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On April 16, 2016, a brand new FGC event was held in Baton Rouge Louisiana known as South Louisiana Major, or SLAM. A $200 dollar pot bonus for MKX enough players to garner a full 32 man bracket, filled with good players from both Louisiana and Austin. In the end, it would end being myself and the hometown hero GOL | BBW Messiah, otherwise known as Rashaan in GF. This set was a runback from Winner's Finals where I admittedly got mopped up, but with a few adjustments I managed to stage a bit of a comeback and make the final score much closer. Link to the archives are below, check them out and help support the newest tournament series to the scene!
Enjoy! Discuss! video is only on Machinima's Facebook for now then my YouTube channel next week here https://m.youtube.com/user/pighut?


Expect tons of content in the future

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Here's the video
Hey everyone, for the one year of anniversary we discuss how the game has changed over the time and ultimately is the game we have now the game we wanted it to be?

Sorry but there's no topics for this as we just went with it. Hopefully everyone enjoys.
Welcome to the Episode 8 of The Friendly Alliance Podcast! The Friendly Alliance podcast is an MKX podcast co-hosted by Cabjoy and Gilbagz that is primarily designed for leveling up the Australian scene while highlighting some of our key players and their stories. This time around we sit down with Googie to talk about his time in the US and experiences at their tournaments, the differences between our scene and the US, the problems with improving within the Australian scene, some brief character discussion including Mileena, and a brief QnA.

00:00 - Intro and recapping YSB #40, Expand Gong and Gold Coast Good Games SFV BAM Qualifier event
14:40 - Results and discussion of Googie's online tournament #6
26:00 - Googie in the US! Talking about WNF, NCR, FR and Yomi
51:40 - The lack of character specialists in Australia, KP2 and the CSZ nerfs
1:25:30 - The hot topic: MILEENA
1:39:10 - Exhibitions at BAM8
1:42:00 - How to improve your neutral/footsie game in MKX
1:55:50 - Wrapping things up
Electronic Dojo's Zalarus joins us this week to discuss all the recent goodies regarding the MKX scene including Hypespotting, ESL announement and the most recent patch. Usual stuff is below, enjoy :D

Start: Zalarus introduction
11:00 - Hypespotting disccussion
40:00 - ESL season 3 confirmation and top 8 review. Thoughts on PS4 and CIS merger etc.
1:00:00 - Patch notes discussion.
1:23:00 - Are there any players that would benefit from switching to another character?
1:33:00 - which is hated more, a top tier who stays top tier or a low tier buffed to top tier/ tier shifting.
1:46:00 - Predictions on who will qualify season 3 for EU ESL
1:55:00 - Myths about your main that piss you off.
The First Ronin Dojo for MKX is here! We are incredibly excited to have @shujinkydink aka The Quan Father do a special episode of the Ronin Dojo for us at r24media.com. STB|R24 Shujinkydink continues his quest this year in ESL Season 3, EVO 2016 and in his own backyard NWM. Along the way he has made some amazing tech videos, sharing the information he has gathered through years of playing at a high competitive level. Now, we are lucky enough to have him make one just for us.

Today drops his first (of hopefully many) Ronin Dojo episodes focusing on patience and execution. Check it out, and stay tuned for more Ronin Dojo videos on SFV, MKX and KI.
Tournament Results:
1. Tekken Master ( Kotal Kahn - Blood God )
2. X-Azeez ( Kenshi - Balanced, Kotal Kahn - War God )
3. Bara'a: AKA Shark Teeth ( Kung Jin - Shaolin )
4. Hani Saleh ( Scorpion - Hellfire. Kotal Kahn - Blood God, Subzero - Grand Master )
5. Hassan Ansari ( Ermac - MoS )
5. Gerard Boyajian ( @loogie ) ( Mileena - Piercing, Subzero - Grand Master )
7. Emad Hashem ( Scorpion - Hellfire )
7. Mayed Abdullah ( Kotal Kahn - Sun God )

There was a very good turnout, we had 60 entrants over two days.
Day one was single elimination, day two were the last 16.

Some great matches! too bad not all of them were recorded, and there was no stream either.

There are some great players in the Middle East, prime example is TekkenMaster, and many others as well (e.g. Sharkteeth, dark, razor - we are just not all that exposed to the international tournament scene and rarely get local tournament exposure.

Notable Matches:

Shark Teeth ( Kung Jin - Shaolin )
Beat X-Azeez ( Kotal Kahn War God ) in Semi-Winners --- 3-2


Hani Saleh ( Scorpion - Hellfire ) Eliminated Hassan Ansari ( Ermac - MoS ) --- 3-2

X-Azeez ( Kotal Kahn - War God ) Eliminated Gerard Boyajian ( Mileena - Piercing, Subzero - Grand Master ) --- 3-0

Losers Finals:

X-Azeez ( Kotal Kahn - War God & Blood God ) Eliminated Shark Teeth ( Kung Jin - Shaolin ) --- 3-2

Grand Finals:

Tekken Master ( Kotal Kahn - Blood God ) Eliminated X-Azeez ( Kenshi - Balanced ) --- 3-2

Hype Losers Final .... Winner of the match gets a spot in the MKXL CUP, so it was an intense match for the both of us.
With the birth of a brand new fighting game major in the sunny city of Wollongong (70km south of Sydney) and the nagging voice of yours truly, the scene was able to put on a great showing of talent from both Sydney and Wollongong for the MKXL tournament! With the likes of @Gilbagz, Samoan Mariah Carey and Saggat83 putting in the effort to come down to The Gong, it was going to be a tough time for competitors to make their mark in the tournament. These three fine gentlemen played like absolute monsters on the day and kept the other wishful kombatants at bay, proving why they're among the best. One of the absolute hypest top 3's we've seen (multiple near time outs, SMC knocking Gilbagz into loser with a 3-2 set, then Gilbagz winning the next set 3-2 to take the tournament), we had an unfortunate case of "new tournament mistakes" and have lost the archives of the top 4. Some pools footage is linked below, but you must take my word for it. TOP 3 WAS HYYYYPE! Huge shoutouts to all of the guys who made the effort to take a chance on EG. Without you guys, we would've had no tournament. Love you all!
Place : Ecole IRIS / Paris, France
Date : April, 4 2016

Congrats to the winners and thx for all the participants, it was really hype as usual with the YUZU CLAN!

Don't forget to follow YUZU CLAN GAMING =>
on twitter => @yuzuclangaming
on facebook => https://www.facebook.com/YuzuClanGaming/
on youtube => https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqLJnYmDgYuyYNiQx7k3ew

Check out below for all the results:
Season 3 of the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League has just begun and we need a passionate and energetic MKX enthusiast to help with our editorial and social coverage. We’re looking for a Mortal Kombat expert who is creative and social-media savvy to be an integral part of the ESL team.

The role will be a contracted remote position, and will involve handling live social media coverage during broadcast days as well as writing recaps, player interviews, and any additional editorial content you think MKX fans would be interested in reading!

In-depth knowledge of competitive Mortal Kombat is not the only requirement. The successful MKX content creator will also need to be able to quickly create well-written and engaging social media content, especially during the live broadcasts when they will be responsible for capturing short video highlights throughout the game and engaging with the viewership.

This means that your schedule has to be flexible enough to dedicate your Wednesday nights...
WHAT THE HELL !!! SO CRAZY !!!SO HYPE!!! DAMN!! First of all, thanks so much to everyone has seen or participated to this fucking tourney!! I really apologize for organisation , stream , information or everything else. But just let me tell you that it's a pleasure to purpose this monthly tourney just for hype and for love of this fucking game, damn it!
So make some fucking NOISEEEEEE for the new challenger of BORN TO FIGHT and winner: el senor, el comandante:
Hey guys, I'm Filippo Facchetti, an Italian T.O. Few months ago I organized the Test Your Pride tournament in Rome, along with Antonello Gaeta (Schiaccisempre). The event was great and many European players joined us in Rome. Test Your Pride 2016 will be played during a 2 days event named Pride X Poison, along with an international TTT2 tournament, on May 28th/29th.

This is the Pride X Poison trailer edited by Tomasz Rudecki aka Thorx:
Hello! Celebrating the launch of the TE public beta. I have decided to host an online tournament at my place and will have a few friends stopping by to help. It's this saturday April 9th at 6pm. This is a few hours AFTER challenger cup starts so even if you don't win challenger cup you have another chance to win money!

You must register to here to be involved: https://www.tournamentedition.com/tournament/pillarofsalt#

Hosted by @Sabin, @RM Cossner, @CD jr @cR Dragon & G4S Claude
2/3 online tournament on PS4 (3/5 depending of # of entrants)
$5 entry via PayPal: [email protected]
Registration ends 5pm EST 4.9.2016
Make sure you Give your TE Username via paypal when you pay. No one added unless payment received.
Stream: twitch.tv/nycfurby
Report matches G4S Claude's Twitter
Today we are happy to announce that www.tournamentedition.com is now LIVE! This is the first public beta of TE and we can't wait for you to get your hands on it and try it out. As of today we are launching iOS and the Web. We are launching Windows, Mac, and Linux versions this Friday which have full offline support and offline/online sync. Coming next week as well is full deep linking in iOS (when someone clicks on a web url on an iOS device it opens the app with the corresponding page.)

Since the Android version is being released Q2 of this year, we have made a lite mobile version for android users so they can still view brackets and have basic functionality. The Site is not built for mobile functionality (thats what the apps are for!) so this is a small work around until android release.

We are hoping to get android beta 1 out end of this month.

If you run into any issues during the beta or have any improvement ideas, please email us at [email protected] We would love to hear from you!

Also for all walkthrough videos, documentation and much more check out the official Tournament Edition Blog.
Ooples Anime
1925 Rutland Dr. Austin Tx

1. ATP (Tarkatan & Acidic Alien)
2. Henzzar (Cryomancer Sub-Zero, Relentless Jason)
3. Vibu (Shaolin Kung Jin)

This was a week of progress for "Austin vs ATP". A new fighter, Rage, joined us in tournament after coming to many casual sessions. After many weeks of being MIA, Vibu returned with a new main in Shaolin Kung Jin! Henzzar also brought out his Relentless Jason for the 1st time in tournament and did work against Vibu in Loser's Finals. Check out more below:
Welcome to the PowerUp Spring Series 2016! From April to June of 2016, players will be able to earn Ranking Points in Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X, Killer Instinct, and also Pokken Tournament. The Top 4 point earners in each game will be invited to participate in the Spring Series 2016 Championship to be held in July.

April 23rd, 2016 is Meet 1 of Spring Series 2016.

We are a strong community of players who wish to grow interest in fighting games, create lasting partnerships within the region, and encourage the online warriors to step up the challenge of an in-person event. Check out all the info below:
MKXL Top 8 Results at Hypespotting V
(bold indicates winner of match)

Top 8 Winners Side
PxP | A F0xy Grampa (Piercing Mileena)
vs. EG | Nivek (Thunder God Raiden)
MBA | Ermok (Master of Souls Ermac / Tarkatan Alien) vs. cR | HoneyBee (Swarm Queen D'Vorah)

Top 8 Losers Side
PND | Madzin (Cyber Sub Zero/Grandmaster Sub Zero)
vs. PND | Mustard (Triborg: Cyrax)
cR | Biohazard (Lackey Ferra/Torr) vs. Tekken Master (Sun God Kotal Kahn)

Winner's Side Final
PxP | A F0xy Grampa (Piercing Mileena)
vs cR | HoneyBee (Swarm Queen D'Vorah)

Loser's Side Quarterfinals
EG | Nivek (Thunder God Raiden) vs. PND | Madzin (Cyber Sub Zero/Grandmaster Sub Zero)
MBA | Ermok (Master of Souls Ermac) vs. Tekken Master (Sun God Kotal Kahn)

Loser's Side Semis
PND | Madzin (Cyber Sub/Grandmaster Sub/Blood God Kotal)
vs. Tekken Master (Sun God Kotal Kahn/Swarm Queen D'Vorah/Hish-Qu-Ten Predator)

Loser's Side Finals
cR | HoneyBee (Swarm Queen D'Vorah)
vs. PND | Madzin (Cyber Sub/Grandmaster Sub/Blood God Kotal)

PxP | A F0xy Grampa (Piercing Mileena) (W)
vs. cR | HoneyBee (Swarm Queen D'Vorah) (L)
As some of you may know, our petition has been circulating Twitter and Mortal Kombat fan sites. Our petition is not for a character, or some other type of inclusion into MKX, but for this book to be created. I have reached out to Shawn Kittlesen, who has since tweeted about his interest in this project. We have reached 3000, but I'd like to get this more exposure.

What this book is, or will be is a hardcover encyclopedia type book. Think the Marvel and DC Encyclopedias. It would go in depth about every character in the Mortal Kombat universe, their iterations, history, changes, etc. It would also cover the places/stages/memorable moments within the timeline. I have included in the petition that this book should indeed cover both time lines, along with background on different races, species, whatnot. This type of book would probably require some time, however, MK's 25th anniversary is coming up, and this would be an essential collector's item.

I believe that TYM is a pretty big...
As you've heard by now, Season 3 of the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League Series, along with the Challenger Cups were announced several days ago. But many are asking "how do we sign up?" Well thanks to Mr Joshua Gray, aka @Clutch8 & the fine folks at ESL, here is a couple tutorial videos to show you exactly how to go about getting signed up!! Check 'em below:
Sup Guys! I leave a small video showing the "only" screens on which you can perform the "Combos Swag with interactions". NRS has left out much setups :(