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    Oh that's what you were trying to imply, that the document being analyzed in that video was not from WhiteHouse.gov. Ok, if that's your position, then so be it. It's just not reality though.

    I was hoping we could move on before the name calling began. I don't really like to go there. Let's agree to disagree on this issue.
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    I said it was a possiblity, but I also said explicitly not the case here. I'm trying to show just how easy it could be to fake something on the internet.

    For the actual refuting, I linked you to a Snopes article where someone with real credentials and understanding of technology explains why the PDF is the way it is (and you can find actual news articles with said experts being interviewed, as the Snopes article references). So who are you going to believe, some wackjob on the internet making a silly YouTube video, or someone who's job it is to determine the authenticity of digital documents?

    You also ignored the article refering to a study detailing the problems with eyewitness testimony. You don't get the say "well a firefighter said it so it must be true!" Its just human physiology at work, our memories distort things.

    There's no agreeing to disagree here; your opinion is completely wrong and out of touch with reality. If you continue to believe it despite everything to the contrary, you're delusional. Sorry if it hurts your feelings, but I'm calling it like I see it. Willfully ignorant. And its exteremly frustrating to have such people distracting us from real issues, or having a real impact, such as trying to shut down nuclear power plants. Its the same BS thinking and not being reasonable that is destroying us.
  3. Sheep apparently. The richer man wins again.

    I rarely ever see such willing participants in their own destruction. And yet his opponent, Barrett's, plan for "alternative budget repair" was just a copy-paste of Walker's benefit slashing with the exemption of police and firefighters. With opposition like this, who really needs an election, anyway?

    In other news, it sure is nice to see Eric Holder, David Axelrod and co. justify the circumvention of our constitution and decide in a closed executive branch committee to drone-bomb people in the middle east before we even know who they are. Apparently, you're considered a "militant" if you're of "military age" around an area of suspected terror activity. Guilty until proven innocent, and the only way to do that is after you're dead. Even worse than that is our practice of taking up the terror tactic of the "double-tap," ie: hitting the area again after rescue workers rush in. And for the icing on the shit cake, they also bomb funerals, something not even the Mafia is bad enough to do. Vile, revolting, unconscionable, irresponsible, lazy, murderous bastards. The whole lot of them.

    We sure love making more enemies for ourselves over there, don't we? Common sense and national security be damned, those drone manufacturers and their Washington bedfellows gotta get paid! And if that pisses off more people who are then recruited for Al Qaeda, all the better! More people to bomb, more drones to make! Win-win!

    Let's use logic here for a sec. Take the recent victim of a drone bombing, an innocent civilian in the middle east with no prior enmity toward the US beforehand. Who do you think he's going to side with: The US, whose name they found on the leftover scraps of the bomb that destroyed his house and killed his family, or Al Qaeda, who helped bury their loved ones while vowing vengeance?

    And what is talked about on the news instead? That insipid John Edwards trial.

    Can you tell I'm not happy about this? :mad:
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    It's sad funny. There were even phone calls being placed to all the people that signed the petition that they didn't need to go vote because their signature was their vote. Lmfao Wisconsin you get what you want. Good for you, maybe soon you can be the Mississippi of the north lolol

    Jobs jobs jobs **abortion abortion abortion**

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    It is Wisconsin, who gives a shit about them anyway.
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    At least you admit there is a possibility of it being the “real” document, but I’ve personally downloaded the document from WhiteHouse.gov (like I said previously), and looked at it, so it really insults my intelligence when you try and claim that we are analyzing “fakes.” The document is even confirmed multiple times of being from WhiteHouse.gov in the video itself. I still don’t believe you’ve even taken the time to watch it and claiming that we are doing some type of “notepad trick” is just desperate and pathetic.

    It sounds to me like you rely on this “Snopes” website to sleep better at night or something. I don’t need someone with “real credentials” to tell me that the PDF isn’t even a real scan of a document. There is no explanation for the layers, let alone the fraudulent hand writing that was added afterward on a computer, the document is what it is. Someone’s opinion, who you refer to as an “expert” is absolutely meaningless to me and millions of other Americans who have personally looked into this issue.

    After seeing your logic, I’m starting to question who the wackjob really is, to be honest. Just that one video I posted alone has over 1.3 million views on YouTube in only 1 year, and that’s only one video. It also has 4 times the amount of likes as dislikes which I find to be incredible, considering how touchy of a subject this is for a lot of people.

    For me personally, and in the court of law, video eye witness testimony outweighs…umm…the zero explanation you give here, especially when there are multiple videos of eye witnesses saying the same thing.

    Well since you say “agreeing to disagree” isn’t allowed here, and since I refuse to result to name calling like you have and “another guy” here has, that only leaves me with one other option, which is…I FLAT OUT DISAGREE with you on these issues. Get over it.

    Is the nuclear power plant threat a real issue? It is. That’s probably all you and I will agree on.
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    You need to learn to read more carefully. I've always said that the notepad trick is one possible way to fake, I also said IT DOESN'T APPLY TO THIS. Please review everything I've written in relation to this, no where do you see me saying the entire site was faked. There's only you not understanding what I've written.

    Unlike the wackjobs on YouTube, Snopes actually links back to references you can check out yourself.

    And yes you do need someone with credentials to tell you if an electronic document may be forged or not; you don't have the technical knowlege to form any kind of informed opinion yourself. Its the same as you trying to form an opinion on the safety of certain nuclear reactor designs. You can't because you're not an expert in the field, you don't have the knowledge.

    And if you actually bothered to read the link to Snope and really understand it, you'd know that the fact that you can reproduce whats in the video is no suprise at all. ITS HOW THE GODDAMN TECHNOLOGY WORKS. In other words, the fact that you found layers in the PDF means NOTHING as far as its authenticity goes.

    Again, really learn how to read, if you even bothered to read the links I provided.

    Make no mistake, its you. You're ignoring science left and right because you don't like what they're telling you. Do you also believe the world is flat, or that the earth is the center of the universe? If you were alive in the 16th or 17th centuary, I'd be you'd be one of the ones doubting someone that's coming along with evidence that neither of those tings are true, because you don't like it.

    You're talking about a video taped appearence? That doesn't make the person on the tape any more reliable. Also, video can lie as well, you really need to see an event from multiple angles and distances, or you may miss something crucial.

    Again you ignore science which shows WE FORM BIASED MEMORIES. This isn't up for debate, the only thing that is is how much we really should be relying on it. I'll let science guide in in that regard, but it may be that we can't rely on it at all. Science has influenced our courts before, and the Supreme Court is deciding (or has, I don't recall) this very issue. And they may get it wrong too, we'll have to see.

    Then you disagree with reality; again, you're delusional. You can have an opinion on whether we favor individual or group rights, there's no clear cut answer, but as to whether or not Obama's birth certificate is faked, there is only one right answer and that is that the certificate is authentic. To say otherwise is just as silly as saying you "disagee" with me that the earth is in fact spherical.

    The only threat from nuclear power is that we aren't building new plants, with even better reactor designs than those from the 60s. But as far as safety goes, you're more likely to die in your car today than from effects of a nuclear plant.
  8. Nuclear power is the only alternative to fossil fuels that's even vaguely viable. But the problem is, you need absurd amounts of fossil fuels to design, build and maintain all these power plants across the globe, fossil fuels which will soon be in permanent short supply. :/

    Civilisation is screwed...
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    Move on now man, we were at a dead end a long time ago.
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    Another issue is, a lot of older nuclear power plants are aging and leaking radiation like the one in San Diego. They're also being built on fault lines.
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    I guess ignorance is bliss for you? This is the typical response from people like you when they have no where to go when their bs is exposed. Ignite it and move on. I'm sure this thinking will serve you well.
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    Hey good for you, this is America, people are allowed to disagree with you.
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    That radiation is only a problem if you believe in the flawed zero expose theory. The plant near me is leaking too, but drink the water and you'd have to ingest so much you'd die of water poisoning before radiation sickness. Theres more radiation in glow in the dark watches from the 50s then in the water. Youre also much more exposed when you fly.

    And reactors are built to withstand to a certain magnitude earth quake. It's not like they didn't think about these things when they built them, and their safety can be improved after the fact, as was recently done at most reactors.
  14. aj1701

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    We typically lock up delusional people though. You don't have an opinion your just wrong.
  15. nwo

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    Like I said, welcome to America.

    You may be right on the nuclear powerplant radiation issue, but I'm just looking at what happened to Japan last year and the tuna being found off the coast of California with radiation in it and cancer is up like 2000% in the last 50 years (roughly). I just don't know yet on this.
  16. That tuna had better come with some badass fish powers, or something. It'll sure help when sea level rises above our heads thanks to the melting polar ice caps.
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    Ya and it sounds like a scary number, until you realize it's still not enough to hurt you. It's believed that more people died in japan from fear of radiation then actual radiation, which is at zero.

    The cancer is more likely related to first world nations turning into land whales then nuke plants. Fat cells are much more likely to become cancerous then other kind of cells.

    Brazil has NATURAL background radiation levels far above "safe" limits, and people have been living there a long time.
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