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Here are some Nimble Reptile combos and setups by the always impressive HappyPow. Please read his message and watch his videos below.

Yo I've been doing a new video lately, here it is. It shows pretty much what you can do under Slow Motion, indeed you have several opportunities and I must admit that I'm done to see all my rep buddies going for the same thing no matter what (example : NJP EXDD3 F4 dash F4 dash...) when you can in fact sacrifice some damages (or sometimes do more!) in order to get a setup that can provide you 4% chip on block (or a chance to get another combo) or even an certain advantage by putting your opponent in the corner (same I've seen all kind of stuff to put a guy in the corner... Not good stuff tho.)
I also wanted to show you the max damages you can get from the low and/or the overhead since most of the time, it can kill.
Well if you associate this video with the previous I've done, you have pretty much all the options that you have (combo Wise). You can...
Just days ago the folks (The Hadou) behind the Combo Breaker tournament that is run out of Chicago, IL dropped their newest trailer for their 2017 event! Happening on May 26th - 28th (make plans now!) at the Mega Center at Pheasant Run Resort, it's going to be an event you won't wanna miss! Check out this awesome trailer below!

Also, to reflect on this year's
Welcome to another guide by yours truly. Today we will be going over my favorite variation for my favorite slasher villain, the drowned child who revived into a vengeful six foot tall killing machine, Jason Voorhees.

  • Slasher Jason is a rushdown/spacing character. He uses his large hitboxes created by his weapon of choice (the machete) to control areas of the screen other characters only dream of covering while also using his very solid plus frames, staggers and mixups to pressure his opponent. While his combo execution is some of the easiest in the entire game, do not be fooled. To have success with this character the player must have a complete understanding of the character. He is surprisingly...
I have watched this entire set and I'll say that it's not just another online set. When does anyone ever use Raiden, Master of Storms? REO picks Master of Storms through an entire online set against Big D. Plus, around the 1 hr mark, REO
Hey Guys! Thinking of picking up Summoner? Pro tip!


Just joking... he's super fun and very competitive, but in a different way. His lack of defense makes him very hard to master but he does have plenty of perks. He is the NRS version of a one touch kill character and after all the nerfs/buffs to the patch I decided to re-do my guide to help anyone who wants to learn him. He makes a good secondary for characters who struggle against zoning or lack a strong offensive game. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.
The conclusion of week # 2 of the Kombat Cup has arrived. cR Sonic Fox also arrived to defend his 1st place spot. Below is an in-depth article written by our very own @YOMI RM JagoBlake via Stream.me - check it out
Welcome to week # 2 of the Kombat Cup presented to you by Stream.me. The top 8 has been set and they will be doing battle tonight starting at approximately 8PM EST. Below are your top 8 finalists - will SonicFox take two in a row?
On Twitter, SonicFox released his top 5 characters and I thought it would make a fun, respectful and not at all toxic discussion here on TYM.
This Saturday, some of Europe's best will gather to compete for the title of AFKXL 2016 champion! We want to hear your predictions and of course see you all get hype here in the thread. All info about AFKXL 2016 can be found at www.afk-cafe.nl

Pools will be streamed live starting at 11:00 AM CET on Saturday November 5th on http://www.twitch.tv/afk_rotterdam. The pools and the general schedule can be found below.

Bracket: www.challonge.com/afkxl2016

HQT Guide​

@C88_Real_Harris has prepared a comprehensive guide to the Hish-Qu-Ten variation of Predator. A great place to start for anyone interested in learning the variation.


  • HQT Predator is one of the most versatile characters in MKX. He has the best zoning in the game behind Quan and his rushdown is arguably top 5 in the game. His lasers give most of the cast trouble because of the insanely fast recovery on them. Smart disc is one of the best specials in the game because it tracks and it’s a great anti zoning or pressure tool. His damage is very good with one bar. You would probably think he’s the best in the game by reading the first paragraph but he is not due to his horrible defense. HQT’s defense is probably the worse in the game. His only armored move is ex stab which has 23 frames of startup. This move can be easily beaten out by doing any fast combo string. This move still only...
The first week of the Kombat Cup has been an amazing success!

The league's first Sunday bracket started off with an initial count of over three-hundred participants, and the first Top 8 showcased tonight introduced a mixture of old and new faces alike. Old storylines would receive more chapters while new legends would be born. Only minutes into the top 8 broadcast and the community quickly found themselves at a loss over who to vote for as each match raged on.

And now, the final results are in!
Kumite in Tennessee (KIT) is renowned amongst the NRS community for providing a tournament experience of the highest calibre for both attendees and viewers alike.

This has clearly been recognised by NRS/WB who have added a generous $10k Pot Bonus for MKXL.

KIT2017 is set to take place January 6-8 th, and I have no doubt that @Vandy and PandaXGaming will put on a top quality tournament for us.

For more information check the links below:

Event thread: https://testyourmight.com/threads/j...10-000-pot-bonus-by-nrs-wb-franklin-tn.61766/

Tournament Registration: www.kitrevival.com/register

Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
700 Cool Springs Blvd
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 261-6100

Reserve at www.kitrevival.com/hotel
Last Day to reserve hotel room at the block rate: December 15...
Today @Sabin tweeted about holding an MKXL event at Next Level in New York. However, he needs to know the interest level AND what day players would prefer to have it. He needs some very simple and serious feedback from the players.
Check out one of REO's latest videos showcasing all armor attacks that consist of either 2 or 3 hits. This video is over 5 minutes long and shows you
This one's for the collectors out there who have the Mortal Kombat statues the rest of us drool over. PopCultureShockToys has the best stuff, let's face it. Yes, it's not cheap, but you're also getting what you're paying for.

With this said, in minutes PopCultureShockToys is going to be unleashing pre-orders for their latest Sub-Zero statue. This statue depicts Sub-Zero from MKX
Tonight's Kombat Cup saw a staggering count of more than 300 entrants, but only eight would qualify for this Wednesday's Top 8 finals!

Before we reveal who they are, we would like to extend a courteous thank-you to Stream.Me for being so gracious as to host this competitive online league for our awesome MKXL players! We also extend a handshake to @Aqueous_Echo and @Mr Aquaman for assisting with event organization and commentary!

And now...check out your first weekly Top 8 players for the Kombat Cup!

Whose Turn Is It? Games
2708 S. Lamar Blvd
Austin, Tx 78704

1. SenorAbram (SR Takeda, Ninjutsu Scorpion) -- San Antonio
2. Mutiny Starcharger (Kitana) -- Houston
3. KH Royale (Kano, Kitana, Boneshaper Shinnok) -- Houston

4. BLTMr.Nauj (Quan Chi) -- NorCal
5/6. Westcoast Jeff (Gunslinger EB) -- SoCal
5/6. Henzzar (CSZ) -- Austin
7/8. Tweedy | ATP (Tarkatan Alien, Mystic Ermac) -- Texas
7/8. LoveIn60FPS (Shinnok) -- Austin


Not only did the stream fail, but my recordings got corrupted. No vods. Very sorry! Next year we will work more directly with Fightsessions and use their expertise to assist us in our weaknesses. This Tuesday night we plan to cast a discussion about the event overall. Please join @ twitch.tv/ryuujin882. I'll be streaming directly from my PS4, so no issues should occur...

Thank you to all the players that made this possible & congrats to the top 3!!
With the recent conclusion of the Plantronics Cup, ESL continues to support the Mortal Kombat XL community by introducing the Community Cup series! As of right now, these cups are being held for Playstation 4 players in the North American and European regions, and entry is for free!
After winning SoCa Regionals 2016, PG|KH Scar was interviewed by Mashable. Despite winning the generously provided pot bonus from NetherRealm Studios, it had essentially become an even greater accomplishment to beat his rival, SonicFox. Scar tells Mashable a little about what he has endured from both SonicFox and the process of adjusting that he had to perform from the recent October MKXL balance patch.

Below, Scar explains a bit of how he practices, plus there's