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Earlier this week i teased a new I app my team and I created called MKX Notes. Glad to say we are submitting to the app store tomorrow and it will be available as soon as apple approves it! Right now it's iOS only, mainly because core functionality of this app was already made in a previous app for iOs and it was easy for us to port those features over here to this. TE is done on the iOS side but the Android side is still in production (and is the main reason TE isn't being released this month unfortunately)

(Update) Android version SHOULD be out by WBX hopefully. Please check out the video below! BTW is 100% FREE.
In case you missed the Kombat Kast from earlier today, NetherRealm Showed off Leatherface. We knew from a slight ESL/CW leak that Leatherface had a "Killer" variation and today we learned that his other two variations were "Butcher" and "Pretty Lady" (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2). Additionally, it took no time as all for this footage to be uploaded by various YouTubers so, below you'll find multiple videos
The next Kombat Kast, took place today. If you missed it, you can check out out in the archives at http://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm/v/43642420 Today, we learned that Leatherface's variations are Pretty Lady, Killer & Butcher, and NRS @16 Bit showed up a lot of awesome stuff. What did you see today that you are most excited about?

Stay tuned for more info as it comes. I'll add the youtube link once it's available.
With Mobisoft and International Festival of Comics and Games
we proudly annouce the Fighting Games Challenge event. This year's edition will begin in the first weekend of October.
This year's tournament games:

Street Fighter V - PS4 ( Capcom Ranking Event )
Mortal Kombat X - PS4
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 / Tekken 7 - PS3/ [​IMG] ( depends on decision from Namco )
Guilty Gear Xrd - Revelator - propably PS4
Doom - PC

Place: http://www.eventim.pl/obj/media/PL-eventim/galery/venue/a/atlas-arena-bilety-2.jpg


Event Trailer

Guilty Gear Xrd - Revelator:
1 place - 60% tournament fee, trophy, medal, gadgets from sponsors
2 place - 30 % tournament fee, medal , gadgets from sponsors
3 place - 10 % tournament fee, medal, gadgets from sponsors
Places 4 to 8 - medal, gadgets from...
Hey, everyone. So with the release of the new beta that hit today (2/08/16) I made a video with @SonicFox5000 of us testing out all the new characters introduced and seeing what has changed.

The characters added in this update are:

- Erron Black
- Ferra / Torr
- D'Vorah
- Ermac
- Reptile
- Kotal Kahn
- Sonya
- Quan Chi

Check out the videos below:
Both images are from episode 5 Mortal Kombat X: Machinima's Chasing the Cup.

So it looks like next episode we are going to get a look at the new characters. Does that mean a Kombat Kast is coming soon?
Recently CW Seed released a series of videos created by Machinima. I feel like this show is not getting enough attention. It follows the events following up the ESL Finals. It features well known players such as @HoneyBee @cR Biohazard @Pig Of The Hut @Perfect Legend @SonicFox5000. To start off this show is really good. It gives you insight to the players lives outside the game. You learn a bit about their personal lives including dating, Relationships with their families and with each other. You get to see the passion and dedication each of these players have for Mortal Kombat X and the things they are willing to do to get into the ESL Finals. The show has its funny moments and
Sup Guys! I leave a collection of Kung Lao combos ending with all Brutalities. (Stage and character). I also add some fun and trick endings to activate the black screen. I hope you can get many ideas and much appreciated to share this video. Check it out below:
Hey everyone. We are getting close to launching the TE public Beta! To show off the beta in use we are throwing a tournament. The name is "No Props" and it's tribute to TYM and the FGC in general. ♥ This could possibly the first of many if it goes well. We have two office spaces with heat, air, high speed wired internet available for stream and plenty of tables, chairs and setups.

This tournament will be capped at 40 entrants with FREE venue fee and 10$ for MKX. All entrants will receive a free month of premium sub to TE just for entering!

The rules are...
3/5 all matches

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/CDJR02

If you would like to play in an exhibition or money match on stream before or after the tournament please let me know, we can set these up!
Square One Headquarters
Austin, Tx

1. Henzzar (GM Sub-Zero, Hellfire Scorpion)
2. ATP (WG Kotal, Tempest Lao)
3. Vibu (Hollywood Cassie, Heavy Weapons Jax)

Find out how we got these results below!!
Road to Grand Finals
This week a few new fighters joined our returning players from last time. However, there were no real upsets. The path to top 3 was routine for the 3 gentlemen listed above. Vibu and
Last Saturday was the February Edition of Godlike Saturday's in Indianapolis, presented by Net Battles. AL | Mod came out on top, but you can see the results & the action archived in the link below:

1st. AL | @Mod (TG Raiden / Summoner Quan Chi)
2nd. NB | Semi Evil Ryu (GM Sub-Zero)
3rd. EMPR|Eevee (Kobu Jutsu/Pyro Tanya)
4th. AL | Kenshinoyo (Hat Trick Kung Lao / Heavy Weapons Jax)
5th. AL | JayHussle (Warlock/Sorcerer Quan Chi)
5th. D3adly Kansas (Hish Qu Ten Predator/ Kobu Jutsu Tanya /Noxious Reptile)
7th. Nimbus (Tempest Kung Lao)
7th. RayTheRipper (TG Raiden)
9th. NB | Rappleross (?)

Tournament Archive (begins around 3:30 mark): http://www.twitch.tv/netbattles/v/41480422
Welcome to the PowerUp Winter Series 2016! From January to March of 2016, players will be able to earn Ranking Points in Mortal Kombat X, Killer Instinct, and also Street Fighter V. The Top 4 point earners in each game will be invited to participate in the Winter Series 2016 Championship to be held in April.

February 19th, 2016 is Meet 2 of Winter Series 2016.

We are a strong community of players who wish to grow interest in fighting games and encourage the online warriors to come and step up to the challenge of an in-person tournament. Check out the info below:
It's been an eventful couple of weeks for MKX with season 2 of the ESL finals, announcements and reveals and this week we have the one and only @st9rm joining us to go over everything and find out just how the hell we are actually supposed to block his Kunair setups... breh! Usual stuff is below, time stamps might be a bit off due to some editing but should be somewhat accurate.

Start - Storm intro along with Takeda discussion.
18:00 - Death Of PC MKX
28:00 - Frosty Faustings top 8
32:00 - ESL season 2 finals discussion.
1:01:00 - EU standing after ESL season 2 finals.
1:14:00 - Triborg Kombat Kast.
1:23:00 - Evo 2016 announcement and thoughts.
1:30:00 - Enhanced Online Beta discussion.
1:33:00 - Is there a legitimate concern of KP2 resetting the game with a new patch?
EGP Toasty Tuesdays 3
With SoCal locals finally returning after the Holiday Season, EGP Weeklies returned at the KO Gaming Lounge in Rowland Heights. Many of SoCal's best attended including Nubcakes, Han Rashid, Awesomo, Airvidal, Luminary Cheeko, and more.

    • TonyJaabreaker, a really good Kenshi, traveled 6 hours just to attend the tournament. He also had some of the best matches of the week.​
    • Awesomo pulls out a character that ISN'T Johnny, and does well with them!​
    • The infamous SF player Bushinstyle returns to MKX competitive play.​
    • Nubcakes shows that he's not below counterpicking, even though he mains Shinnok.​
    • I only commentated a couple matches, so 80% of the stream should be safe to listen to.​
We're back! After being busy over the Christmas/New Years break, we've finally returned with our first episode of 2016. No guest this time, just Gilbagz, Vlad and I catching up and talking about MKX.

In this episode we discuss an up and coming major event hosted in Wollongong (!!!), our thoughts on KIT, ESL Season 2 finals, the characters for KP2, current beta balance changes and a wrap up from YSB this past weekend. Check it out below:
6 february 2016 players from all over europe traveled to The Netherlands to compete in mkx. We had great players from different countries like: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France and Germany. The tournament got 45 kombatants which is pretty nice. During the tournament we had amazing matches in poules and during brackets we had quite few upsets and intense matches that went down till the last round.

The road of Bring the Brutality champion

YUZU RZA finished 1st in pools and faced RyuKazuya in winners top 16 he lost 3-2 and went to the losers bracket round two. YUZU RZA fought his way up facing top players starting with: STB Bobagrimes 3-0, AT| Lucky 3-2, AT| Nindo 3-0, AT| The Bizzle 3-2. After securing top 3 he defeated Lordspinal 3-1 in the last round of losers. Finally after 7 rounds in the bracket he faced viennality.st9rm in Grandfinals and turned Rotterdam upside down with Tremor 3-0 after the reset another earthquake leading to 3-0. YUZU RZA managed to stay on top of his game in every round and finished the tournament with a BIG BANG 6-0 in Grandfinals!
I am very proud to say that we now have a plethora of new variation banners to use, including various tournament-related variation (mood) banners, banners I would consider "other" banners as well as very delayed Injustice variation banners.

Here's a tease at a few of my favorite ones added:
othercyfloveyoursalt.png othercyflabmonster.png othercyfmywinstreak.png

(click here to learn how to use these variation/mood banners)

Also, not mentioned in the title we have also updated the Mortal Kombat X character icons on the main forum
Kombat Klass is back, and today it features MKX newkomer, Takeda! By now, you know him and you know his story, but now in this video, you'll learn more about his 3 variations: Shirai Ryu, Lasher & Ronin! Check it out below:





Follow Five Top-Ranked Gamers Battling to Win the World Championship

for the Hit Fighting Game Mortal Kombat X

The CW Network to Air the Finale

As a One-Hour, Primetime Special Monday, Feb. 15
I've been getting a lot of people asking me about what I think of the possible upcoming Tanya changes, so I made a video about it. If all of these nerfs do happen, I will still main Tanya. She is by far my best character no matter how much they nerf her. I'll probably secondary Kitana though, I've been liking her a lot lately. Even with these changes though I still think Tanya will be a pretty solid character. Hopefully you guys enjoy. Check it out below, and thanks for watching! :)