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Good afternoon, folks. Earlier today, NetherRealm Studios released a minute-long Injustice 2 launch trailer that is sure to get you even more excited for the game. Check that out below.

Also, I wanted to take this time to welcome everyone... returning and brand new users to our Test Your Might forums. We cater to NetherRealm Stuios, specifically Mortal Kombat and Injustice. We have the largest Injustice forums on the web... and we're eager for you to join us.
Today, an esports team called MethodGG entered the ring by signing three players for their new FGC division, which will be overseen by Nick "Spammy" Pelter. Two of these players are familiar names from the competitive lifespan of Mortal Kombat X - @SylverRye and @REO !
For those of us who have yet to get our hands on the game, there will be a WatchTower stream today at 1pm PDT / 3 pm CDT at the usual place.

So, if you're not busy playing, be sure to tune in!
Ed Boon will be in Game on Wardour Street, London tomorrow, between 1 and 2pm, to meet and greet fans!

There will also be signed posters given out free for the first 100 fans. And, although the game will not be released here yet, there will be a chance to play the game in store!

So, if you are available tomorrow and local to the area, head on down to Game on Wardour Street (address below) to meet Ed Boon and get yourself a free signed poster.
Its that time again TYM. A new game is about to release. Which means the return of weeklies. So more streams for you to watch, more tech to steal and at least for our scene more ignorance and thuggery. Make sure to tune to see some great matches, Decent Commentary and above all else SALT. And with the tournament only being a few times after the game comes out there is bound to be hella salt.
Here is a taste of some of the thuggery:
Oh, the time has come

We've been running this weekly for nine years
We've cultivated more Injustice major tournament winners than any other weekly
We've created a steady community that lasted the entirety of the game's life
We've produced an Evo champion

And now Injustice... is back!!

Alongside SFV and Smash 4, Tuesday is going to be a hectic night!

We consider people who come as family. Never had a venue fee, never will.
Come be part of the show, you debaucherous heroes!

We now have a hard 9PM start time!

Organized by KDZ
Brackets run by HackerMike
Stream hosted by Jaxel

LOCATION: http://www.thebreak.net/

8 on the Break
340 North Avenue
Dunellen, NJ 08812

We are literally right in front of the Dunellen Train Station.
Train schedule: http://www.njtransit.com/pdf/rail/r0060.pdf

TIME: 7:00 PM EST (every Tuesday)
  • 7:00 PM - Super Smash Brothers 4 - Wii U - $10...
CURRENTLY LIVE!!! https://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky

Next Level Battle Circuit will be having an inaugural Injustice 2 tourney on release next Wed @ 8PM EST!
Huge chance to restart the NRS scene here - the legend SonicFox will be in attendance, and lots of players from other states are slated to show up.

Also, if the event wasn't hyped enough, Team Spooky is working closely with the Matcherino platform to crowdfund the event! Here's the link:


Any items purchased in the store increases the prize pool as well! Matcherino is a free crowdfunding platform that we've been using for tournaments for quite a minute! You can use the donation codes if you're poverty to increase...
Released yesterday, check out the Injustice2Go "Injustice 2 Mobile" game. Like before, you're able to unlock items on the console version of the game via this mobile version. It's FREE and will likely be even more popular than the first game! Check out the trailer below!
Check out the latest trailer from NetherRealm Studios called, "Everything You Need to Know".

Inside this trailer, you learn character alliances, different character gear, guilds, the multi-verse, Injustice 2 Mobile and more! This trailer is over 5 mins, but very worth it.

After the unfortunate disbanding of Yomi Gaming, the team parted ways while keeping in contact via social media platforms. Forever King was soon welcomed to Circa eSports while Broken Alliance signed his younger brother, Forever King Jr.

Last week, two more of the original Yomi pro team were signed by No Surrender Gaming, also known as Team NS, in preparation for Injustice 2's launch next week.
Today, the fine folks at NRS released a video showing off their new plans of a Pro League starting at Combo Breaker and ending on September 17th with the Pro League Finale.

The Pro Series will feature tournaments from multiple countries including online and offline events.

Its yet to be announced what the pot bonus for these are, but LI Joe of ECT announced a $20K bonus from NRS but we don't know if that's the standard for all of the offline events. There's no announcement yet on the online pot bonus.

Below is the video announcing the Pro League Series:
As the Kombat Cup finale neared its end, the Stream.Me crew dropped a bombshell on the NRS community by announcing a competitive series for Injustice 2...War of the Gods!

Like its predecessor, War of the Gods consists of a series of weekly preliminary brackets with points and cash prizes on the line. Competitors can earn points that will increase their chances at qualifying for a Season Finale in September, where they will compete for the title of War of the Gods Season Champion. A total prize pool of $15,000 will be up for grabs throughout the entire series, with $10,000 going towards the Top 6 players for the finale.
This is just a reminder that Season 2 of the Kombat Cup is coming to an end tonight.

The 8 players, who have accumulated the most points over the course of the season, will be competing in a double elimination bracket for cash prizes.

Be sure to tune in to the usual place at 6 PM EST:

You can see the bracket for the event below:
The Mortal Kombat XL Top 8 is set to go in about an hour, 9PM CT. Below, courtesy of StarCharger is the top 8 and the match-ups.
A little over one month ago, some Capcom beef starting pricking our front door courtesy of PG Punk, is currently one of, if not the current # 1 Capcom (Street Fighter) player in the world. It began over nothing; it began over a follower of Punk's on twitter discussing what characters they would use. This is when Punk started chiming in about how great he'd be at Injustice 2 while calling out SonicFox all at the same time. He was even quoted saying, "Once I beat SonicFox I'm done with Injustice forever." <--- Read more about it here.

It just so happens that Circa FOREVER KING had the opportunity to face PG Punk last night in a first-to-10 in Injustice: Gods Among Us. FOREVER KING is of the top ranking in the NetherRealm Community and has
For the Cyborg players out there who have been craving some info on how their main compares to his IGAU counterpart, the condiment brothers have you covered.

Enjoy their breakdown of the upgrades that Cyborg has received going into Injustice 2:
Huge shoutouts to @PND_Ketchup and @PND_Mustard for the video, gives a lot of new info on what's changed regarding GA. His damage is looking pretty insane with boxing glove arrow, and it can be pulled out after hitting an ice arrow with enough time to continue the combo as well. There are a lot of other adjustments as well in the video, watch and discuss!


Texas Showdown Happened this weekend and had hype results going down to tournament point!! and competitors including Echo Fox|Scar, Black(AKA Frozen Acid), Starcharger, STB Deoxys and more! Im proud to give you the results of Texas Showdown!

It Seemed Scar had it but reset the game early as one round a piece and allowed Black to come back and Win the entire tournament!

1. black (Hellfire Scorpion
2. Echo Fox| Scar (Sonya/ Smoke)
3. BXA|StarCharger (Assassin Kitana)
4. STB|Deoxys243 (Kitana/Jacqui/Cassie)
5. GnarlyGatoAlex (Kotal Kahn)
5. KoreyTheDragon (Quan Chi/Smoke/ Sub Zero)
7. Coosco
7. RNG|Grolarbears

Bracket can be found here:


Congrats to the Top 8!

As we were expecting, we have received our first piece of DLC info today.

The first 3 DLC characters have been revealed and they are:

Red Hood
Sub Zero

We can also see the silhouettes of the remaining 6 DLC characters.

Watch for yourselves:
The long wait for DLC news is almost over! News has just broken via Ed Boon's Twitter account that we will be receiving some kind of DLC news tomorrow!

We don't yet know the extent of the news - how many characters will revealed, what skins will be revealed etc. But be sure to check back tomorrow as we will be sharing the information as soon as it breaks!

Feel free to speculate below