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So yeah, Mortal Kombat is a thing that has been around for 25 years (as of the console edition release). Feel old? You should, this series is as old as I am. To celebrate this momentous occasion, our friends at Dojo Oculto hosted a tournament for the OG Mortal Kombat games. Continue...
War Of The Gods Season 3! - 10 Weeks + a Finale - $5,000 overall

Sign up: https://smash.gg/tournament/warofthegods-s3-w1/details

Watch live: https://www.stream.me/war

More Info: https://info.stream.me/studio

We are going to need some love tonight in the chat, help spread the word! Continue...
So those of you who follow him on Twitter may have seen Tom Brady pitch the idea for a "FGC Morning Talk Show" where people would come to talk about the FGC and get updates on current events around the community. The idea has moved forward with an episode 1 and a GoFundMe to help keep this thing up and running! Continue...
Coming at you a little bit early, we've got this week's line up for The Clash. Got some Injustice, got some DBZF, got Mr. Aquaman and Echo on mic, should be in for a good time this Friday at 7 PM EST. Continue...
Registration is now OPEN (and FREE) for tomorrow evening's BCF Online Injustice 2 Tournament! Compete for $250 in cash prizes and points towards a BCF Feature Match in 2019! Sign up on @smashgg here: http://smash.gg/bcfo1
So @Slips and I have decided to try our hands once again at a podcast specifically centered around Injustice 2 and the NRS scene. For our pilot episode we talk about Combo Breaker, weak mentalities in fighters, Slips' love of the Ninja Turtles, and his family's alleged association with the Italian Mob. We may make this a regular thing, so let us know what you think!

If you wanna give more direct feedback, Slips and I are both on Twitter at @Slipkicks and @KingHippo42 respectively.

UPDATE: There's now an MP3 link! Thanks to @JTB123 for the advice.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/3m9kwas6kaj1rpn/Slips_and_Hippo_Show_Ep_1.mp3/file Continue...
Join the Body Count Fighting team at Machinima Studios in Burbank, CA for BCF6 -- a series of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter 5, & Injustice 2 show matches where players compete for bragging rights and championship belts in their respective games.

The show starts at 5:00PM and will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch.

Full line up after the break!
Starved of MK content? Feeling drained in the never-ending wait for the MK11 release trailer? Me too, but I come bearing a solution: the latest Warrior Shrine, hot off the presses from @JangoGM and @Temp!

It’s worth noting this is the ‘Season 2 Finale’ according to Jango, though where he defines Season 1 and 2 as beginnings exists only in Jango’s head (as do many things). Continue......
The origin of Mortal Kombat was a mooted video game adaptation of the classic Jean Claude Van Damme flick, Bloodsport.

One of the legacies of that heritage is a character who began life as an adaption of JCVD’s character Frank Dux (himself based on a famous martial artist who was either Anderson Silva before Anderson Silva or was talking absolute nonsense). This character would have been the main character of the original game but, as the Bloodsport adaptation was reworked into something new, he retreated into the background and became a more direct reworking of Jean Claude Van Damme himself. Continue......
The rebirth of Mortal Kombat, and the team behind it, from a team within Midway Studios to Netherrealm, an autonomous studio under the auspices of WB has brought an almost total increase in quality. Compare the last efforts under the Midway label to the last two attempts under the Netherrealm label: Armageddon and MKvDC, almost unanimously considered the worst games in the history of the franchise, versus Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2, which, from an objective perspective, are almost certainly the best.

Graphics relative to the competition, gameplay, balance, meta, story mode, marketing, everything has improved massively. There can be no doubt that the enhanced time and funds afforded to the team under WB has massively improved the overall quality of the games, even if it has arguably come at the ‘commercialization’ of the franchise through the addition of multiple guest characters.

One thing that has actively regressed, however, to the point where it is demonstrably worse than... Continue......
In what should come as no surprise, one of the leading fighting game tournaments in the whole world is set to return, in what is now it's second decade!

Just like Combo Breaker this past weekend, Frosty Faustings takes place in the backyard of Netherrealm Studios, in Elmhurst Illinois just outside Chicago. With the promise of new games, though of course Injustice 2 will be present, and a much larger space, FF2019 is scheduled for January 18-19 and promises to be, as always with Faustings, one of the very best events of the year. Continue......
So although we still have the traditional results post, I'd like to write this up to 1) Give Tweedy credit for his win, which I think every major winner deserves (congrats, Tweedy), and 2) Talk about this weekend's event in a retrospective fasion. Feel free to share your thoughts in the replies as well!

Let's face it -- Combo Breaker 2018 has been one of the most wildly unpredictable events in the NRS' community's recent tenure. Even as someone who's been following this scene since 2011, I could not and wouldn't have predicted the results for this weekend's games.

We've often heard that the same people win everything, and some have gone as far as to call the meta 'stale'; but what we've saw in Chicago is anything but. This was a game that is very much still alive, with a meta that is shifting organically as people individually champion various characters.

For an entire group of guys, this was the first time that they've all found themselves watching together from the... Continue......
While it's no MK11, we did get a pretty hype reveal at the end of the Injustice 2 Combo Breaker stream. After the medals were handed out, Mr. Aquaman gave us some news that should be pretty clear if you looked at the above picture or read the title of this article. Continue...
AHHHHHHHHHH! CAN'T HANDLE ALL OF THIS EXCITEMENT! This Top 48 for Injustice 2 had so much going on, we could have dedicated a whole thread to all the upsets. But I'm not there and I would need to be tuned in to WAY more people to catch all those updates as they happened. Event 1 of the Injustice Pro Series. From Sonic being sent to losers (by Knicks) to Theo being knocked out of his first Top 8 (by Scar) in 5 years, this is certainly was an event to remember. Continue...
DAY 2 MY DUDE! Combo Breaker 2018 is onto another day of hype matches, with today's NRS affairs taking us over to MKX. With Aquaman and Ketchup on mic, and a lot of VARIATION (hahahahahahaha) from the players, this was another amazing Top 8 for the 7,500+ fans watching the stream. Continue...
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Combo Breaker is here and TYM has got you covered on everything you need to know. We're going to have results for all three NRS games and coverage for anything else that may go down that you need to know about. Kicking things off, we've got the MK9 Top 8 that just took place on Friday night, throwing everyone back into a time where a robot could take 70% of your life in one touch. Continue...
The internet is replete with predictions for what to expect from MK11, from it’s launch trailer and what NRS has in store for us there, to overall predictions on roster and story. We’ve brought you some of those predictions here and, needless to say, they are as varied as the fanbase itself. Some people are of the more pessimistic persuasion, predicting another game with a dull roster and guest characters designed to appeal to the more casual audience, some are predicting a game which will descend from the heavens on golden stairs to lead us all to a better world and some are just obsessing over Ed’s tweets. Continue......
Combo Breaker 2018 is almost upon us! A premiere fighting event for all of the FGC, it bears special significance for the NRS scene, as it takes place in Illinois, a stone's throw from Chicago, the historic heartland of NRS/Midway/Mortal Kombat. Continue......
Yes you read that right. The OG Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei is going to be on mic with current-time NRS team member and all-time Catwoman player 16 Bit at Combo Breaker this weekend. They will be responsible for covering MK9 pools and taking everyone down nostalgia road in a safe and efficient manner. Continue...
It's been weeks, maybe months, of speculation but it's all coming to a head now. It seems almost certain that in the next fortnight MK11, or whatever NRS has in store next, will be revealed. Not only does this accord with the general precedent established by NRS releases, but it would explain the total radio silence on the Injustice 2 front since the release of the Legendary Edition: it's time to move on....and for the return of everyone's favourite franchise....the one, the only, Mortal Kombat. Continue......