the Fish/Reptile/Dog owners together for animal discussion and bullshit about "how we pimped our critter cages lately", or "what did u buy at the FishStore/Reptile Expo?" or "why does my dog do ______?"....and shit like that. What do you think? Could do a thread for it too. I just figured TBD SB would be pretty much uniterupted and people wouldn't complain about animal chat on a MK Website....u know?

    21. Gurimmjaw
      Alright kool. Thanks for letting me know. Since it wouldn't intefere with my work Schedule it should be fine then to go to tournaments and play casuals with people in my state or any other state.

      Hmmm I did not know that Lucky Day lived in Ohio but I knew the rest that you mentioned lives in Ohio.

      I live and reside in Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio to be exact.
    22. Gurimmjaw
      Hey there 9.95.

      I want to ask you a few things and it about traveling to tournaments for all that for like Mortal Kombat, and possibly for Street Fighter in the future. I work a part time job and work on Tuesdays, Wednsdays, and Thursdays in the morning. Now I would love to play offline and go to tournaments to meet a lot of you guys but I have a few concerns. Since I work 3 days in that week would I still able to make these tournaments that happen in the future? Thats my main concern. I know for casuals at someone's house I wouldn't go all the way from Ohio to California lol. Please reply.
    23. THTB
      Sweet. You have any preference as to what we play on? (GGPO, Supercade, etc)
    24. THTB
      Yo, Idk why, but lately I've had a craving to learn A3. I need someone to help me satisfy my craving LOL!
    25. Dark_Rob
      Yo UMK3 tonight? Get at me on aim bro.
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