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Hi all. As EVO 2016 has been announced I'm sure the hype train is underway for many of you. Since I along with a few others have been to EVO a few times I thought it would be good to present a few pieces of advice for those looking to go to EVO 2016. There has been a lot of information thrown around in the past about cost, flights etc so hopefully this thread will help give people a clear idea in preparation. This is mainly directed to players from the EU but all can read and take whatever they can that will help.
Yesterday, AFK e-Sports Rotterdam hosted their 4th Mortal Kombat X tournament. LLL Taco aka @rubmytaco took home the title, congrats to him! We had 31 entrants, with all top Dutch players attending, including @The-Bizzle, @lordspinalkillerinstinct, @Grs_Haze, Quagmire, Dio, AT Gaming (@LUCKY0346, @nindo, @The Doctor) and more. Also a big shoutout to team FATAL (@Djack, The_Phoenix, @iamShorteh, @MKhazeMK and Sonix) from Belgium and the Germans(!) @Grand Flash, @STB Boba Grimes and @Smascer for always coming to our tournaments. We also had top 8 placer @ RFD4 @Vak Phoenix all the way from the Czech Republic. Thanks again to all for taking the time to come to Rotterdam! Check out the results below:
Just under 40 entrants competed in Buffalo, New York this weekend to see who would win this year's Rumble in the Tundra. Among the entrants were notable players such as PG Coach Steve, F3 alucarD, cR HoneyBee and Yomi Burger King. With a prize pool of over $1000 the stage was set for an intense 2 days of Mortal Kombat. In a tournament that pit brothers against brothers, only one would emerge victorious. Congrats @FOREVER KING JR for taking Rumble in the Tundra 5.

Top 8 Results:

1st: Yomi FBA Forever King Jr. (Crystalline Tremor, Sun God Kotal Kahn, Wrestler Jax, A-List Johnny Cage)
2nd: cR Biohazard (Ruthless/Lackey Ferra/Torr)
3rd: Yomi Burger King (Tempest Kung Lao, Gunslinger Erron Black, Summoner Quan Chi)
4th: cR HoneyBee (Swarm Queen/Venomous D'Vorah)
5th: F3 alucarD (Sun God Kotal Kahn)
5th: 5FOG Grillz (Wrestler/Heavy Weapons Jax, Grand Master Sub Zero)
7th: Sooneo (Assassin Kitana)
7th: 412 Diaphone (Commando Kano, Ronin Takeda, Bone Shaper Shinnok)
Our 7th Friday Fatal Fights took place yesterday, with 16 participants joining our action!
We had some great sets and i finally got my runback vs. Boki overcoming my nemesis Kung Lao!

Top 3
st9rm (Shirai Ryu Takeda)
X-B-O-K-I-X (Buzzsaw / Tempest Kung Lao)
@InfamousSloth (Kobu Jutsu Tanya)


Grand Finals:

It's week 8 of Glasgow's local weekly meetup and a new champion has emerged! Unfortunately the turnout for this week was lower than expected with only 6 people managing to make it out compared to last week's 9 :( But since we didn't have as many people we decided to try out a new style of tournament - Swiss style! Each player had 4 matches which left everyone with one person they didn't play. Scott the Scot decided to bust out his newly formed Dragon's Fire Liu Kang as well as his A-List Johnny and Redking decided to go all HQT this week, while I decided I'd play as many variations as I could which led to some fun choices ;) Missing this week was Ricey, Bigfool, Azarath, Rocket and Suleymon (all probably due to the horrible weather we've been having here which isn't new but was a bit worse than usual), but Redking returned and took out all who stood in his path to become this week's champion!

Here's your top 3 for this week:
1st. Redking (Hish-Qu-Ten Predator)
2nd. Youphemism (Special Forces Sonya / Aftershock Tremor / Necromancer Shinnok / Balanced Kenshi)
3rd. Nausea (Spectral Ermac)
It's Season 2 of ESL's Mortal Kombat X Pro League, and that means klass is back in session! Check out the first Kombat Klass of S2 featuring Kung Jin. This video demonstrates all his variations so check it out!!
Earlier this season (Season 3 for GBS) I was telling the GGA guys, we might have to put N1k0lasss on suicide watch due to how he was feeling about his performance. That is long behind us however as @GGA N1k0lasss has been on a tear lately. N1k0lasss has won both weeks 7 and 8 in a row. Our week 9 tournament will start tonight at 8:30pm central time at www.twitch.tv/gallopingghostarcade

Just to catch all you guys up on how the emotional state of the Chicago scene is going I will keep you updated.
Breaking news, right from @tylerlansdown himself, NRS is adding a $10,000 Pot Bonus for Mortal Kombat X at Kumite In Tennessee!! The tournament is going down January 15-17th, 2016, in Memphis, Tennessee. Not only is MKX there, but there will be a large presence for Injustice as well (You can sign up to enter IGAU by clicking HERE), which will have some great prizes to give out as well. Thanks to Ed & NRS for giving this Pot Bonus to this amazing tourney EVERYONE should attend. Any questions about KiT 2016 should ask @Vandy, and check out the Official TYM Tourney thread for KiT 2016 by clicking HERE.

Edit: Here is a quick word from KiT TO, Vandy, that you all need to read :)

"Hey guys, just want to say thank you to the NRS community for supporting KIT over the past few years as we have grown together. I know for certain that this would not have been possible if not for the all the people who came out to support Injustice before MKX ever came out. Special thanks to Forever King for waving the KIT banner during our formative years and helping to give KIT a spotlight. I am humbled that NRS has taken notice of our event to make KIT even better.

I am so excited about this announcement and cannot wait to put on a great event for you at KIT 2016!"
So for those of you who do not know the recent PS4 update made so that certain converters would get timed out after about 8 minutes. This issue stopped a lot of converters from being used by players in a tournament setting. The current update made it so multiple converters now have this issue once again. So first off make sure to test your converter and time it. If it stops working and holds the input you just pressed then you may need to look into a new converter. One of these converters would be the Brook Ps2 to Ps4 converter. This converter was purchased by multiple people on tym and it worked perfect until this update. BUT. Brook has found a solution, check it out below:
The ESL MKX Pro League Week #2 Top 8 are set to battle on our live broadcast TONIGHT!! This week we have some great matches for you guys with five high profile names and one match you won’t want to miss - UA Scar gets his runback against SonicFox5000 in our second match of the Top 8. The action begins at 8pm EST/5pm PST only on http://www.twitch.tv/NetherRealm

The bracket for Week #2 was stacked and there were many upsets; as is expected with such a large 512-man bracket. Some notable upsets leading up to the RO 32 were YOMI DJT in the RO 128; PG Coach Steve, YOMI Slayer and CD JR, REO in the RO 64. The RO 32 had many potential Top 8 quality matches and is where things became dangerous as many high level players began taking each other out on their path to the Top 8, so be sure to tune in TONIGHT to catch the Top 8 and discuss all things ESL MKX Pro League Week #2 for North America. Check out the bracket for tonights Top 8 below:
The Top 8 for ESL MKX Pro League Season 2, Week 2 goes down today at 8:30pm CET (2:30pm EST/11:30 PST) only on http://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm be sure to tune in & support your favorite players!!! Check out the graphic below for the Top 8's bracket:
Fall Season 2015 continues! This is Meet 2 of Fall Season, so that means there are only two more tournaments, counting this one, where you can earn ranking points for the Fall Championship in January!

$5 - All Night Entry to Arcade Legacy

MKX - PS4 - $5 Entry
KI - XBONE - $5 Entry

This is a BYOC event (Bring Your Own Controller). There are no guarantees that Arcade Legacy, PowerUp, or other players will provide you with controllers.

All players will be responsible for deleting Bluetooth devices from the PS4 that they are to play a tournament match on.

You may pre-register for the event, although it is not mandatory, at the following link: http://www.powerupfighters.org/p/pre-registration.html

The very first Fight Night Arkansas was a resounding success! Hosted and streamed by Panda x Gaming, we had people from Memphis, Shreveport, Dallas, Austin and Houston all converge on Mizewell Games in Conway, Arkansas last Saturday. In Mortal Kombat, we had 26 entrants for singles as well as a 4 vs 4 100 dollar team tournament between Texas, Memphis, Louisiana and Arkansas.

In singles, despite a couple mixups in the bracket, we had a top 8 filled with at least one representative from each region, each vying to win the 175 dollar pot bonus provided by Panda himself. On the winner's side, KIT | Shinblade managed to overcome his teammate KIT | LilMajin and the local hero ARK | Alpha Letters Soup to make it to Grand Finals. In the loser's side, UA | Showtime went on a tear through losers, sticking with Kano and defeating multiple opponents and reaching the grand finale.

These two opponents had last fought in CEO, where Shinblade eliminated Showtime en route to a Top 16 finish for the Memphis native. After a rough first set where Showtime reset the bracket 3-0, Shinblade made the necessary adjustments to clutch out the tournament and win it all.
EU WEEKLY LIVE 8 happened and here we are spreading the news of what transpired on that quiet Sunday afternoon. It all started and ended with the same man, @st9rm, who somehow never manages to sign up in time but wins regardless. We were pretty spot on with the organizing and that makes me very pleased, now if it weren't for my commentary that is borderline cringe worthy and repetitive, all would be well in the world... I should really learn some now words, I know!

The top players like Classy Cat and @shura30 did not disappoint, we had a couple of new faces join the tourney for the first time like @(un)balanced_kenshi that made a good impression, but above all else I'm very happy that my mate Yamcha and his Goro made quite a splash by reaching Top 8. The grand final was a true nail biter with Classy Cat coming from losers and trying to reset the bracket with his Kung Lao versus St9rm and his Shirai Ryu Takeda. It all came down to a sheer clutch D2 from Storm and it ended on a 3-2. Congrats to everyone that participated and to St9rm for retaining his champion status for the 4th week in a row.

Cheers everyone and see you all on the next EU and NA WEEKLY.

Revision 2.0.035
New version as of Dec. 13th, 2015

Revision 2.0.035 - Latest version

Revision 2.0.034 - The Second Public Beta:

Old version aka the First Public Beta (2.0.032 Beta 8):


7z contents:
  • Patch files
  • LIPS Patch program
  • PDF instructions on how to patch
  • PDF updated movelist for UMK3TE Revision 2.0.032b8 (NOTE: Will be updated sometime, but this should get you by until then)
It is a patch created by Lunar IPS (just like UMKII), follow the instructions on how to apply it.

If you can't figure it out, PM someone who has done it and/or knows how to help you.
The Biggest eSports event in Jamaica is here again but ONLY the STRONGEST will survive. Jamaica's best Kombatants will compete to claim the top prize in :


Sunday November 29, 2015 @Shirley Retreat Hotel , 7 Maeven Avenue Kingston, Jamaica - 10am

Stream: www.twitch.tv/anjupang

Check out Clan Pro Circuit - https://www.facebook.com/clanprocircuit/?fref=ts and the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/184480658554553/ on facebook for more details.

Official TYM Event Thread: http://testyourmight.com/threads/nov-29-2015-mash-di-button-kingston-jamaica.56981/
1. GGA Dizzy (Cage)
2. Khaotic Raptor (Takeda)
3. McCutty Mayhem (Reptile, Mileena)
4. cR_Footwurk (Kung Lao, others)
5. Mod (Raiden)
5. GGA PimPimJim (D'Vorah, others)
7. F3.Alucard (Kotal Khan)
7. RagingRicans (Sub Zero)
9. MR ALL CAPS (Jacqui)
9. Mad Marx
9. GGA N1k0lasss (Tremor, Ermac)
9. Adonis (Ferra/Torr)

This weekend Naptown Clutch - the largest annual fighting game event in Indiana - took place at the Tilt arcade in Indianapolis. Competitors gathered for a full day of tournament gaming across several titles.

I had the pleasure of running the Mortal Kombat X tournament which featured 45 competitors from regions across the Midwest and the South including St Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Each player was placed into one of four pools - the top of each advanced to the top 8.

After many exciting matches, close games and upsets during pools the top 8 emerged:
Mage’s Sanctum
Austin, Tx

Mortal KombATX and Square One were proud to present, as always, Mortal KombATX Tournament 14. This is our series of bi-weekly tournaments and I decided to write up our first Aftermath post!!

This week there was a lot on the line. Besides the usual winnings, the top 3 Kombatants would have their entry fee paid by Square One for next week’s “The Realm Eternal” tourney sponsored by Ultra Arcade. There were noticeable absences from Reign our resident Mileena main, DaZengie our resident Johnny main and, ATP who was getting bodied in Arkansas.
The Kouncil sits down to discuss the recent ongoings of the ever entertaining NRS community including Canada Cup, Defend The North and the debut of Season 2 for ESL. But most importantly you will find out how to pronounce Xarakamaka correctly.

Ususal stuff is below.
Once again our MK X Weekly @ the VirtualDojoVienna took place yesterday.
This time, 14 mortals joined our weekly, with @InfamousSloth & @MK_Al returning to the action as well!

Boki dominated as always and took his 2nd FFF title in a row!

Top 3
X-B-O-K-I-X (Tempest Lao)
Udun (GORO / Warlock Quan / Imposter Shinnok)
@InfamousSloth (Pyro-Kobu Tanya)