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Kombat Klass returns for some Summer School action, as the BAD ASS Drunken Master himself, Bo' Rai Cho, shows off what he can do. This tutorial features his 3 variations: Drunken Master, Dragon's Breath & Baritsu. So grab a drink and check it out below!!!
A little over an hour ago, registrations for the annual fighting game championship event, Evolution 2016, were closed to the public. Shortly thereafter, @MrWizard released the final counts of pre-registered players for each of the nine games EVO will feature in its roster this year.

Below is MrWizard's Twitter post confirming the numbers!
Are you going to EVO? Have you spent so much money on the flight to Vegas and back that you couldn't rationalize spending the amount of money they were asking for Championship Sunday tickets?

Well worry no longer because us here at EXiLE are GIVING AWAY 1 (one) Championship Sunday ticket for EVO THIS Saturday during the 3rd week of our EXiLE Tournament series!

To do this, you must follow @TeamExileSix on Twitter and EXiLE_Team on Twitch and stay tuned on Saturday at 8PM EDT to see who wins! Good Luck!

Will update thread as updates occur! Stay Tuned!

if you would like to participate in our tournament series, check out the TYM page at: testyourmight.com/threads/july-2nd-2016-at-8pm-edt-exile-presents-bi-weekly-tournament-series-na-psn.60392/
Hey, everyone! Another one of our local tourneys took place last Saturday. This time we decided to try an ft3 format for the whole tournament. And had a couple of tight 3-2s) At the end of the day OP | Anju's pressure and puddle oki was too much to handle for anyone.

Commentary is in Russian once again. I planned to try an English commentary this time, but we've had some technical issues with our new streaming equipment and sadly I wasn't able to pull this off. Next time I'll speak some Runglish so you guys can learn a little bit about Russian scene, I promise!

Here's the complete footage:
OHHHH MY GOD !!!! What the hell it was!! Congratulation for the victory of this new challenger on the BORN TO FIGHT road : K_TOPGr.
It was awesome ! A very high level in this tourney, salty, blood , hype, hip hop songs , damn son a crazy night. I would to say thank all players and viewers this night. Thanks to be there because it's possible without you everyone! Now i'm proud to announce you that we have 7 winners qualified for the BATTLE OF GODS! 1 chance to be qualified in BORN TO FIGHT 8 still. It will be crazy ! But for the moment, let me congrate my bro from Top 8
8 Players stepped into the ring this weekend at CEO top 8 Finals. Only one of them would come out the ring alive. The top 8 was stacked with some of the strongest players MK has to offer along with first time top 8 placer Semiij. The top 8 was also filled with some the fiercest warriors from Aliens to half Tarkatan Princess's, to Literal gods only the strongest player will be able to pilot their character to victory.

PG Scar-Demo Sonya Vs cR Sonicfox-Acdic Alien
PxP Foxy-Piercing Mileena Vs cR Dragon-Tarkartan Alien

Yomi Forever/Blood God Kotal King- Acidic Alien Vs Yomi Slayer-Tarkatan Alien, Shaolin Kung Jin
Mrkn Semiij- Piercing Mileena Vs cR Wound Cowboy- Imposter/Boneshaper Shinnok

Check out the results below:
Dreamhack hosted the MK XL Cup Finals on June 19th, 10 players who qualified by winning different tournaments in Poland, France, UK, South Africa, Italy, UAE, Spain, Sweden competed for a prizepool of 13.000 € and a paid trip to EVO 2016.

I had a lot of fun, meeting some friends again and knowing in person new people like Ketchup and Mustard was great. The tournament run perfectly except for a few audio issues, but nothing relevant.
I won't spoil the results for the ones who have not watched the matches, but we had a lot of interesting sets (the video link is right under!).

Congratulations to the winner, and best luck for EVO! @A F0xy Grampa , @Madzin @STB MrAquary , @Nivek , @Frizen , @Sho_Kahn , @x-azeez , @PND_Ketchup , @PND_Mustard
UPDATED: A $50,000 pot bonus was announced for MKX at EVO 2016! Twitter post confirming this contribution can be seen near the end of the article.

With the announcement of Injustice 2 at E3 last week, hardcore MKX players were likely fearing an early ending to the game's lifespan. However, these fears have been assuaged by a recent Twitter post from Netherrealm Studios's creative director, Mr. Ed Boon, who states that some great news for MKX will be disclosed at Evolution 2016!

The post can be seen below.
I cover the entire game top to bottom and answer I believe all questions submitted to me.

Enjoy and ask any questions I didnt answer. Sorry for the delay, tried rendering this 8x on my Laptop all with failed renders so I switched to CPU and it worked first try. Lesson Learned.

1080 HD 60 fps is available. Check it out below:

ATP's Apartment
Austin, TX

1. ATP (The Roster)
2. TheDarkSilence (Pyro Tanya)
3. JD (WG KK)

TheDarkSilence finally returned from the shadows. And having undergone symbiosis with his "daughter", The Dark Silence, his powers were even greater than before. Meanwhile, ATP trolled every last opponent by mirroring them until it was himself and TheDarkSilence in Winners Finals. TheDarkSilence's new voodoo was enough to convince ATP to play his main, Alien. But despite TheDarkSilence's power up, ATP won 3-0. Check out more below:
Hey guys, I put together a quick vid of a few scenarios and setups and added them into a combo vid fashion. At this point it's hard to find original stuff but I wanted to go for a more entertaining type of vid anyway. I hope ya like it and hopefully you can take something from it at least :). Lemme know whatcha think guys.
Dreamhack hosted the MKXL Cup Nordic in Sweden today and MKXL and some of the regions top talent was present. Here are the top 8 placers at the event:

1. @STB MrAquary
2. Jupe
3. NLB|JuicyJoe
4. JerQ_Q
5. Brixbro
7. NLB|Jeep
7. Roko1985

Sorry for the short writeup, tough on mobile!

Welcome to the Episode 10 of The Friendly Alliance Podcast! The Friendly Alliance podcast is a MKXL podcast co-hosted by Nuovo_Cabjoy and Nuovo_Gilbagz that is primarily designed for leveling up the Australian scene while highlighting some of our key players and their stories.

After a brief hiatus, we return to have a chat with Canberra' finest: Ghost Police. We break the news about the recent signing of Cabjoy and Gilbagz to Nuovo Gaming, recap the recent YSB and Googie's Online Tournament results, get to know more about our Canberrian friend, reflect on the Injustice days, recap the ESL grand finals and more!
Yo guys! We finally had some time during our Dreamhack hotel downtime to discuss what we thought about Atrocitus and Grodd in Injustice 2.

Game Mechanics - 2:07
Atrocitus - 6:51
Grodd - 12:45

We had about 3 hours with the game, so enough to really get hands on with the new characters and discuss what they were all about.


We figured there really isn't much info for grodd anywhere, so here you go :) Cheers!
Includes the top 10 hypest moments that happened during Season 3 Finals. Hope you guys enjoy!
Glasgow Kombat #22 might be one of the most, if not the most, exciting weeks of Glasgow Kombat so far. Between comebacks, multiple 3-2 sets and the return of Azarath (but not his Venomous...) we had plenty of hype moments which you can catch up with in the archive below! There was even a sighting of my rusty-ass Cybernetic!

Here's the results for GK#22:
1st. Youphemism (Shotgun Jacqui / Hollywood Cassie Cage / Gunslinger Erron Black / Piercing Mileena / Cybernetic Kano / Grandmaster Sub Zero / Balanced Kenshi)
2nd. Nausea (Spectral/Mystic/MoS Ermac / Cryomancer Sub Zero / Ninjutsu Scorpion / Deceptive Reptile)
3rd. Orangutan (War God Kotal Kahn / Dragon's Fire/Flame Fist Liu Kang)

Check out more Glasgow Kombat Info below:
This thread will be the place to discuss ALL things Injustice 2 at E3 2016!! Check out all the footage released this year at E3 featuring I2 below:
The second year of MAGMA has finally wrapped up. It was a long weekend with a few hiccups, But overall a successful and fun event for everyone involved. We seen great returning players and new faces making a strong first showing.

Going through the bracket we seen quite a few killers early on. @EMPR_MURK was clearly the dominate player from early on. James Bradly and his friend Travis (newcomers to the event) had a very strong showing for their first year. James made it all the way to 3rd place with his Sektor and in the process sent his friend Travis into losers and eventually eliminated him completely. @AGRxShiroKuma was another MAGMA first timer who came out swinging. He made fast work of many opponents using multiple characters. @AGRxShiroKuma fought his way back from losers to face @EMPR_MURK in the finals on sunday.

Overall, The event was a ton of fun and a good showing for our local FGC. I had a lot of people come up and thank me for making their experience a good one at their first event and i can't even put into words how good that made me feel. This is exactly why i do this. To help the community grow and help people have a good time enjoying their favorite fighting games with people who like the same things. I really truly appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to show up to my events. Thanks guys! Check out the results below:
In honor of Alien winning ESL S3 (congrats @SonicFox5000), my good friend @ando1184 has been working on an Alien vs Predator combo video with a lot of great stuff! He's finally released it today, so please check it out and let us know what you think!
When titans clash there is much rubble in their wake and tonight during the ESL Mortal Kombat Pro League Season 3 Fatal 8 was no exception. Including the reigning world Champion, cR Sonic Fox (US) were a F0xyGrampa (EU), cR Dragon (US), Hayatei, Madzin( EU), Scar (US), Raptor (US) and Jupe (EU/Finland) we've witnessed the highest form of Mortal Kombat XL competition in the world.

Ladies & Gentlemen, give our Fatal 8 a round of applause and leave some gracious comments below for our competitors. Below are the top 8 results for the Fatal 8! My personal favorite part about this Fatal 8? Worldwide competition!