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It appears that the weekly reveals are showing no sign of letting up. The date for the next reveal has been released on the Injustice webpage, and the next character to join the Injustice 2 roster will be revealed next Tuesday (3.23.2017).
As expected, it is here!
The new reveal for Injustice 2 provided by UpUpDownDown. Enjoy Firestorm
Final Round 20 has concluded and it was undoubtedly the most exciting top 8 of recent memory. If this was to be the last MKX major before Injustice 2 releases, we couldn't have asked for a better send off. Demons were beaten, forgotten variations emerged, it was truly a spectacle.

Congratulations to all of top 8. If you weren't able to watch the event live, you can catch the top 8 here.

Results are in the spoiler below, and you may be in for a surprise!
So much hype in this tournament, what else can we say?
Thank you guys for coming from overseas and attending the Yuzu Cup II with so much motivation and passion! EU community is more alive than ever and can be proud of its players!

Congratulations to cE RZA, winner of the Yuzu Cup II who made it in a grand finale against Viennality St9rm and his terrible Takeda! Ggs to cE Taco who reached the third place of the podium in this tourney just ahead of his brother in arms cE Crathen!

Congrats to SNK| HappyPow, Mickadi and YUZU Masta, our dear French players who made it to the top 8 !
After many impressive matches that ran down to the wire, the top 8 for Final Round 20 has been set.
We have some very familiar faces claiming their usual spots in top 8, but also some competitors who will be new to the big stage
This weekend, many of MKX's best players have gathered in Atlanta to compete at Final Round 20.

As a reminder, NRS and WB have also contributed a $5,000 pot bonus for the competitors.
Here's the stream schedule for today:
GameReactor have posted a new article containing interviews with Ed Boon and Derek Kirtzic. In the interviews they discuss NRS' latest innovation, the Gear system.
IBA’s Computer Science Society hosted a Mortal Kombat XL tournament during ProBattle’17. The competition took place on the 4th of March where numerous MKXL players hailing from Karachi participated, as well as 2 players from Lahore. PVGF’s founder Tariq Rathore (also known as MKRayden) took the tournament by storm and after being undefeated in all of his rounds, bagged the 1st position. Not only him but PVGF’s Co-founder Khalid Malik (also known as Krausar) also played extremely well throughout the tournament, coming in 3rd place. The tournament had a lot of great players, from Hassan Ur Rehman’s comebacks as Sub-Zero to Rameez Arif’s juggling as Kitana but alas, their skills were not enough to match the might of PVGF’s players.

The tournament's results were even featured in several newspapers!
Fresh off the heels of the Shattered Alliances Part 2 trailer, we have received some more news regarding the Watch Tower stream that NRS will be hosting next week.

It had previously been announced that we would be receiving character breakdowns for two characters next week. And the official Netherrealm Studios Instagram account has just shed more light on this situation. It appears that we will be getting character breakdowns for Cheetah and Swamp Thing:
As anticipated, the Shattered Alliances part 2 trailer has been posted online today.
In the new trailer we see some familiar faces and some new ones battling against each other.
Enjoy the video and keep an eye out for some subtle reveals.
UPDATE: The stream has concluded. Archives will be ready to view tomorrow. To see your week four winner, click the spoiler.

Full article write-up credit to @Bleu231

>> (Displacer) HARA | Rewind vs GTG | Semiij (Ethereal)

- Semiij wins the first round. Rewind wins the second round with a JI1 AA. Semiij wins the first match.
- Rewind wins the first round. Semiij takes the second round. Semiij wins the second match.
- Semiij takes the first round, denying Rewind a comeback. Semiij takes the third match, winning the set.

>> Circa Destroyer vs. Echo Fox | Sonic Fox

- Destroyer
The official Injustice 2 twitter account has confirmed speculation that we will be receiving part 2 of the Shattered Alliances trailer this Thursday.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the trailer, as a new character will also be revealed in the trailer:
News has been released today regarding the reveal of another Injustice 2 character.

Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, Bayley and Sasha Banks took a tour of Netherrealm studios and will be announcing an Injustice 2 character this coming Monday.

As we will also be getting a reveal this Thursday, this means that we will be treated to 2 reveals within 4 days.
The top 8 has been set for this week's Kombat Cup. The successful participants this week were:

  • GTG Semiij
  • Hara Rewind
  • Circa Destroyer
  • Echo Fox Sonic Fox
  • Noble Tweedy
  • Echo Fox Scar
  • TTT Sacky
  • Noble Dragon
Stream: twitch.tv/teamsp00ky
Matcherino (Crowdfunding, we up to $200 now) - https://matcherino.com/b/tournaments/5345

A handful of people on a leaky boat are going to save the world? Exactly!

2017 kontinues into year three of MKX, I began to wonder; where have all the offline events gone?

So Arturo & I decided to create a double elimination tournament hosted by Next Level Arcade! This event will be a prize pool, with of kourse the real payout being bragging rights!

The Tournament Info below :

Game Version: PlayStation 4

Settings: Versus Mode, 90 Seconds

- $10 Venue & Entry

-3/5 rounds and games the entire tournament (Finals 3/5)

-If players cannot agree on a stage, stage select will be double random select.

-Winner must keep the same character and variation.

-Loser can switch character and variation.

Bracket Sign-Ups are available : http://challonge.com/MKXLBattleCircut17

If you've never heard of SonicFox, then you know nothing of the NetherRealm Studios' community (Mortal Kombat & Injustice), but clearly, we all know him very well. He's been the most dominant and consistently dominant player in our scene... and he's only now turning 19 years old!

Injustice 2 awaits right around the corner and the Fox is ready. But today, we just need to wish him, @SonicFox5000 , a very Happy Birthday! Check out the video Sonic's friends collaborated on below.
We are extremely thrilled to report that @Kitana Prime and @hayatei have been signed by Panda Global for the NRS side of things!
Playstation Access just released a video answering 7 questions about the gear system with Derek from NRS. Throughout the video we get to see some new customization looks and some newer game play (Including more Dr. Fate).
Dr. Fate has arrived! As promised, NetherRealm Studios has just revealed the latest character, Dr. Fate to the Injustice 2 roster! In the trailer below, you will get a sneak peak at Dr. Fate's gameplay, dialogue and super move, "MEET YOUR FATE".
3/1/17 at 12:15 PM EST Stream.Me put out this Tweet announcing their first sponsored player!

I'm glad Stream.Me decided to start sponsoring and Perfect Legend seems like a pretty good place to start. Everyone involved seems very excited and I wish nothing but the best for Perfect Legend and the StreamMe crew!