Who do you rep clans?

Discussion in 'Clan & Team Discussion' started by jamessmk, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. jamessmk

    jamessmk Paper Legend ?

    I want to see where loyalties lie, especially in the battlefield. More to come........
  2. FrothyOmen

    Premium Supporter

    I'm not sure I understand the question :\
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  3. TakeAChance

    TakeAChance TYM White Knight
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    I am confused by the question. If you mean what clan are we associated with...I represent STB.
  4. RiBBz22

    RiBBz22 I am maining the Smoke faction kill in MKX.
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    Team Wafflez & RiBBz

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  5. B W1zZ

    B W1zZ Thunder God
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  6. Goldy

    Goldy Flakey Casual
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    STB!! <3 In my 2 tourneys since joining, and even my public Facebook. (I have a boring, G rated one for family)

    It kinda replaced "keeper" in my name.
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  7. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid NE Propaganda Artist
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  8. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    I"m Ron Burgandy?
  9. Freeebola

    Freeebola The artist formertly known as Beef Supreme
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    This is my new sig. Mother of god I don't know why this was so funny.

    Real talk though, my loyalties lie only with Hoodfresh.
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  10. Hellion_96

    Hellion_96 xX_Hellion96_Xx

  11. jamessmk

    jamessmk Paper Legend ?

    If given a choice would your clan rep TYM or MKU. Do you stand by your Father or Mother? Brother or Sister? Both these sites are the cornerstones of the MK community! If your clan was to rep your site of choice, or if you had to send you best warriors out to stand side by side with top rival clan members could you do it? We you let your own jealousy and bitterness get in the way? Do you have what it takes to unite as a true community? That is the question!
  12. Qwark28

    Qwark28 Winner take all
    Premium Supporter

    TYM hands down

    its obvious the MKU renovation is a futile attempt at attracting fools into the inferior site
  13. Derpin Errday

    Derpin Errday Derpin Errday

    I cant really pick one site over the other.MKU is where I started and met a bunch of players that helped me level up and made me realize Ermac was asstier :(.But TYM is where I met even better players and leveled up even more,and I can actually be in touch with the rest of the community and share things.If it wasn't for the people from MKU telling me about the site in the first place I wouldn't have ever found out about TYM.I love both sites equally really.I couldn't pick a side.[​IMG]
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  14. Espio

    Espio Raiden's Prince
    Staff Member Moderator

    I don't choose sites, I visit them both. I love the community on both sites and have zero reason to choose when we're all on the same side anyway, peace love and justice <3.

    STB is awesome, TYM is awesome and MKU is awesome, later.
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  15. R.E.O.

    R.E.O. Undead
    Premium Supporter Netherrealm Representative

    Why are other famous MK sites like MKO and TRMK always left out? Why can't they have a team to represent them as well? It's always about TYM or MKU. I don't understand why all the other MK sites and communitues get ignored.
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  16. Krayzie

    Krayzie Safeties disabled. Krayzie mode engaged!
    Staff Member Administrator

    Don't fret, REO.

    BMF is here, and we are representing MKO.

    What is this thread about, James?
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  17. R.E.O.

    R.E.O. Undead
    Premium Supporter Netherrealm Representative

    I still remember back in 2006 when I first joined an MK site (MKO) and then found out about MKAC after.

    Young REO was 15 at the time.
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  18. jamessmk

    jamessmk Paper Legend ?

    A clan that reps TYM vs a clan that reps MKU. And yes REO if MKO and TRMK can put clans together so be it. I am always all inclusive
  19. nwo

    nwo Bose2983 on Skype

    Man I wanna eat that, but I wish it was chicken.
  20. gdf

    gdf Noob

    Nobody has approached me to ask me to join their clan. :(

    School has taken up so much time though, so I can't train to be well off enough to even join a clan.
  21. jamessmk

    jamessmk Paper Legend ?

    Keep in mind. The players are not bound to a clan, they are bound to their site. While we all bounce around on both sites, both sites are positive parts of this community and should be repped proudly.
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  22. Zyphox

    Zyphox What is going on guys, Ya Boi Zyphox here.

    i joined MKO even before that, man those were the days gotta figure out my login, i joined in 05 when MKA was coming out and all the news on that stuff.
  23. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    I rep STB. If they chose a side, that's the side I'd be on.
  24. Treadmill

    Treadmill Noob


    Trmk was my first Mk site, but there isn't a whole lot of Mk going on there anymore.

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  25. _xFriction

    _xFriction Noob

    Thats like asking to choose between your children... I get my info from TYM and my clan stuff from MKU

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