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This week ESL would like to feature RZR Perfect Legend and congratulate him on his Week #5 win. In the interview below PL goes in depth about his preparation, training and play style.
MadeFromMetal has defended is crown 3 consecutive times now. That is a BMA record, and makes him the supreme champion. Using Kotal Khan MFM has been rolling through the competition like the Juggernaut BITCH!

Oh how the mighty have fallen. 3 is the number of times Odysseus has taken the back seat to MFM. 2nd place is only the first loser. Not much more to say than that. (SALT FACTOR x10)

Bruin after a 4 BMA event hiatus returned in good form. Taking 3rd place and showing Kung Jin is still a force to be reckoned with. If it wasn’t for a couple key drops he very well could have beaten Odysseus.

D-Hole with the biggest upset in BMA history promptly ruined Kinetic Onslaughts night with a 3-1 victory. The matches were not free however and have my vote for most exciting of the night.

Kinetic Onslaught a great Christian, a great man, a great friend but only a ok MK player is probably somewhere sitting on a mountain of salt. “How did this happen,” he ask himself. Maybe it was the full time play as Johnny or possibly the new hitbox. Either way he made bad history.

With a couple of adjustments ToneLoki could have made a play for further ranking. Really needs to optimize damage and get the 50/50s rolling. YOU NEED TO MAKE THE ENEMY PAY DEARLY WHEN YOU OPEN THEM UP.

This is vital. Tishe King is still in the learning phases of the game. Starting to get the hang of normals canceled into specials equals juggle state. He’s really starting to come together though. Check out the results below:
Hello All, its Jay aka BanTheTesters here and when I’m not doing Shao Kahn’s dry cleaning I’m here writing articles to bring a little more MK knowledge in your life with the Mortal Kombat Media Mondays series! Today we are looking at the music side of things with a special treat. One of rapper “Big Sean” albums is today's topic..but wait..who is Big Sean and what does he have to do with the Mortal Kombat Universe? Read Below to Find Out!​
Welcome to one of the finest tournament conclusions for Mortal Kombat X. At Northeast Championships 16, the best of the best have gathered, including a vast majority of the renown "YOMI" crew featuring players from all over the country. However, can the cR members, SonicFox and Dragon take down YOMI in the Top 8 at NEC 16?
This weekend brings us a ridiculously stacked MKX tournament featuring strong competitors from all over the world! There is a $10,000 POT BONUS, so you'd best believe that everyone's coming with everything they've got! Check out the TOP 8 for MKX below, and the stream info for Today's Finals below:

MKX TOP 8 @ NEC 16

YOMI Michaelangelo (Quan Chi-Summoner) vs YOMI Slayer (Kung Lao-Tempest, Kung Jin-Shaolin)
YOMI Burger King (Kung Lao-Tempest) vs cR Sonic Fox (Kitana-Royal Storm, Cassie Cage-Hollywood, Tanya-Kobu Jutsu, Erron Black-Gunslinger, Outlaw)

YOMI MIT (Tanya-Kobu Jutsu) vs Emperor Jupiter (Jax-Wrestler)
cR Dragon (Tanya-Kobu Jutsu) vs YOMI REO (Predator-HQT, Goro-Tigrar Fury)

The MKX Top 8 Finals Will Air TODAY from approx. 6pm to 8pm EST (3pm to 5pm PST) ONLY on www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky

Hello there! On Friday we hosted our Pre-Christmas FRIDAY XMAS FIGHTS tournament at the Dojo and had a total of 19 people participating. One of them was @Jupe from Finland who put on a great great show and proved everyone, what (Cutthroat) Kano is capable of, by defeating BOKI from our Dojo in one of the most intense Grand Finals we've ever had!

Also, two friends from Germany visited us, to participate at the tournament and take away Austria's money ;)
Shoutouts to @Smascer and STB's own @STB Boba Grimes who made overall 3rd place.

Top 3
Jupe (Cutthroat Kano)
BOKI (Tempest / Buzzsaw Lao)
STB Boba Grimes (Aftershock Tremor / War God Kotal)
Sea Cyat makes his debut on the Kouncil this week as we come together to discuss the recent Hawks Nest tournament in the UK along with last weeks ESL and some of our predictions and hopes for NEC which will be taking place this weekend.

Start: Sea Cyat player intro / profile.
7:30 - Hawks nest.
22:30 - ESL discussion.
44:00 - NEC Predictions.
1:19:00 - Who are you rooting for the most to make the final cut for the ESL finals for EU that isn't already guaranteed.
1:10:00 - What are top Brutalities / Fatalities in the game.
Bombshell: Gabe has not seen any Alien films :eek:

Check it out below:
@GGA N1k0lasss went a perfect 7-0 in our 8 man round robin tournament to be declared champion of Season 3! He went all Tremor and never looked back. For those that don't know we run a 10 week regular season and based on seeding points the top 8 get into the round robin championship week. @GGA Dizzy had won our previous Seasons 1 and 2. Here are the results for GGA's Season 3 championship week:

1st GGA N1k0lasss 7-0. Even though Tremor is S tier N1kolasss will be dropping ALL characters as soon as Sektor comes out.
2nd @D-Que Beats 5-2. 100% Covert Ops Sonya 100% of the time. During this season went from 4th best Chicago player to 2nd best.
3rd McCutty Mayhem 4-3. Excellent fighting game player and looks to be coming out more in season 4.
4th @Big_Marcus 4-3 with a loss to McCutty. Our Quan player.
5th GGA Dizzy 3-4. A-List Johnny Cage.
6th @SinSlasher_MAC 2-5. Regular Marcus switched to a new main during this tournament. We wish him the best with his Shaolin Kung Jin.
7th Shady 2-5 with a loss to Regular Marcus. Our Kung Lao player until Limbo returns.
8th @GGA pimpimjim 1-6. PPJ went all Jason this tournament which I loved. Now all we need are Jason buffs (Paulo pls)
FINAL ROUND LLC Proudly Presents: FINAL ROUND 19!!

March 18-20, 2016
Hilton Atlanta Airport
1031 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30354
Tel: (404) 767-9000
Official Website: http://www.finalround.org/
Official Event Thread: http://testyourmight.com/threads/mar-18-2016-final-round-19-atlanta-ga.57449/

We are back for the 19th year and we aren't stopping anytime soon! FINAL ROUND 19 will be here before you know it. Of course I personally would like to thank everyone in the FGC and the sponsors that have supported FINAL ROUND throughout the years because without you guys there wouldn't be any FINAL ROUND or scene! Online Registration for your games are up now and we are running an early bird registration special right now so get it while you can! ($30 for badge online while it's $0 at the door) We recommend you to register online as soon as possible to take advantage of the "Early Bird" special! Check out more info below:
Who is what? Are we far along enough now in the game to have established these roles?
Perhaps I can give an example, and some reasoning:

Hero: Hayatei, comes out of nowhere and wins with a relatively unknown charcter and is a crowd pleaser. Or... Nivek, loved by all, swaggy as fuck Raiden, international bromance with many players.

Villain: PND Ketchup, immense salt, always lingering near the top when he enters a tournament, has a top 8 evo medal that all other competitors have to hold, knowing that he isnt even really a tournament player anymore. He stole that medal from the competitors.

Then there's the grey area, or something along the lines of anti hero: Pig of the Hut, low tier hero, hard headed competitor, seasoned veteran, lone wolf.

Who would you guys say is what role in this community (as it stands)? Has anybody lived long enough as a hero to become the villain, or do we have any villains that have changed their ways to become heroes? Opinions?
Today has the ESL MKX Pro League Week's #5 for NA & Week #6 for EU coming to an end with the Top 8 broadcasts!! The streams are ONLY on http://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm as usual, and the start times & Top 8 brackets for each region are below:
The ESL MKX Pro League Week #5 Top 8 are set to battle on our live broadcast Wednesday, December 9th at 5:00 PM PST.

Week #5 has some fantastic matches coming your way and marks the first week were Team YOMI has broken into the Top 8. The first half of the event will have cR Sonic Fox vs YOMI ForeverKing and BlindSuckyDucky vs UA Scar. In the second half, Noble Dab vs PerfectLegend and cR Dragon vs YOMI DJT.

RO 16 Upsets:

- cR Sonic Fox vs xPWWxKILLSTREAK 2 - 0
- KIT ForeverKing vs Pig of the hut 2 - 1
- Bread vs BlindSuckyDucky 1 - 2
- UA Scar vs IMMORTAL ANGEL 2 - 1
- Noble Dab vs Gunshow 2 - 0
- PerfectLegend vs Beyond Toxin 2 - 0
- DsV Kayy9 vs cR Dragon 1 - 2
- YOMI DJT vs cR WoundCowboy 2 - 0

Cast your votes on who is your favorite to win this week and discuss all things ESL MKX Pro League Week #5 for North America.
We have a solid two weeks of ESL to catch up as well cover the Kouncil's very own Gab "The Hollywood" Standard making his first top 8 appearence and putting on a show with his Mileena. ENDeverMORE makes his first showing in what feels like forever to discuss this weeks topics along with the ESL commentary kings Mustard and Ketchup. And of course Judge Dredd a.k.a. Phosferrax is in attendence too. Special shout outs to him for creating our new intro :D Hope everyone enjoys. Usual stuff is below:

MP3 Version Topics:
Start: - ESL Week 5 (can discuss week 4)
40:00 - Is the wake up system all people were hoping for? Regarding properties for EX vs regular compared to past NRS games.
51:00 - Characters destined to never get respect.
1:10:00 - Is Shinnok a notch above the rest?
1:25:00 - What characters you feel should be represented more at high level? Or ones that turned out to be really good despite early impressions.
1:43:00 - KP2 Thoughts.
1:58:00 - Which MK9 veterans are yet to adjust to MKX and why?
Hello TYM!

MKX Tournament by the German Community MKG in cooperation with "Neutrons" Gaming-Clan!
The Tournament Location is the Neutrons Headquarter, an AMAZING Location!
Tournament will be streamed!
Location opens at 11 clock and the MKX tournament starts 14 clock

Stay tuned for more infos !!!

Lorcher Strasse 110
73527 Schwäbisch Gmünd (near Stuttgart)


10 Euro Location + 10 Euro MKX Pot

  • Console: PlayStation 4
  • Best of 3 matches Top 8 best of 5
  • Pools then Double Elimination bracket
  • 99 seconds per round, 2 rounds per match
  • Only the loser of a match can switch character
  • Set your buttons before the start of a match
  • The stage of the first match must be chosen randomly, the loser may pick the stage of the next match
  • Pausing the game during a fight may result in a loss, unless the opponent does not mind the pausing
  • Prizes are 60/30/10 of...
Fall Season 2015 continues! This is Meet 3 of Fall Season, so that means this is the last chance to earn ranking points toward an invite to the Fall Championship in January! Also, did you notice the holiday theme in the event image? We are going to be holding Brutality - December 2015 on Sunday, December 20th instead of the the normal Saturday. This is so we can be a part of Arcade Legacy's annual Christmas Combat!

You can learn more about Christmas Combat at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/941925472547046/
The competition is fierce and there is still plenty of opportunity for dark horses, as was the case with @daddydab32ho during Season 1, where he carved a path into the Top 8 with determination after the season was already halfway through. ESL chatted with Noble Dab where he opens up about his background, sacrifices, competitive mindset and what he believes makes a great fighting game player. Read the full interview below:
Kombat Klass is yet again in session, and this time, it features the Dragon himself, Liu Kang!! The video covers all of his variations: Dragon Fire, Flame Fists & Dualist. Check it out below:
Found this on IGN. It's kinda interesting. Apparently, The Terminator and Micheal Meyers were being considered for Mortal Kombat X at one point. But in the end, Xenomorph and Leatherface was chosen. What do you think about this? I personally would have liked to have seen The Terminator of Leatherface. Link to article: http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/12...ael-myers-once-considered-for-mortal-kombat-x
Yesterday, the french team "Yuzu Clan" hosted on their twitch channel "Yuzuclangaming" their first European Online Tournament Born to Fight YC Tournament. Yuzu_RZA aka @Mijnwop aka RZA took the title. Congrats to him . We should have 20 fighters but we had 2 players missing @ CDV_Whitebl4ck and @ Yuzu_Huey. 3 Yuzu clan's members @flashNo47 @Mijnwop aka RZA @Masta were present, 8 french players : @Foussen @Lordrak @Dr Jackal @Bumpy @netsuko @FH_Daloul and @NeeTiX @GraninMG, 7 foreign players @rubmytaco @STB Boba Grimes @LostyGirl @IrishMantis @RyuKazuya @Grand Flash @st9rm . A big level in this tournament . Thanks all to have participated and followed our stream. Yes it's an online tournament , a lot of problems with lag but, it didn't matter, it was just for fun, hype and salty. Check out the results below:
Hey guys! As many of you probably expected, Mustard and I are both super hype for this new Cyborg character in Kombat Pack 2. After the hype has calmed down, we took a deeper look into this trailer and discuss what direction we think Netherrealm will take triborg in terms of lore and playstyle.

We look into the potential of the Tekunin's return, a nod the Sektor's Armageddon ending and how we think Triborg will be potentially built gameplay wise.

Feel free to spread the word! Let the speculation begin! Check out the video below: