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The HUGE event of the Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals that will take place this Sunday featuring 16 World-Class competitors will also be featured on ESPN2! The Top 4 remaining players of this event will be playing on ESPN2!

View more information including event details and schedule, here.
Hello everyone, as "spoiled" by Majornelson a few days ago and covered here:


with the introduction of the Xbox arena it is now possible to have full integration (similar to what we already have on the other platform) between Injustice 2 and the Esl cups

for now, we scheduled a test cup for tomorrow 16 Sep 2017 19:00 CEST.
The cup can be accessed in a few ways but first of all you need to follow these steps:

- create and activate a free ESL play account from our website https://play.eslgaming.com/
- head to the Xbox One store and download the ESL play app
- login / sign up so the Esl play account will be linked to your Xbox Live gamertag

once done you can access the test cup from the menu and sign up from there

as always, the cup will be also available on our website: https://play.eslgaming.com/injustice/europe/ij2-one/open/community-test-cup-1-europe/
and from within your mobile phone's or tablet's Esl Play app

keep in mind this is still a test cup so feel free to ping the admin staff directly for support via:

- our discord channel: https://discord.gg/Qh26mf2
- support ticket: https://play.eslgaming.com/injustice/europe/ij2-one/open/community-test-cup-1-europe/support

have fun!
Esl I2 Admin team
The Official Playstation channel has recently uploaded their Top 5 replays from East Coast Throwdown 2017, which was a Premiere Pro Series event. While there are ten incredible players included in this top 5 rolodex, I feel I must highlight on the the Number One replay, being EchoFox Sonic Fox vs BC HoneyBee where they had a back-to-back flawless on each other... take a look!
Body Count Fighting 3 (BCF3) will be LIVE from the SoCal Regionals After Party at eSports Arena the night of September 24, 2017. The stream will start at 10:00PM PST following the conclusion of the Street Fighter 5 Top 8.

BCF3 will feature show matches in Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, and the newly released Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Here is a breakdown of the evening's matches: Click to read more!...
UPDATED w/ top 8 that is set for Tuesday at 8PM EST.
Mid-South Championships started today in Little Rock, Arkansas and Injustice 2 was one of the featured games at the event. It also received a $500 pot bonus! Below are the top 8 who will play tomorrow:

BxA | @KH StarCharger vs IIBurritosII
cK | Swift vs Ominous


cK | Frostibunni vs KingGambler-18
cK | KTG JerseyMan55 vs Circa Nicky

Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/mid-south-championships-2017/events/injustice-2/brackets/150294/416526
NRS community face REO recently put out a video detailing his current feelings on the roster in the current version of Injustice 2. Watch the video in this thread to see his thoughts!

While playing games, like Injustice 2, and going to see all the related superhero movies, it can often be easy to forget about the real heroes in life. There are people who face hardships and difficulties that many of us couldn't even imagine battling against. However, these heroes have been brought to life in a wonderful way by photographer Josh Rossi.

Josh and his team set out to photograph the REAL justice league:
Hello all! As you may or may not know, Black Manta was revealed today and a ton of people seem to be really excited for him. From what I saw, he seems like a neutral, midranged character with really strong mobility and counter zoning tools (aka a dream come true for me) His gear looks dope and overall, a perfect representation of Black Manta. However as you also know, they don't JUST cover the new character in these streams. So, what else did they cover? Well legendary gear of course! So what were we told?
Earlier today, Major Nelson (the reputable source of xbox gaming news) tweeted about the recent Injustice 2 patch, drawing particular attention to the fact that it introduced xbox arena compatability to Injustice 2.

Xbox arena is a platform on Xbox one, where tournaments can be organised and ran straight through the console.

In the tweet, they also mention "upcoming events run by ESL".
Total Geek have conducted an interview with voice actor Kerri Hoskins, who some of you may know as the video game actor for Sonya Blade from the earlier MK games, starting from MK3.
They tweeted this interview out yesterday and kindly shared it with us.

You can have a watch of their interview below:
Updated below in the spoiler!

Here it is folks, the information that many of us have been waiting for. In less than 2 weeks, we are scheduled to see an amazing NetherRealm Studios' event unlike anything we've seen before. 16 world-class players including the EVO 2017 Champion, Noble Dragon along with Echo Fox's finest including Sonic Fox, THEO and Scar.


The big question... WILL ANYONE be able to take down Sonic Fox?
Two days ago BigE Gaming tweeted a poll featuring multiple games including SFV, Tekken 7, MVC: Inifnite and Injustice 2. The poll would decide which top 2 games would receive an additional (up to) $3,000 pot bonus via Matcherino crowdfund.

We should be very proud to the fact that Injustice 2 blew every game out of the water with an amazing 65%.
The first addition from Fighter Pack 2, Black Manta, is receiving the usual DLC gameplay overview during an upcoming stream on the usual place at the usual time: http://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm at 3pm CST/9pm BST/4pm EST on Friday September 8th!

Tune in to find out how one of Aquaman's deadliest enemies will introduce himself into the world of Injustice 2 this Friday!
The patch is out just now guys, if you're on PS4 click options while hovering over Injustice 2 on the PS4 main menu and Check For Update and it'll download.

Will update with full notes if/once they're released

Known so far:

  • Two new shaders for everyone
  • Better Gear/inventory management, you can
    • Sort Gear by rarity
    • Favourite Gear
    • Bulk mark by rarity
    • Additional options include: excluding sets, augments, level, strength, ability, defense, health, combined stats and price all on a "less than x" variable
  • Ranked is now 3/5, now called "Ranked Sets" rather than just "Ranked"
  • Player match is split into "Versus" and "Competitive Versus" now
  • Competitive KOTH
Again, as many of you know there were several events going on this past weekend. Injustice 2 Pro Series Ranking events in the States, Ireland and Puerto Rico. First Attack took place in Puerto Rico and featured many talented players including EchoFox THEO and DR Gross. For those of you who may have missed out on the Top 8 footage, here you go.

Injustice 2 at East Coast Throwdown had 122 entrants. Some of the biggest names were in attendance including EchoFox SonicFox, Noble Dragon, Rogue Slayer, Noble Semiij, A f0xy Grampa, EANIX Biohazard, NASR Tekken Master, RNG Whiteboi and many more!

East Coast Throwdown is also an Injustice 2 Pro Series Premier Event and actually the FINAL Premier Event! See the matches (as they happened and the results below!​
There was a lot of Injustice 2 action going on this weekend. While East Coast Throwdown is happening in the states today, we also had First Attack happening in Puerto Rico and Celtic Throwdown happening in Dublin, Ireland.

Both of these events are IPS Ranking events for their respective areas.

  • Echo Fox THEO attended First Attack in Puerto Rico where he took the win over

This event is the final Injustice Pro Series event before the grand finale coming in later October.

Pools currently live here: https://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm
Full event schedule here: Click here
Bracket: Click here

Updated w/ Top 8 below!

Your Injustice 2 Top 8 is set for East Coast Throwdown 2017!

Winners Side:
EchoFox @SonicFox5000 (Black Canary) vs EANIX Biohazard (Bane)
PXP @A F0xy Grampa (Deadshot?) vs Noble Semiij (Catwoman)

Losers Side:
NASR Tekken Master (Brainiac) vs @OmGxBdON (Doctor Fate)
RNG Whiteboi (Scarecrow) vs Noble Dragon (?)...
I know Ed Boon's twitter account is usually the source for trollish clues, but every now and again he will decide to cut straight to the chase. Today is one of those rare days. He has confirmed that there will NOT be a Mortal Kombat Character included in Fighter Pack 3 (much to the delight of millions, I'm sure).