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Hello all this is Jay aka BanTheTesters here again, and when I’m not picking up all of Kung Lao’s Dropped hats (if you actually think ALL of this hats he throws appear back do him…well they don’t) I’m usually here giving you a wake up X-ray of Mortal Kombat pop culture trivia! This week we dive right back into the realm of music and I believe it will be an interesting one….​
Hey guys! Mustard and I have decided to start a new series of videos for MKX, streamlined and short tutorials for every individual aspect of the game at a high level.

of course these videos will be more aimed towards the casual player looking to get better, but I thought I'd make a thread for all these videos to go in, similar to our old Casual to Competitive series we did in ESL Season 1.

Our first video covers the basics of understanding Frame Data. Check it out below!
Yesterday, 42 of Florida's finest competed in Orlando's bi-monthly regional to decide who is the strongest player in the state! Miami, Orlando, and Tampa were all represented in this stacked Top 8, but @Big D remained the last man standing, after resetting the bracket against @Kitana Prime in an intense Grand Finals! Results and archives are below.

1. EVB|Big D (Ermac-Master of Souls, Takeda-Ronin) Miami
2. EVB|Kitana Prime (Kitana-Royal Storm, Assassin, Mournful) Miami
3. Beyond Toxin (Ermac-Master of Souls) Orlando
4. oD|Atai (Kitana-Royal Storm)
5. EVB|DR (Tremor-Crystalline, Aftershock) Orlando
5. EMPR|Warchild (Cassie...
Hey guys!

Making a thread for this as it needs to get as much interest as possible.

In light of some of our UK guys making the ESL finals, Mustard and I have decided to get a training session together.

We'll be running a offline casual session at the Heart of Gaming in London, the date is looking to be the 16th/17th of January, done as a weekend so that more people can make it just in case they can't do one of the days. Also, those that want to do both days can get maximum offline training.
After many weeks of intense competition, players spanning the globe will converge upon Burbank, CA to compete for $100,000 USD as the ESL MKX Pro League arrives at its pinnacle of hype with the spectacle of the Season 2 Finals.

Purchase your tickets now and witness firsthand unbelievably exciting competition at the highest level of gameplay. Ticket holders will also receive an event t-shirt (#swag), catered food, and access to what we have dubbed “The Mortal Kombat Festival”. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

Check out the details below:
The ESL MK Pro League resumed again this past Sunday after an extended Holiday break. And that means tomorrow, Wednesday, the Top 8's will be streamed for all to watch!! The same usual NRS Twitch link, http://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm w/ times & brackets below:
Hi all, first of all a happy new year and best wishes to everyone. Last saturday we had the first MKX tourney of the year Hosted at AFK Rotterdam (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010241135309&fref=ts) We had a great turnout. and a lot of support on twitch. Thank you all that tuned in and followed twitch.tv/afk_rotterdam. Needless to say you all brought the hype and the crowd was hype as well. Even though some people were still a little dazed from new years they still managed to put up some brutal fights.

Without further delay the results:
1st place AT | The Bizzle
2nd place LLL| Taco
3rd place AT | Lucky
4th place FTL| Djack
5th place Kingrashaan
5th place AT | Solid_S14(AKA The Doctor)
7th place FTL| Tha_Phoenix
7th place AT | Dio

Full bracket @ http://challonge.com/mkxafk5
Since The Break stopped holding MKX tournaments a lot of us in NJ stopped playing the game consistently. I don't wanna let the game die and online is an unplayable mess. We used to gather at @G4S Claude VonStroke, it was lots of fun and we all leveled up a lot. That's why I'll be organizing bi-weekly sessions at my place. I'm thinking of Friday-Sunday marathons. If you live to far away you can stay at my place, I have air mattresses, covers, pillows and there's plenty of space. If you come by train, I can pick you up from the Princeton Junction train station.

Because of reasons beyond my control I can't start this weekend, so it'll start the weekend after KIT. Friday 22nd starting from 6:00pm to Sunday 24th until 8:00pm. Address is 1303 White Pine Circle, Lawrenceville, New Jersey. It's 5 minutes away from Princeton.

Please bring setups if you can, we have at least 4 guaranteed but more people may show up.
Remember this are leveling up sessions, anyone can come and learn, please don't feel that you're "not good enough" because that defeats the whole purpose of this lol.
This was the last tournament of 2015 for us and the first since the beginning of December with NEC then the holidays happening. So we are eager to compete again! Few big names missing due to work with 4 of our big names missing but we still managed to bring the hype and displayed the character specialists that we are.

Grand Finals Reset, Glitched acid bubble god ray brutality, and tricky lizards were incredibly hype this week.

Our 13th FRIDAY FATAL FIGHTS took place at the first day of 2016 but that didn't change the fact, that Boki still bodies everyone with his Lao.


Top 3
X-B-O-K-I-X (Buzzsaw / Tempest Lao)
st9rm (Shirai Ryu Takeda)
@TheLeoholic (Crystalline Tremor)


grand finals


Thanks a lot for watching and participating and make sure to check out our upcoming major, the VIENNALITY

Australia and NZ started their MK X year off with a bang with the third installment of Googie’s online monthly. Far from the US, Europe and their ESL scene, ‘down under’ has nonetheless been able to cultivate a fairly decent online tournament experience with Googie’s Monthly tournament. This tournament is run on PS4, and is free to enter for all Australian and New Zealand residents. Run in a single elimination fashion (with top 3 getting cash payouts), all prize money comes for generous Australian community members who contribute their own cash in order to further the MK X scene here in Aus. Matches are run best of 3 up until top 8 which is run best of 5. Members who place top 8 receive seeding points for further iterations of the tournament.
A video on the best moments we've had so far in Mortal Kombat X this year. This includes upsets, popoffs, hype moments, etc. Hopefully you all enjoy.

My thanks to REO for the help with this video. Check it out below:
Hey folks!

All opinions are our own, this list is obviously up for debate.

The end of 2015 is on our doorstep. Due to popular demand, some of the UK MKX scene decided to come together and sum up the end of this year with a tier list for Mortal Kombat X.

A handful of characters were somewhat undecided. Jax could potentially be S, Sonya could very well be A+ and Tremor could be S+. This is discussed in the video.

You can find a video of us discussion in depth every single character and why they are in the placements we selected:

We thoroughly recommend you watch the video first, or at least listen to the portions of characters you're confused about. It will prevent us from answering questions that have already been answered. Check it out below:
Hey, everyone. So I'm sure most of us are aware that Kitana has the best back walk speed in the game. This is a very good trait for Kitana to have as it helps her zoning, keep away, footsies, and spacing game. Kitana having the best back walk in the game also slightly amplifies her defense by giving her more room to react while on the retreating defense. Combine this with her good air control, top five anti-air attack in the game, cross-up defense, high damaging punishment, and you have quite a good defensive character.

Now what if I told you that you could move back with Kitana even FASTER than her already amazing back walk speed? There are two levels to this tactic that I will call "level 1 wavedashing" and "level 2 wavedashing" since it's a commonly known term for accelerated movement in other games like Smash. Kitana can accelerate backwards faster by performing small buffers of her back walk and then repeating it again. With enough practice and good timing, you will be moving backwards almost half as fast as her regular back walk speed which is pretty crazy if you think about it.
We're all aware of how the Frozen Aura (D,B+3) negates any chip damage Sub-Zero will take while he is blocking. But did you know it also had another hidden and most likely unknown feature? Below is a video that demonstrates this: See if you can spot a change or notice anything different with Sub-Zero's Frozen Aura each time the game is reset:
Koming January 24th.....The ESL Mortal Kombat Pro League Season 2 Finals!! Check out the trailer below:
Big shout outs to Bad News Brendon, Kenshinoyo, EMPEROR Eevee and Gilgamesh for all their help over the course of the night. Multiple attempts were made to get the internet working for the stream, and that is also why the event started late. Unfortunately it was not to be, but we still recorded some great matches. This was also our first event where Killer Instinct was recorded! We had 10 players for KI, which is a great achievement for our local community, so I hope we can keep it up!

Congratulations to the following players for earning an invite to the Fall Season Championship for MKX in January 2016:
  • Action Jackson
  • EMPEROR Eevee
  • Kenshinoyo
  • Mod
  • MPII The Ronin
Full Results from December 2015 are below:
Sup Guys! Left examples using kung lao of the application of pressure interactions. I hope to be useful. I use this a lot in fight! Check it out below:
Lone Star Battleground was the first MK tournament of its kind in Austin, TX. Thank you so much to everyone who traveled from out of town to attend, and to those who contributed to the pot bonus. We had 30 entrants, representing cities all across Texas. The Austin scene is still young so it means a lot to us that you all would come out and support us. Like any good tournament there were hype matches, nail biting comebacks and high levels of sodium.
Date:: Feb 20, 2016, 2PM-Midnight
Where: Arcade Legacy, 662 Cincinnati Mills Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45240
Official TYM Event Thread click HERE

That Get it in Ohio UMK3 Tournament $1000 Grand Prize
Winner gets the Whole Thang! When it comes to the Pie we just don't break it down.
Prize Money Sponsorship by @Killer Cam Whitmore and Family. Largest UMK3 payout ever!

The MAIN event will be UMK3 on MAME, but also will run TE on the side and MK2 - there is an MK2 machine at Arcade Legacy if we don't have the resources to do it on Mame (I have 2 PC's right now that I can run UMK3 and TE on). There is also an MK2 machine (buttons are in great shape) there, as is a UMK3 machine, though I believe the sticks really need some work. But bring your own sticks and pads for mame! Can probably have casuals before and after, and maybe even the Friday night before. This would be an awesome event to really hash out who's come into their own since the OG days. (IE, back up your talk. lol )