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Discussion in '[MK9] Strategy Zone' started by Mikemetroid, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid NE Propaganda Artist
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  2. Espio

    Espio Royal Guard
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    Edit: NVM.
  3. Lt. Box

    Lt. Box Fearless Leader of the TMDC.
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    If I had to 5V5 for the sake of all mankind...

    @Mikemetroid , playing Johnny Cage,
    @RTO Toxic , playing Kabal,
    @Hitoshura , playing Kenshi,
    @Maxter, playing Cyrax,
    And me and Sub. And it would be the greatest battle ever seen.
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  4. R.E.O.

    R.E.O. Undead
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  5. Prinz

    Prinz Hai vino si MORI!

  6. A F0xy Grampa

    A F0xy Grampa Nerf Demander
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  7. PND OmegaK

    PND OmegaK [Back Breaking Intensifies]
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    PND OmegaK
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  8. HGTV Soapboxfan

    HGTV Soapboxfan "Always a Pleasure"

  9. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue Strength isn't everything
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  10. Laguna Loire

    Laguna Loire Premium Supporter
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    Man I can't wait to see you guys play. BTW which character is your main actually? Hope youre gonna rep that lao at evo.
  11. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue Strength isn't everything
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    Im going to give my self the best possible chance of winning, so I won't be mainning a mid tier character.

    I can use Rain really well offline, im terrible with him online...god damm...along with Reptile, Cyrax, CSZ, Jax and so on, but I would most definatly be using Kung Lao as my main.
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  12. RM JagoBlake

    RM JagoBlake The dream is reborn...?
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  13. Fraud Blank

    Fraud Blank Gotta Live and Learn
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    UsedForGlue = Edge Master

    Bring on the counterpicks
  14. Quan Knee

    Quan Knee Noob

  15. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    Glue mains Cybung laotilerax.
  16. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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  17. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

    T4L Z911
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  18. Blackula

    Blackula I SEE EVERYTHING!
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    Z-911-Z That's weird. I got an alert that said you tagged me, but I don't see my name here.
  19. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

    T4L Z911
    Yeah, I had you on here originally. But I realized that we had two Kenshis on the team and forgot about Dizzy. That dude doesn't talk enough in the chat, lul.
  20. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt Noob

    NO DOUB7
    1. NoDoubt
    2. Miss Spin
    3. DizGirlWillOwnU
    4. FaithOfDestiny
    5. X Pshhh X
  21. Check

    Check Noob

  22. REDRUM


  23. Hitoshura

    Hitoshura I don't like shit, I don't go outside.

    REDRUM can I be on tht team please :)
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  24. REDRUM


    my team ended the thread... yay
  25. Konqrr

    Konqrr Voice of reason

    I don't think your ass is as top tier as theirs Hito... you can be the towel boy.
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