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Thanks to a tweet from @Dizzy, there's new info regarding blocking things in Injustice 2.

In regards to punishing within 1-frame windows, NRS has added a buffer window during the last 2 frames of blockstun. This means that, as long as you input your punish normal either on or just before the punishment window, you will get the punish. This also means that you are more likely to get your proper interrupts on safe options but have holes where you can interrupt their next option.

This brings me to the next point, which was revealed in a follow-up tweet. Frame data in the move list uses ONLT the startup frames. A common thing within the FGC as a whole is that the first active frame is included in startup when frame data is compiled. This is purely the startup frames. This means when calculating which normals punish what, add 1 frame to the frame data listed. If that number is equal to or lower than the disadvantage number, then you have your punish. Specials...
This event is currently LIVE! Tune in: https://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky

Tonight week # 2 of Injustice 2 at Next Level Battle Circuit hosted by @Sabin aka nycfurby. This event brings the top players from New York and the surrounding area and Arturo has been using Matcherino to crowdfund the event. Last week, there was $1,000 contributed for the tournament payout.

Below is a link for tomorrow night's crowdfunding tournament payout, plus tournament footage from last week.
Updated below in SPOILER with finals results

Just a reminder that the first top 8 for the War of the Gods series is tonight!

This is one that's not to be missed!
The highest caliber of talent, top tier production, what more could you want?

So be sure to tune in at 8PM EST to the below link:

We had 4500 viewers, thank you to every one of you!!!!

WE featured every player in the entire game and for the most part showed them at a high level w top players and brand new hot talent showcasing what they've been learning.

GRODD was so amazing and CHEETAH is close behind.

Do yourself a favor and check out these insane matches if you missed the action and fun.

RHS continues Sunday AFTER ComboBreaker (June 4th....?) and I'm trying to plan a special offline RHS at cb. Stay tuned

More info follow me on twitter @bambamguitar

Stream link: twitch.tv/streamofthehut
If last night's War of the Gods didn't quite quench your thirst for competitive Injustice 2 play for the weekend, then be sure to tune into @Pig Of The Hut's stream tonight.

That's right, Red Hot Sundays are back! If you somehow don't know, Red Hot Sundays is a stream hosted by Pig of the Hut, where high level players are pitted against each other and rivalries are settled, all for our enjoyment.

As this is the first Red Hot Sundays for Injustice 2, Pig has arranged something special for us and has organised a night of MUs so that we get to see representatives of every character on the roster battling it out!

This is a great chance for you to see what some of the less common character picks are capable of, so be sure to tune in to the stream linked below from 8PM EST

Here's a tentative schedule for the night:
The first Regional tournament for Injustice 2 is in the books, and Brother Honeybee took it all after a dominant showing through winners, and some sibling rivalry in Grand Finals! He initially defeated Biohazard's Bane 3-0 in Winners Finals, but Biohazard reset the bracket in Grand Finals with none other than A̶l̶e̶x̶a̶ ̶B̶l̶i̶s̶s̶ Harley Quinn! Results and archives are below.

1. HoneyBee (The Flash, Deadshot)
2. cR|Biohazard (Bane, Harley Quinn)
3. PG|Hayatei (Robin)
4. Noble|Gunshow (Firestorm)
5. BFGC|Station (Scarecrow)
5. Ecodus (Catwoman)
7. Roberto (Scarecrow)
7. RedThrills (Deadshot)

Twitch Archives: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/145918475...
Wednesday Night Fights, part of LevelUp Series debuted Injustice 2 on the night of 05.17.17 in Santa Ana, CA. Their lineup of players included many top players from the West Coast including Tyrant, Awesomo, Red Reaper, WonderChef, Godspeed and more.

Fans of Wednesday Night Figthts (WNF) can expect to see more Injustice 2 action during their tournament season. Below is some archived footage of the top 8 action that took place this past week. Check it out!
And the Top 8 is set for the first week of the War of the Gods series! 479 entrants battled their way through a double elimination bracket, and after 5 and a half hours, the top 8 was forged.

Pretty much every top (NA) name from IGAU and MKX entered the arena, making it that much more impressive for those who made it to top 8.

We have an exciting top 8 to look forward to on Tuesday, comprised of a healthy mix of new and returning Injustice players.

Congratulations to:
cR Theo
Perfect Legend
Hara Rewind
Noble Tweedy
Circa Forever King
Kinetic Predator

You can see the bracket for Tuesday's Top 8 below:
As most of you are aware by now, the first three DLC characters for Injustice 2 are Starfire, Red Hood and Mortal Kombat guest, Sub-Zero. It may be of interest to many of you Red Hood fans that there was actually a teaser gameplay image posted on the Injustice Facebook page today. Check it out below!
The Road To Celtic Throwdown 2017 began today with the 1st chance to grab some tasty seeding points for the big event in September.
WB & NRS provided TONS of swag to give away, different versions of the game, t-shirts and loads of other great stuff ON TOP of the money they put into the pot. The IFGC cannot thank you enough for your support.
thank you very much also to zowie and brook for your help for making the day great

well here is the info on all what went down....

1. @IrishMantis - black adam
2. @Nutrient - superman
3. Ian - harley/deadshot
4. @Youphemism - fate/deadshot/joker/supergirl/black adam
5. @Canapper - firestorm
5. @Fergus -harley
7. @Naphiel - superman
7. 1man3letters - fate/swampthing/deadshot/supergirl

archive: twitch.tv/brianvondoom https://www.twitch.tv/videos/145438140...
Combo Breaker 2017 Pools have been announced! With 366 players already pre-registered, and a $20,000 pot bonus on the line, as well as points for the Injustice 2 Pro Series, this is set to be one of the most exciting tournaments in a long time!

You can click on the link below to see the pools for Injustice 2, feel free to try and make predictions!

Also, bear in mind that these pools are subject to change and there will likely be late registrations on the day!

You can find info regarding stream schedule, dedicated commentators and even a venue map using the below link:
UPDATED at bottom of article with spoiler tags - FYI. - STORMS*

Mr Joshua Gray a.k.a. @Clutch8 has just announced via Twitter that ESL KOTH will feature Injustice 2, and 4 very familiar faces have been invited to the ESL studio to participate.

As you can see below, the 4 lucky players invited are:

@Tom Brady
MF Slayer
@Pig Of The Hut

Stream: https://twitch.tv/esl
(thanks to @Pig Of The Hut for tweeting out the scheduled time for it)

I'm sure more details will follow, so in the meantime, be sure to follow @MrJoshuaGray on twitter so that you don't miss out on any ESL Injustice 2 news!
The first Injustice 2 event was held yesterday evening. Although the tournament only had 13 people it still had its share of ignorance and good matches. Although the word on the street was that the 10th best flash in the world, Sid The Haze wasn't going to be in attendance he did show up and succeeded in heckling the entire scene. But a surprise was in store for everyone as the Flash Main preached to the skies that Flash needed buffs once again.

Meanwhile the complaints about Atroc where in left an right as Indecisive attempted to mix people with the giant red potato. Each time the cat was summoned a sense of grief and despair was felt by the opponent. While the audience just laughed at the stupidity of the trait.

Finally we had the one true struggle. The cupcake master himself Awkward Sloth decided to make it out and play as lame as every lovingly possible. Cupcakes were thrown, guns were shot, and Puppies went rampant. All and all it was lame as shit.

Stream Videos:...
Folks, today between 1PM - 1:30PM CDT, expect some server maintenance to cause some small, temporary issues. NetherRealm has released a small statement regarding this server maintenance.
This message brought to you by NetherRealm. Please read below.
Ladies and gentlemen, Injustice 2 is finally here, and with its debut comes a HUGE day 2 tournament hosted at Next Level Battle Circuit in Brooklyn, New York! List of notable names include: Sonic Fox, Forever King, Alucard, Killtron, SilverRye, CD Jr., Insaynne, and GRR! Tune in RIGHT NOW for all the action!

Bracket: http://nextlevel.challonge.com/nlbcv66INJ2
Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky
For those who missed the announcement, Evo 2017 is part of the Injustice 2 Pro Series and will have a $50,000 pot bonus on the line! So, not only is there a chance to win BIG money, but you can also earn points for your chance to win even more in the Pro Series.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how exciting this is. This money, along with the general hype that is surrounding Injustice 2, will be attracting players from around the world and from other games, all trying to get a piece of the big prize.

You can register for EVO using the following link:
Combo Breaker closed online registration this past weekend. Today, we get a glimpse as to where the numbers stand for each game, including Injustice 2.
Yes folks, the time has come! All Injustice 2 character mood banners have been installed. If you love your mood banner, be sure to tag @Alien Substance and give lots of love. Alien designed all of the banners!

In case you don't know how to use them, click here.

Here's a sneak peak at what they look like!