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What happens when you sit them all down and ask them a few competition Injustice 2 questions? Find in the link below as
This is about to go live! TUNE IN! https://www.stream.me/war

423 competitors entered the double elimination bracket yesterday, and battled it out in an attempt to make it to top 8 for the chance to earn qualifying points and cash prizes.

Congratulations to the successful 8 combatants:

cR | Theo
Noble | Raptor
HZRD | Kevodaman
Noble | Semiij

Noble | Dragon
Circa | Forever King
HARA | Rewind
The Injustice 2 train keeps moving on to bigger and better things and E3 is one of the next stops! Announced via press release, for the first time ever, Twitch eSports will be hosting a fighting game arena with Injustice 2 (plus SFV and T7) at E3. This event is sponsored by T-Mobile and will feature top players - players not yet announced.

Check out the press release and schedule for this event below.
After 19 long years of winter one giant step was made today by man/woman at NRS in the right direction. All of you wireless players and liars will now be exposed. Please post every player name you find using wireless so all know who is frauding their ways to victory.

This is a new era. Indicator Reports are a thing now, you're all going down.

Also, in addition are the patch notes regarding an update that is set to drop TODAY. Read below:
TONIGHT @ 9PM EST Red Hot Sundays begins.

Red Hot Sundays is hosted by @Pig Of The Hut and features key tournament-style matches that also deliver on character match-up knowledge. Pig invites as many top character players as possible and they face off on Red Hot Sundays, so be sure to tune in!
Simply watch the glorious video below featuring the lovely @Kitana Prime and @michaelangelo . Remember, this starts TODAY! (SUNDAY)

If you're not watching already, they're currently in the top 32 from 434 entrants.

Folks, tune in!

View bracket here: https://smash.gg/tournament/war-of-the-gods-week-2/events
Our very own Eric @Decay Tran was recently given the "go" to post some of the ideas that were either his or he helped out on for Supers in Injustice 2. Many of you may have already seen these on Facebook, but I had to bring them here to share as well. Eric is an amazing artist and we are definitely graced via NetherRealm Studios, by his skills. Check out his work below!
Body Count Fighting is BACK and this time with some feature Injustice 2 matches. Body Count Fighting allegedly operates from Machinima Studios and as you can see in the videos, is quite the place to be! Check out the videos for the matches below!
Media outlet, Body Count Fighting recently did one of their podcasts, "3-Hit Combo" with top NetherRealm player, Frank "Slayer" Perales. This podcast is over 50 mins long and it covers a wide variety of fighting game community topics including where eSports "has taken us", how Slayer got into fighting games, 3D era of Mortal Kombat and much more!
Injustice is back and in top form and it's great to be back doing this show again. Unfortunately Phos was unable to make this recording but all being well he'll be back for future shows.

Combo Breaker is the main topic of discussion (surprise surprise) but all the usual stuff is below. If anyone has any comments regarding audio then please post them up in this thread. I'm using a brand new setup this time around and am still very much in the learning process but overall I think it turned out well.
The matcherino for tonight's NLBC is live! This gives spectators the chance to support the scene by donating to the pot bonus for the players who will be turning up to compete and provide us with a show.

There's also a code (Injustice3), which allows you to donate $1 for free!

Here's a link to the matcherino:
Bahrain competitor, Tekken Master has had a busy weekend at Combo Breaker in the states. Yahoo eSports grabbed Tekken Master for a quick interview. Check it out and his weekend accomplishments below.
Stream.Me's "War of the Gods" kicks off again this Saturday. Register now among the other 300+ entrants and battle it out in Injustice 2!
Every Mortal Kombat or Injustice title has had its Champs. Recently, meaning the last few years, it's been SonicFox. Before Sonic reigned, there were a few names in particular that we heard often. During the time of Mortal Kombat 9, both REO and CD Jr were it. Not anymore.

I believe this has been felt through the community for some time and last night, I saw a post that lit those feelings up to their most raw form. Below, is a post by @Maxter , who was a Legendary Cyrax player during Mortal Kombat 9. Maxter is of the "Crazy Dominican Brothers" or "CD Bros", along with @CRAZY DOMINICAN and @CD jr .
About two years ago many of you saw a post from @Ninja_Arts regarding the start of a "Mortal Kombat Encyclopedia" project. The project would essentially consist of a "book of remembrance" containing information on all Mortal Kombat characters including the lore that follows. Yes, there are Wikis where you can find all of this stuff, but how about owning your own physical copy that you could potentially get signed by Ed Boon and NetherRealm some day?

Without further ago, here is a video by UnCagedGamez showing an unboxing reveal of the book's prototype.

Combo Breaker 2017 marks the first real Major for Injustice 2, and the first tournament in the Injustice 2 ProSeries 2017, presented by Sony Playstation 4. With well over 300 entrants, the competition was insane considering the game came out not even two weeks ago. The Injustice 2 portion was streamed by NetherRealm's twitch, which I believe is a first for them streaming a tournament. For their first time, I think they did a pretty good job. There were a lot of breaks and the break times were also occasionally lengthy, but that isn't something exclusive to NetherRealm. Also keep in mind, this was a Pro Series event for Injustice 2. It can only get better from here!

Anyway, onto the action! Top 48 Saturday night to make it to top 16 was refreshingly hype. While there wasn't much character diversity, that is to be expected in a game that is less than two weeks old. Also... ComboBreaker 2017 has come to an end! With such a great turnout and tournament, the future of Injustice 2 and the NRS is as bright as ever! There was an amazing showing from all competitors!...
**UPDATE** This is your ComboBreaker 2017 Top 8!

Top 8 Winners:

Echo Fox SonicFox vs NASR Tekken Master

Noble Dragon vs Yomi Slayer

Top 8 Losers:

cR Biohazard vs PG Hayatei

Circa Forever King vs EMP.KN KDZ


This is just an update, so y'all have the information. A full write up on the finals will be up tomorrow after the tournament!


Circa Forever King vs Echo Fox SonicFox

NASR Tekken Master vs Noobe

NS DJT vs Noble Dragon

Yomi Slayer vs JWE Compbros


cR Biohazard vs Noble iLuusions

T7G Dr.Gross vs PG Hayatei

cR Whiteboi vs Echo Fox Scar

BxA Starcharger vs EMP.KN KDZ

Tune in tomorrow on NetherRealm's twitch at 4PM EST for the top 16 finals! http://twitch.tv/netherrealm

Bracket: https://smash.gg/tournament/combo-breaker/events/injustice-2/brackets/134698