what do you guys think of my reptile?

Discussion in 'Reptile' started by MITDJT, Jun 14, 2012.


    MITDJT Noob

    I went to mlg, and got some very solid wins with reptile and some said I was the best reptile they had ever fought, so what do you guys think of my reptile?
  2. cR WoundCowboy

    cR WoundCowboy The Bill Collector

    It is garbage bro...

    Jk, your Reptile is great because you have a very different playstyle. If you haven't fought it before, there is a good chance you will get blown up. He is your best character imo. I think he should be your main.
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  3. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Earth's Mightiest Mortal (Kombat Player)

    Like ten people saw your reptile against anyone but detroit, and maybe two of those people know what to look for in a high level Reptile.

    Anyway you know what I think of your rep.
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    MITDJT Noob

    he could be the main character I use, he has always done wonders for me.
  5. b1ggle

    b1ggle Noob

  6. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    Because they didnt play my reptile yet

    MITDJT Noob

    None of my matches were streamed unfortunately.

    MITDJT Noob

    Maxter has played your reptile before, and some other ppl did like my brother, reo, and etc.
  9. McNasty

    McNasty MK:X
    Premium Supporter

    Loved it. Played safe n lame just how I like it. Great use of d4 in the right situations as a footsie tool and for lowering his hitbox. Good mind games on the projectile side too. Inspired me to go back to the fullscreen game and stop playing the 321 stagger lotery. Between you and showtime I took away a lot of great ideas to reform my reptile.
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  10. BS3OOO

    BS3OOO Noob

    If only they streamed some of your other matches...
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  11. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Earth's Mightiest Mortal (Kombat Player)

    I wouldn't call one or the other the absolute best.

    Every reptile player is hella different.

    I would definitely say you two are probably the top two though.
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  12. IKizzLE

    IKizzLE BloodHound

    Played showtime's reptile and its beast mode.
    Saw MIT's reptile against pig and maxter, and it looked beast mode.

    Top 2 reptile players for sure.
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  13. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    Yea me and kizzle had really good matches. Wish my match vs REO was streamed and i didnt choke it up :(
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  14. MITDJT

    MITDJT Noob

    I heard about that match, sucks it wasn't streamed, but you going to evo right?
  15. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY Consider all of the following please
    Premium Supporter

    Pig told me your reptile was best he ever played...no more 7-3 mil vs rep. It's a solid 5-5?

    I never saw it but I was very impressed with the MIT DJT bros at MLG. Good work guys.im just upset I want there to beat you both!

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  16. MITDJT

    MITDJT Noob

    lol thnx man, that mu really is 5 5, idk y ppl originally thought it was 7 3.
  17. RapZiLLa54

    RapZiLLa54 Monster Island Tournaments
    Staff Member

    Wish I could see it but I've never seen any of your matches. Any links at all?
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  18. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY Consider all of the following please
    Premium Supporter

    The original reasons were around being able to roll under all his zoning, and hm not getting big damage off of teleport.

    Plus pig has been 5-0 guys like Chris G who were considered the best reptiles ever.

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  19. Deadly Torcher

    Deadly Torcher King Dingaling

    LINK LINK LINK any1?
  20. MITDJT

    MITDJT Noob


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