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The Biggest eSports event in Jamaica is here again but ONLY the STRONGEST will survive. Jamaica's best Kombatants will compete to claim the top prize in :


Sunday November 29, 2015 @Shirley Retreat Hotel , 7 Maeven Avenue Kingston, Jamaica - 10am

Stream: www.twitch.tv/anjupang

Check out Clan Pro Circuit - https://www.facebook.com/clanprocircuit/?fref=ts and the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/184480658554553/ on facebook for more details.

Official TYM Event Thread: http://testyourmight.com/threads/nov-29-2015-mash-di-button-kingston-jamaica.56981/
1. GGA Dizzy (Cage)
2. Khaotic Raptor (Takeda)
3. McCutty Mayhem (Reptile, Mileena)
4. cR_Footwurk (Kung Lao, others)
5. Mod (Raiden)
5. GGA PimPimJim (D'Vorah, others)
7. F3.Alucard (Kotal Khan)
7. RagingRicans (Sub Zero)
9. MR ALL CAPS (Jacqui)
9. Mad Marx
9. GGA N1k0lasss (Tremor, Ermac)
9. Adonis (Ferra/Torr)

This weekend Naptown Clutch - the largest annual fighting game event in Indiana - took place at the Tilt arcade in Indianapolis. Competitors gathered for a full day of tournament gaming across several titles.

I had the pleasure of running the Mortal Kombat X tournament which featured 45 competitors from regions across the Midwest and the South including St Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Each player was placed into one of four pools - the top of each advanced to the top 8.

After many exciting matches, close games and upsets during pools the top 8 emerged:
Mage’s Sanctum
Austin, Tx

Mortal KombATX and Square One were proud to present, as always, Mortal KombATX Tournament 14. This is our series of bi-weekly tournaments and I decided to write up our first Aftermath post!!

This week there was a lot on the line. Besides the usual winnings, the top 3 Kombatants would have their entry fee paid by Square One for next week’s “The Realm Eternal” tourney sponsored by Ultra Arcade. There were noticeable absences from Reign our resident Mileena main, DaZengie our resident Johnny main and, ATP who was getting bodied in Arkansas.
The Kouncil sits down to discuss the recent ongoings of the ever entertaining NRS community including Canada Cup, Defend The North and the debut of Season 2 for ESL. But most importantly you will find out how to pronounce Xarakamaka correctly.

Ususal stuff is below.
Once again our MK X Weekly @ the VirtualDojoVienna took place yesterday.
This time, 14 mortals joined our weekly, with @InfamousSloth & @MK_Al returning to the action as well!

Boki dominated as always and took his 2nd FFF title in a row!

Top 3
X-B-O-K-I-X (Tempest Lao)
Udun (GORO / Warlock Quan / Imposter Shinnok)
@InfamousSloth (Pyro-Kobu Tanya)
With the first week of ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League Season 2 coming to a close, we decided to talk with the best European MKX player @A F0xy Grampa. In this interview, British player gives us an insight into his mindset in the leadup to the tournament and also shares some thoughts about the current state of the Pro League competition. Furthermore, he disagrees with the opinion that there is a skill gap between North American and European scene, also underlining that his main objective is to win!
Apologies if this comes across as a pretty sombre thread, this week most of us felt like we were playing very sloppy and there was a lot of salt. Lots of dropped inputs or mistimed inputs or just straight up inputs not coming out. In fact this week was so salty that there's also a video below that Scott the Scot recorded during grand finals showing off some of the salt from tonight because who doesn't enjoy watching Scots get triggered? This is the only week where I decided beforehand I wouldn't be too focussed on winning as I just wasn't feeling it this week and ended up winning anyway so...maybe I should stop trying hahaha. Also it seems that unfortunately we only have four sets from this week recorded and uploaded. Hopefully the salt vid makes up for it! ;)

This week brought a returning Rareqq with his War God/Sun God Kotal Kahn! Missing in action this week is Suleymon (who says he should be returning next week, Tremor hype!), the Stirling knight Redking and last week's champion Bigfool who was either too scared to turn up or, more likely, is doing what he did over the last two weeks by staying off to charge up his power levels for next week where he'll body us all and leave us behind in the rekkage (sorry) of his Kobu Jutsu Tanya.
Hey guys,

Here is the first weekly poll for the ESL MKX Pro League Season 2 Top 8 and the place to discuss who you think will win and why. The live broadcast is TODAY at 8pm EST/5pm PST on http://www.Twitch.TV/NetherRealm for all the Top 8 action.

Here is a recap of Sunday's action to see how we got to this Top 8:
The final stage of the qualifier will be played in best-of-five mode, but the single elimination bracket leaves no second chances for victory.

The highest seeded player in this tournament, A F0xy Grampa did not disappoint as he cruised through the first stage of the qualifier. A British player put in an impressive performance throughout the first stage of the qualifier once again and is yet to taste defeat on the European stage after winning all of the tournaments he participated in. The level of competition was very strong so far and we saw some new players rise up to the occasion, so it is still anyone's tournament!

Over seventy players entered the fray, but only eight could advance to the next stage of the qualifier, where they will fight for a share of the $1000 prize pool. The winner of the Mortal Kombat X Pro League Season 2 Week #1 will receive $500 and 100 Pro League points that will surely help secure a spot in the global finals at the end of the season.
ESL spoke with our Season 1 3rd place finalist @Pig Of The Hut prior to the start of Season 2 to get to know him a little better. Pig went in-depth about his past competitive career, training methods, his new secret character and his busy life schedule. Read the interview in full below:
EU WEEKLY lucky number 7 happened last weekend so here we are to sum it all up for you guys and gals.

A rather late announcement, I know, but with me traveling a lot these days I've barely had time to upload all the match footage taken during the event. St9rm was a pretty late addition to EU WEEKLY 7 but it all worked out for him in the end when he managed to secure the EU WEEKLY CHAMPION title for the 3rd week in a row.

We had some amazing matches both in the Pools and Top 8 that really do justice to the PC MKX community and the overall experience was very positive both for the players and the people watching the broadcast. As the tournament organiser I'm fairly convinced that I've found the perfect template for future events of this type.
Yesterday, the trailer for Evo 2016 was shown for the first time to the public before the UMvC3 Finals at Canada Cup 2015. The event is taking place in Las Vegas, July 15-17th. No other info has been announced, including the venue, so stay tuned as the info comes. But for now, check out the trailer below:
Mortal Kombat X is not without its rivalries and in the eyes of MKX Pro League fans, Season 2 is guaranteed to boast plenty of them. UA Scar and Sonic Fox sit atop the ESL MKX Pro League Pre-season each winning a cup and with Season 2 starting this Sunday, November 1st 2015 they are bound to clash - again.

When asked which opponent he is most looking to fight, Scar, our Pre-season Cup #2 winner tells ESL in a short interview “Everyone, but mainly SonicFox, I need that runback lol”

In the semifinals of the pre-season Cup #1 Scar was within reach of the final series until his encounter with Sonic Fox. UA Scar met our Pro League Season 1 Champion Sonic Fox and fought courageously in a close 3 - 2 set. While Scar was taken out by the champ, his yearning for a runback was not without resolve.
I know its late but I felt this tournament deserved its own write-up. Yesterday concluded Canada Cup, where the best Canadian players faced off in an extremely hype top 8. Canada Cup had many notable players including CR Honeybee, CR Biohazard, CR Gunshow, Death, MTL Jer, and more. But the star of the tournament had to be the new CC champion Hayatei. With his unconventional Ronin Takeda play and absolute fearless playstyle, Hayatei tore his way through the losers bracket until he faced CR Gunshow in grand finals. Although Gunshow had more than proven his skill by fighting his way to winners finals, His Erron Black and Jax was simply no match for Hayatei's Ronin, who beat Gunshow 6-1 to take home his first tournament win(I think).

Congrats to all the top 8. Be sure to check below for youtube archives and results.
What a return for Bigfool! It seems a week off is just what he needed because he's come back with a vengeance... Tired of coming 2nd Bigfool made his way all the way through winners this week, and even mirrored Superjohn's record last week by winning in grand finals without having his opponent reset the bracket! Although we had Suleymon unfortunately missing once more along with rareqq this week we had a return from Ricey, a name change for Liam (to Rocket) and even a new kombatant in the form of Redking! Bringing his crisp A-List Johnny and Hish-Qu-Ten Predator he definitely brought hype with him too this week, especially considering some of the moments he created in some of his matches (see him vs Azarath for example, absolutely mental).

Here's your top 3 for this week:
1st. Bigfool (Kobu Jutsu Tanya)
2nd. Youphemism (Cybernetic Kano / Royal Storm Kitana)
3rd. Nausea (Master of Souls Ermac)
Youmacon 2015 has come to a close after an exciting showing by the Midwest's finest and several visitors! F̶o̶r̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ Burger King went all Quan Chi throughout top 8 to prove that he is definitely not mid tier at best and succeeded. We also witnessed a great upset by Compbros' Spec Ops Cassie against Dizzy's A-List Johnny. Full results and archives are below.

1. YOMI|Burger King Quan Chi-Summoner
2. F3|Alucard Kotal Kahn-Sun God
3. Darkfire Tanya-Kobu Jutsu, Cassie Cage-Hollywood
4. JWE|Compbros Cassie Cage-Spec Ops
5. Tempo|Chris G Reptile-Deceptive, Kung Jin-Bojutsu
5. GGA|Dizzy Johnny Cage-A List
7. cR|Footwurk Johnny Cage-A List
7. VMAN Takeda-Lasher, Tanya-Kobu Jutsu

Bracket: http://mifgc.challonge.com/YOUMA_MKX
Archives: http://www.twitch.tv/bgcallisto/v/23497489 MKX starts at the 2:16:00 mark.
Thanks to everyone who came out for Alpha Attack / Brutality / Buckeye Air Dash! It was a great combination event, and huge thanks to Trent, Paul, Garrad, Brandon, and the gentlemen from Indiana whose names I forget. You all did a great job holding down the stream station.

The next Brutality events will be held on November 21 and December 19, 2015.

Below are October's results! Fresh new points for MKX and KI! And, if SFV stays on course, then it will be great when it joins us in February for the first meet of Winter Season 2016.
Hi, I'm Charles Pacelli, Community Liaison for ESL North America.

Today is the first MKX Pro League Season 2 Open Cup!

Just wanted to remind everyone of a few things for the North American tournament today:

1. TGS Gimpy - Royal Storm Kitana, Brawler Cassie Cage, Kobu Tanya
2. TGS Sidthehaze - Tempest Lao
3. TGS Zappa - Shaper Shinnok, Deceptive Reptile
4. TGS Mr Aquaman - Blood God Kotal
5. Awkward Sloth - Pyro Tanya
5. ZB Villainous - Gunslinger Erron Black
7. RM Srryimwhte - Kobu Tanya
7. Gruff - Fire Thing Goro

9. Quiet Storm
9. Indecisive
9. Roxus
9. Virtiqal

13. Paragon
13. Traestarr

Bracket - http://challonge.com/TMW102915
With Halloween here, you can now check out the latest Tower in Mortal Kombat X featuring Jason as well as a lot of surprises. As spiders cover the screen as you're fighting for your life, you'll also wanna be on the lookout for falling pumpkins and much more!