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Panda x Gaming and KiT Gaming have joined forces to bring a new major fighting game tournament to Little Rock, Arkansas on September 10-11. Join us at the Holiday Inn Conference Center which is conveniently located near the Clinton National Airport!

Date: September 10-11, 2016
Holiday Inn Little Rock-Airport-Conference Center
3201 Bankhead Dr, Little Rock, Arkansas 72206
Little Rock, AR 37129

Clinton National Airport (LIT) - Free shuttle to hotel

To book your room under our $89 nightly rate use GROUP CODE: MSC

Check out more info below:
The Road To Celtic Throwdown is back for its 2nd year, again being hosted by AsOne Productions. Each event will have the seed points available for top 8 finishers. This league will work in a similar capacity to last year and will provide seed placements at Celtic Throwdown for Smash, Melee & MKX.

For SFV, Only the top 8 placed players will get placement as we will also be seeding it per CPT points as well. So this is is your opportunity to be seeded with the best international players at CelticThrowdown so take advantage if you can. Check out more info below:
Welcome to Meet 2 of PowerUp Spring Series 2016! From May to June of 2016, players will be able to earn Ranking Points in Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X, Killer Instinct, and also Pokken Tournament. The Top 4 point earners in each game will be invited to participate in the Spring Series 2016 Championship to be held in July.

May 21st, 2016 is Meet 2 of Spring Series 2016.

We are a strong community of players who wish to grow interest in fighting games, create lasting partnerships within the region, and encourage the online warriors to step up the challenge of an in-person event.

Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45240

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Big thanks to: Jesse Baker, NS | Gilgamesh, BxA | EMPEROR Eevee, TiZ, alxndr, BxA | Jackal, Steel, and anyone I am unfortunately forgetting at the moment.

Things went pretty well! Smash.gg worked well, and so I am excited to continue using the website for pre-registration and brackets throughout Spring Series 2016. The only hiccup was that some players who pre-registered did not show up, and so were put in the bracket on the off chance they would be late. They did not end up showing, and so the bracket had unintentional byes. This will be fixed with a more organized sign-in at the front desk. Thanks for your patience and understanding! Check out the results below:
York Street Battles has long been THE monthly event for Sydney's FGC. We've been lucky enough to hit 20+ entrants for MKX for most months since the games release, and this month was no exception! Once again we had Castiel fly down from Queensland to get his last chance to practice prior to next fortnight's major, Battle Arena Melbourne 8. We also had Ghost Police come all the way from Canberra (but if we're being honest, he's one of the Sydney crew by now).

Coming off the back of Wollongong's first major last month, Expand Gong, iFat|Gilbagz went into YSB #41 with a target on his back. Placing at this month's YSB was extra important, with seeding points for BAM8 on the line. With an early bracket loss to Wazminator, iFat|Gilbagz's chances were looking a little grim but he persevered! Climbing through losers bracket in top 8, all the way to GF where he stole the victory from Saggat83 with a clean 3-0, 3-1. Saggat83 for the last however many events has placed consistently in top 3, showing he's a force to be reckoned with, while I rejoined top 3 for a second month with my return to the lord of Woolay himself, Quan Chi. We had some absolutely incredible sets this weekend, so please please check them out. For any of you Cryomancer non-believers, I think you'll get a pleasant surprise if you sit back and enjoy @Gilbagz's matches. Catch the results after the break:
The Pacific Northwest had its annual event and at the end of the day it would be YOMI's slayer that would rise to the occasion and beat the competition while taking a big chunk of the $2500 prize pool from NRS! Im proud to announce the Top 8 from Northwest Majors VIII

1. YOMI|Slayer (Shaolin Kung Jin)
2. iLuusions (Sun God/War God Kotal Kahn, Warlock Quan Chi)
3. STB|R24 Shujinkydink (Summoner/Warlock Quan chi, Pretty Lady Leatherface)
4. Kevin 7 (Hish Qu Ten Predator)
5. xMEECH (Commando Kano, Kenjutsu Kenshi, Tempest Kung Lao)
5. Knoterror (Grandmaster Sub Zero)
7. Starcharger (Assassin Kitana)
7. STB|Preach (Tarkatan Alien)
Another one in the books! We got through our 2nd PS4 Battle of the Dark Moon tournament with 45 participants all with one goal in mind, to put their opponent down. Thank you for everyone's support, participation, and attitude regarding these tournaments! I love to be a part of this with you all and watch it grow! Congratulations, and ggs, to ALL.

Next month we go back to Xbox for our 2nd Xbox Tournament!!

Supreme Champion: Semiij
Worthy Adversary: Tweedyyyy
Maybe Next Time: UPR_Fluff
4th place: Kinetic_Sicarios
5th place tie:
7th place tie:
I was quick this time! Episode 9 of The Friendly Alliance is up on YouTube and available as an MP3! This episode is important for everyone (at least the first half an hour), as we discuss the significance of a potential MKX ESL Pro League in Australia. Please give it a listen and help us try to achieve this goal!

Episode details:
Welcome to the Episode 9 of The Friendly Alliance Podcast! The Friendly Alliance podcast is an MKX podcast co-hosted by Cabjoy and Gilbagz that is primarily designed for leveling up the Australian scene while highlighting some of our key players and their stories.

We're back this time with discussion of the recent social media push to support a potential Australian ESL MKX Pro League. We go through the progress that we've made as the Australian MKX scene (in terms of gaining the attention of members of ESL as well as notable MKX personalities such as Perfect Legend and Kitana Prime), as well as what we need to be doing to show how much we want this. We also touch on keeping an open mind when having your gameplay critiqued, how the three of us got involved with the competitive FGC, the beginnings of offline NRS scene in Sydney and have a brief discussion of sandbagging and hiding tech. Check it out below:
What's up TYM.

The title says it all. I'm back. Not only am I back but I'm gonna be grinding hard asf to get back to the top.

Lately I haven't been playing much due to the lack of motivation to play. Between soccer, school and work I just haven't had time to or the will to play.

Recently I had the urge to play a couple games with some people online. After a few games and playing around with different characters I became interested in JC. His playstyle fits how I want to play and now I've gotten my passion back to become top dog.

I'm going to be streaming everyday, grinding and learning MUs so feel free to message me so we can get games in.

I'm willing to play games with ANYONE. I need all the MU experience I can get.

Oh ya and @SonicFox5000 I'm coming for you at evo. Im undefeated vs you in tournament and I PROMISE you that you'll be forever shutout in the Curbo vs Sonicfox MU ;)

Hit me up on xbone: CURBOLICOUS or ps4: LICOUSCURB.

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Online Kombat League (EU PS4) SEASON 2 Subscriptions are Live!! Sign up now!!

Starting date: 09/05/16

Thanks to the new netcode, the online community is once again alive and more competitive than ever. Online tournaments are growing stronger (shout outs to GRs and Euro Kombat) and people are more willing than ever to prove themselves in a competitive setting.

Enter Kombat League:
Kombat League is an online tournament to give the European MKX community a chance to gain exposure and compete against other great players in a great region. It’s open to everyone; regardless of skill or experience, to give everybody a chance to raise competition in the EU scene. Check out more info below:
If you've ever wanted to explore a character through the eyes of one the top Mortal Kombat players of all time, you're in luck: through his Twitch channel, Dominick "Sonic Fox" McClean has started a new series named "Fox It Up", where he breaks down his approach to his favorite characters and outlines their strengths.

Narrated in an easy-to-understand way that goes straight to the essentials, these videos provide an entertaining look at some of the science behind his success.
Any questions or feed back please leave in this thread.

Does not include MU specific stuff or tech.

Great for players who want to pick up and learn CSZ.

Gas up your chainsaws! Klass is back in session with KOMBAT KLASS, featuring Leatherface's 3 variations: Killer, Butcher & Pretty Lady!! Check it out below!
This is a petition for the release of the MK Klassics (MK, MKII, UMK3 & MKT) for the next-gen consoles. These games have inspired and still inspire to this day countless players spanning from around the globe with endless replay value, all your favorite characters and is surprisingly packed full of content for its age. They are the backbone of TYM and MK in general so show them some love and vote to have these klassics ported with online play to our newer consoles. Sign the petition below so maybe we'll all be able to enjoy these timeless klassics on our next-gen consoles once again!!


Edit: I don't have any social media so guys please facebook and tweet this out!
Whether rain or shine, thunderstorms or flooding, the show must go on! And this weekend, the biggest FGC tournament in Texas is happening in Houston! Texas Showdown continues on for another year, hosting some of the best players in the country as they battle it out in every fighting game you can imagine! This year's event will also be designated an official Capcom Pro Tour Event AND an official Killer Instinct World Cup Event!

For anyone in the area, if you haven't signed up yet it isn't too late. They will be taking at the door registration up until Saturday morning! If you just want to spectate, it will be $20 at the door for access throughout the weekend.

Mortal Kombat X will be streaming on Saturday at the following times:
1-3 PM (CDT) on http://twitch.tv/pandaxgaming
3-5 PM (CDT) on http://twitch.tv/leveluplive

With Top 8 on Sunday at Noon (CDT) on http://twitch.tv/pandaxgaming

The full stream schedule for all games can be found here: https://txshowdown.com/Home/Schedule

Anyone interested in following the brackets can check the following link: https://txshowdown.com/Home/Pools

And finally, two of the best streamers in the business are back again! Pandaxgaming and LevelUp will be providing all our viewers with top notch quality all weekend long. Check them out below:

https://www.twitch.tv/leveluplive & https://www.twitch.tv/pandaxgaming

Come out and watch the best of the South duke it out!
Sup guys! The latest technologies in this variation to give way to start reviewing the other styles.

MKXL / Bo' Rai Cho (Bartitsu) - Xray Option Select - Very useful and tested. Check it out below:
Another week, another win for Vman. Vman has won the past 3 Walraven Weeklies including coming from losers finals to beat JWE Compbros in Grand Finals during Walraven Weekly 108. A clutch win in winners finals and a dominating grand finals led to his third straight win.

1. JWE Vman (Lasher Takeda)
2. cR Footwurk (Smoke Triborg, Hellfire Scorpion, A-List Johnny Cage, Blood God Kotal Kahn)
3. JWE Compbros (Brawler Cassie Cage, Spec Ops Cassie Cage)
4. CORN L-Train Locomotive (Tempest Kung Lao)
5. JWE ChadBrady (Assassin Kitana, Mournful Kitana, Kenjutsu Kenshi)
5. SRM Fatalfemme (Covert Ops Sonya Blade)
4 years ago, i reached every single guy i could find that once played MK9 (a year before) in the VSA (Virtual Sports Association) events before they pull the plug on every game they were running and disappear from the grid, and started a tournament of MK9 with only 8 guys.

I remember of already being a TYM member back then, @STORMS saw our article and noticing we're from Africa, Angola, he promoted our stuff in the front page, from there on, it gave me confidence to keep interacting with TYM and managed to make a lot of friends until now, not only in my country, but here on TYM i have my unshakable bonds as well.

Today it marks 4 years since that day, our community has grown big, and continues to get bigger every year, more people from previous MK games, and now even SF players, Tekken Players and so on come to play with MK Titans in any event, in any fighting game, not only we're the most notable MK Tournament community, but also the most diverse in any fighting game in Angola/Luanda, this its part of my life, and thanks to TYM we're what we are today.
We are Back again this year! After great success being Mortal Kombat X's first major we are doing it all again with that same Pacific Northwest taste you've grown to love. Here's the info at the present moment, will be updated as we go along.


Viewing Guide & Info for Attending Players:




Check out more info about NWM8 below: