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November 20th, 2015 bore witness to the first of many Flawless Fridays. Many warriors heeded the call from all parts of the US and beyond to claim glory. In the end there could be only one Victor and his name was Zoofs.

1st Place: EMPR Zoofs (Deceptive Reptile / Grand Master Sub-Zero)
2nd Place: STB | BBS Shujinkdink (Summoner/Warlock Quan Chi / Venomous D'Vorah)
3rd Place: KHTC Traphustla (Grandmaster Sub-Zero)
4th Place: UPR Jolt (Ethereal Mileena / Demolition Sonya Blade)
5th Place: DanableLector (Aftershock/Crystalline Tremor)
UPR Nova (Pumped Up Jax / Goro)​
7th Place: UPR Fluff (Shirai Ryu Takeda)
UPR Chameleon (Reptile/Kotal Kahn/Tremor)​

http://challonge.com/A4MKX for full bracket details.
Our September Open Series Champion DsV Kayy9 placed Top 8 this week, he put up a strong first showing on stream and fought well against SonicFox5000. Although the Open Series contestant ultimately went down 3-0, he took the first round of the first set from SonicFox5000 - while both players had but a sliver of health remaining - with an incredible clutch Instant Air Dive Kick.

ESL would like to put in the spotlight our Open Series contestant DsV Kayy9 this week. In this interview we go over his competitive history and see how he is handling the transition from the semi-pro Open Series Cups to the MKX Pro League. Read the full interview below:
That MK Weekly #18

Results -
1. TGS Mr Aquaman - War God Kotal Kahn
2. TGS Zappa - Boneshaper Shinnok / Spectral Ermac
3. TGS / RM Srryimwhte - Kobu Tanya
4. TGS Gimpy - Shotgun Jacqui
5. ZB Villianous - Gunslinger/Outlaw Erron Black
5. Quiet Storm - Ethreal Mileena
7. Awkward Sloth - Pyromancer Tanya
7. Whodat - Venomous Dvorah

9. Indecisive
9. Traestarr
9. Paragon

Bracket - http://challonge.com/TMW111915
The unstoppable Irish Fire Breathing Mantis aka @FireBreather is once again our supreme champion. While few dare to speak his name and even fewer have caught him on camera, I have sources that say this is the actual face of the legend...

Joking aside, this was a weird one. The match between Taco and Irish had to be decided by a guessing game since MKX refused to connect the two players. Some matches were laggy, some were fine. Man0 had a great showing, placing second with his onli... Hellfire scorpion. Osagri finally best his tournament nerves and had a few great games, we had some hype mirrors, salty co-commentator wba4life and Sonya downplay.
Two weeks. That's how long Bigfool had been off for this time, and this week saw him return not only with his signature Kobu Jutsu Tanya but also his original main Piercing Mileena! Battering his way through winners he found himself in another grand finals and continued the tradition Superjohn started by denying his opponent the reset to close out the week's competition for the win speedily. We also decided to try out what a lot of people have been wanting to see from MKX competition - 3 out of 5 all the way! From the first match to grand finals, every match was played as a best of 5 set. For some it helped, giving them the opportunity to make the comeback and win the set, but for others it cost them big time. Check out the archive and find out what happened for yourself :D

This week saw Suleymon, Rareqq and Superjohn missing unfortunately but with a still solid turnout (for us anyway) of 8 people there were still plenty of hype matches to be had. Azarath, Rocket and Ricey returned along with Bigfool this week and brought with them some unexpected variation choices and memorable moments!
Nostalgia time.

I was thinking about how strange my first experience with Mortal Kombat was, so I thought I'd ask you how was the very first time you've ever played a Mortal Kombat game.

So back in I think 1996, I once came across a handheld gaming device that belonged to my cousin. Remember those 1-game handheld devices that were everywhere back in the 90s? Yeah, those. Anyway I pick up this one device, I was only 6 and I didn't know any English back then, so I couldn't tell what this game was about. I start messing around and pressing buttons, and I see that there are 2 characters fighting on the screen, and one of them is shooting dead fish out of his hands. I played for maybe 15 minutes with it then the hyper-activeness you have when you're a child took over and I moved on to whatever. I didn't know what the game was and my cousins didn't either. But I found it interesting and it just stuck in my mind.

A couple of years later I had my first "real" MK experience. One of my...
*Note* While MKX is an obvious choice for everyone here, there is additional info listed below for the USF4 and UMvC3 tournaments as well for those who play multiple games. Special thanks to Kombat Network for their amazing support!

November 21-22nd

Saturday, November 21, 2015
11am-1pm (Emergency On-Site Registration for USF4 and UMvC3)
2pm (USF4 Tournament Begins)
3pm (UMvC3 Tournament Begins)
*NOTE* There will be a 3-hour time period between On-Site Registration and the tournament beginning in which players will be able to warm up and practice.

Sunday, November 22, 2015
11am-1pm (Emergency On-Site Registration for MKX)
2pm (USF4 top 8 Begins)
3pm (MKX Tournament Begins)
*NOTE* There will be a 3-hour time period between On-Site Registration and the tournament beginning in which players will be able to warm up and practice.
Frosty Faustings is Back for 2016 with Frosty Faustings VIII!!

Chicago's Winter Fighting Game Tournament

Dates: January 22nd and 23rd, 2016

Location: Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook

Address: 2875 North Milwaukee Avenue, Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: (847) 298-2525
Room Discount code: FY6
Website: http://frostyfaustings.com/
TYM Event Thread: http://testyourmight.com/threads/jan-22-2016-frosty-faustings-viii-northbrook-il.57107/

Hotel discount ends at the end of the year. Afterwards standard room rates apply.

Please see our website for complete list of games, rules, news and more!
It's that time again!

Week #3 of the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League is at a close. Some superb games all round from all 3 Regions. Your results are as follows:
I KNOW... I know what everyone is thinking at this point... BAN @st9rm and his damn Takeda from playing, well that's not gonna happen so we all got two choices at this point, one of them involves sending a highly skilled, all female mercenary squad, dressed up as nuns to Austria, to eliminate St9rm...AND the other choice would be to finally beat his ass at MKX. I'm kinda partial to the nuns idea but I'll go with the latter as I have something special planed for EU WEEKLY LIVE 10... MUHAHAHA... R.I.P st9rm.

All nonsense aside the 9th edition of the EU WEEKLY was smooth as butter and twice as tasty, with nail biting matches provided by old and new faces alike. Shout outs go to ma man Pedro (SS) who made it to Top 8 with his Kitana and to @TheLeoholic who made his debut in the series with a splash. In the Grand Final Classy Cat and St9rm clawed at each other till only Takeda and his butt cheeks were left standing thus ending the last EU WEEKLY. Congratulations to St9rm for winning another one and cheers to all you wonderful people for enduring through my dumb commentary. - RVB
Last Saturday, on November 14th, the first ever NA WEEKLY LIVE tournament for PC MKX happened and it's safe to say everyone involved had fun while playing. We had a shaky start with a couple of technical difficulties stemming from the fact that an euro player was trying to host a koth room for Canadian and US players, but we solved that after a couple of frustrating minutes and the event proceeded normally.

With only 10 players being available after the check in took place we switched our bracket from a 2 stage to a single stage, double elimination, with all the matches being disputed in a Bo5 format. We had some really entertaining matches that showed off characters we don't get to see much on the EU WEEKLY series. At the end of the day @Kickbykick and his Dualist Liu Kang faced off versus PetethaMonsta and his Thunder God Raiden. Pete, coming from Losers, managed to reset the bracket but in the end it was Kick that took the first place in the NA WEEKLY, after switching to Johnny Cage A List.

Congratulations to everyone that played and Kick who stole the show with his Dualist Liu Kang.
See you all on the next NA WEEKLY LIVE! -RVB
Based on the feedback in this thread there will be an Injustice tournament at KIT 2016.

Things to know about Injustice at KIT2016:
NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Games adds $10,000 to the Mortal Kombat X prize pool at NEC16! Expect to see world class talent as the best players in the world challenge each other to Mortal Kombat at NEC16! Find out "Who's Next" to be crowned champion from December, 11-13 in Valley Forge, PA.

NEC 16 is only 3 WEEKS AWAY!!! Check out the event thread for all the details on NEC 16 here: http://testyourmight.com/threads/de...-pot-bonus-from-nrs-king-of-prussia-pa.55516/
ESL spoke with @Beyond Toxin about his competitive history, training mentor, his performance so far in Season 2 as well as his match against Pig Of The Hut. Read the full interview below:
As always, I am late but thrilled to present this month's results for Saturday Slugfest!

We had an amazing turnout! Cupcakes, Virtua Fighter and Canada were present. We had 14 entrants, featuring new faces and old favorites.

Results as follows;
Because of TOTFC last weekend I skipped out on #16 so I will put it here. I apologize for no TOTFC thread but the vids still need to be uploaded. Here are the results from the past 2 weeks. What an amazing scene.

"I'm back in the paddle again"

Week 16 & 17 Results below:
Hello everyone. Some of you may know me, since i posted some gameplay footage from my youtube channel. Since i know European players are starving for tournaments, we are trying to organize the first Mortal Kombat-only International Tournament in Italy. If this tournament does well, with many international guests, it can become a staple in the European scene. Rome is easy to reach and cheap for most of the European countries, and the tournament will be held in an E-Sports bar in Rome, with lagless setups and LOTS of freeplay. We decided to do a single day tournament so it will be cheaper for everyone.

Don't bother looking at the prize money, because the more people join the tournament, the higher it goes AND we can ask for a NetherRealm pot bonus if enough people register and show up.
Please, if you are European and you love the game, help us gain the "Major" status for a MKX-only event. You can ask me for all the info you need or you can post on the Facebook page, we'll be more than happy to help you.
In what was a very exciting weekend for the entire MK India community, EGGL dingodile (me), took the biggest MK tournament conducted in India! The biggest prize pool, the biggest response (400+ entries) and the best organized tournament. After some intense matches, I went through to grand finals in Winners after defeating @xXxNasHxXx . He then went on to beat Kaizad in losers finals. He got his chance at the run back in G/Fs, however I took the set 3-0 with Ninjutsu Scorpion. We missed one of our top players EpicSaxGuy who had to attend a DotA tournament, hopefully, he will be bring the hype next tournament.

Final results:
1st place: EGGL dingodile (Ninjutsu Scorpion / Grandmaster Sub Zero)
2nd place: @xXxNasHxXx (Summoner Quan Chi / Wrestler Jax / Predator Hish Qu Ten)
3rd place: Kaizad (Metallic Tremor)
Hi all. As EVO 2016 has been announced I'm sure the hype train is underway for many of you. Since I along with a few others have been to EVO a few times I thought it would be good to present a few pieces of advice for those looking to go to EVO 2016. There has been a lot of information thrown around in the past about cost, flights etc so hopefully this thread will help give people a clear idea in preparation. This is mainly directed to players from the EU but all can read and take whatever they can that will help.
Yesterday, AFK e-Sports Rotterdam hosted their 4th Mortal Kombat X tournament. LLL Taco aka @rubmytaco took home the title, congrats to him! We had 31 entrants, with all top Dutch players attending, including @The-Bizzle, @lordspinalkillerinstinct, @Grs_Haze, Quagmire, Dio, AT Gaming (@LUCKY0346, @nindo, @The Doctor) and more. Also a big shoutout to team FATAL (@Djack, The_Phoenix, @iamShorteh, @MKhazeMK and Sonix) from Belgium and the Germans(!) @Grand Flash, @STB Boba Grimes and @Smascer for always coming to our tournaments. We also had top 8 placer @ RFD4 @Vak Phoenix all the way from the Czech Republic. Thanks again to all for taking the time to come to Rotterdam! Check out the results below: