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An idea that was inspired by J360's recent thread in the Kratos forums is going to be brought to life and is coming to Red Bank, NJ's "OPERATION WOLF" taking place at YesterCades on 1/26/13. We presented the idea to REO and not long after, he agreed. This will be a gauntlet type battle where we will be calling all Kratos players to come to "Operation Wolf" to help take REO down. He's won the last three majors in a row and we are determined to make him fall.

Do you have a Kratos good enough Click to read more!...
What did you expect? The ending may not be what you expected. In this latest combo video by TONY-T, see Smoke from day 1 as the combos range in ridiculousness of both damage and execution on TONY-T's behalf. With character modifications made for TONY-T by Tetzrep, witness something that can only be witnessed in this video. Raiden says they must not take him Click to read more!...
First and foremost, the following is *nsfw*. Gear up and suit up for a Money Match of gigantic porportion as Pig of the Hut takes on Tom Brady at Frosty Faustings V. These two top competitors take their game to the highest height of competition in a matchup between Kenshi vs Kung Lao. Again, you've been warned. Click to read more!...
We're getting closer and closer to April 2013 and you know what that means... soon time for another character reveal? Boon responded to a tweet moments ago and out of all tweets he's likely sent, he responded to a character reveal question. When asked when another character reveal was going to be, he simply said, "We're working on it : )". To speculate and scrutinize further, we can also tell you that one his last tweets mentioned Click to read more!...
What's up, TYM? This is GamerBlake90, here to present you with an article regarding the rise of this new character kouncil series hitting the Mortal Kombat community (council is spelled with a "k" as per MK tradition, of course). After having completed five councils, I thought I would give you all a notice regarding exactly how these work.

The idea stemmed from the Click to read more!...
Hey guys! I've made a 5 minutes short clip showing rare Mortal Kombat footage recorded on different expos and trade fairs, such as E3, Summer and Winter CES and MK4 Road Tour.

Most of the footage shows incomplete versions of Click to read more!...
I ask this question because I've been told by the leader of GGA that GGA at Frosty Faustings wants nothing more than to "BODY" me more than REO, Perfect Legend, CD Jr, etc. I understand why GGA wants this because of my history vs their best players in tourney (21-3 against GGA in tourney) but who are your goals for 2013 to take out behind the knees?

Your votes are private but pubicily posting your Click to read more!...
Here's a short series REO and I did last night taking what we learned from our last encounter in Dallas and applying what we learned into this set

Notice the footsies reo plays mid screen w the cancels and his awesome usage of 2ndc b1 ex parry b12 50/50 mix up. He's doing this cause early on I show ill stop every b12. This adds new depth to the match.

Also I try working on my f32 lowering Click to read more!...
sup guys, Unequalled media, the guys behind the massively successful fighter at iseries tournaments are bringing back monthly tournaments for all games in the UK after a long hiatus.

and, as usual, i have been in contact with one of the dragon twins to see if MK making the cut is a possibility, and, luckily, it is.

the main games will be fixed but the "sub games" will be rotated out, MK will be bi monthly if it makes the cut, or even monthly if numbers get enough, this will be a good way for us all to play together again, level up together, and for those of you in the UK who picked up TTT2, SCV to play everything at once.

or, if you are like me and are only hyped for MK and injustice, you can use this as competetive practise for when injustice hits, so you are as prepared as possible for the scene it will have.

only catch is, they will only put MK in if the UK scene supports it, so once dates get announced for the monthly gatherings, if you can make it, and i mean make it...
Recently tweeted by the Video X Games, here is a trailer for their first "Road to VXG" qualifier, Fighting Fest 2013. Mortal Kombat will be playing a huge role at this tournament. As you can see in the trailer, they've got the Mortal Kombat players with DR Gross surfacing this year. Who will surface next year? Click to view!...
In eight days a team battle will be taking place at Frosty Faustings. You've got two well-known tournament players going head-to-head with a team all their own that will be as big as 7-9 players, if not more. Some of this is still open for discussion and not finalized yet, however, at Frosty Faustings.... Team Pig will make impact with Team Tom! Click to read more!...
In case you missed the show we had Cary on to give some insight as to what the sorcerer is up to. He also give some clues as to what will be happen in the future. This is a clip during the show so dont forget to watch the rest of it on our youtube channel. Click to view!...
Yesterday C-Sword reported via GameStop.com that Injustice had a release date listing of April 9th. This date could very well be the date the game is released being that the 9th is a Tuesday. However, after seeing this we visited BestBuy's website and there the release date was one week later on the 16th. So, in short... several release dates have surfaced, although Click to read more!...
A video that was first teased about in the TONY-T NECXIII interview is this new 'customized' Sektorrr'Iron Man combo video! Using mods and with the great help of Tetzrep to make this, check out the newest and most impressive combo video you have ever seen! Click to view!...
As Rigo keeps updating the Injustice facebook page there have been some awesome banners and today, it's Green Lantern! Green Lantern, a character confirmed for Injustice: Gods Among Us bearing his green 'power' ring in this image is coming "fully charged!" There's no telling how he will play in Injustice, but we can only imagine how many players will Click to read more!...
Gauntlet Officially Closed

All free time for me w mk will be refocused

Previous Gauntlets and Summaries:
Kenshi vs Jade
Outcome Kenshi 25-0
Kenshi - Pig of the Hut
Jade - STB Goldfish, RunwayMafia, Mr. Mileena, STB Espio, AestheticLove
Stream footage: http://www.twitch.tv/streamofthehut/b/348763849

Kenshi vs Kitana Gauntlet

Outcome: Mr Mileena (Kitana) Wins against Blind man the sole Kenshi defender
Birdsongs 1-5
khaotik 2-5
Starcharger 0-5
Konqrr 1-5
Trepound 1-5 (kit and kenshi matches only)
Mr Mileena Wins 5-1

Shang Tsung Sorcerer of Souls Gauntlet

Outcome: @kh_Starcharger defeated woundcowboy to win the gauntlet
A project that is being "unofficially" made by fans is sure to catch your eye. Over on the TRMK forums you may recall at one point seeing stages of work being done on what was cancelled "officially"; the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is "HD". Well, by using the MUGEN software severl community members have been showcasing their 'work in progress'. One of their most recent video uploads of this progress features an MKI fight between Sub-Zero and Click to read more!...
Opening up more discussion pertaining to the DC Universe and Injustice: Gods Among Us, comic book enthusiast, JaeRoar presents us with another suggestions video. This time he covers alternate costumes he believes everyone would enjoy in the game. Just like any other time, the beautiful thing him and Dinozords do in their videos... they educate you. Since there will be a lot of Mortal Kombat fans who don't necessarily know the DC Universe, JaeRoar also tells you about "where" they come from and Click to read more!...
So, this time we Colombian players took the trip to a foreign tournament. Not a bad experience at all! It was so much fun, the trip itself was loaded with cool moments. It wasn't plane travel only! once we crossed the border, we took a 10 hour bus ride to finally meet Hanzo and his friends. Venezuela has a warm (hot) weather, and so were the women! LOL

The minute we got to the venue, we started playing. There weren't any xbox 360s, so I just went ahead and started practicing some N64 MKT. They just had me playing Vs opponent after opponent, and let me tell you, those guys Click to read ore!...