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    You may have seen his name on the "Staff Online" block already and here's to confirming it... we welcome GamerBlake90 on to TYM's staff. Blake has seen it and he does it... making his first huge leap in the community by attending Evo 2011 for Mortal Kombat is just a taste of his dedication to the community and to this day he displays many selfless acts making him an asset in the community.

    He is a moderator and will be in charge of moderating mainly throughout the MK9 forums.

    Give him a "punch to the arm" welcome.

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  2. Spletty

    Spletty Grandmaster

    *punches in arm
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  3. MK9-SnOwY

    MK9-SnOwY Finland, Bro.

    Eh SnOwY
    Grats Blakester ! :)

    *Arm punch
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  4. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan Element of Poetry


    *Falcon PAWNch*
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  5. Congrats
    *Proceeds to kick nuts with the force of a thousand suns, simply because I hate Sonya.*

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  6. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

    l Enenra l
    Is that so? Well Blake
    I'm coming for you
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  7. RedRaptor10

    RedRaptor10 Rampage's Protégé
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    STRYKIE Lights

    Congratulations Blake. :)
    *acknowledges you are conditioned to expect a punch in the arm and goes low with F4~Spear instead*
  9. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Kryptonian General - Kneel Before Me

    This is unquestionably a great move

    Gamerblake is top tier in dedication, knowledge and reliability

    This move says a lot
  10. DJ L Toro

    DJ L Toro Noob

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  11. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY FUJIN FOR MKX
    Premium Supporter

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  12. matterovermind

    matterovermind mindundermatter

    Congrats, Blake!
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  13. Tolkeen

    Tolkeen /wrists

    Congrats, it's nice to have a fellow gentlemanly competitor on the staff. This will greatly help to offset the unsportsmanlike conduct that emanates from the likes of FrothyOmen. Good day sir.
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  14. Euphoric

    Euphoric MKX
    Premium Supporter

    I wanna aspire to be Injustice's moderator.
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  15. MKillBill

    MKillBill Sabumnim
    Staff Member Lead Moderator

    *kicks him so hard he gets a case of testicular torsion*

    Oh yeah......welcome!
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  16. GhosT

    GhosT Noob

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  17. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Master of Sarcasm

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  18. CRUM

    CRUM Make Plays, Not Excuses

    LBSH DownFourCast is the sickest name for a livestream
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  19. General M2Dave

    General M2Dave Interactables Master
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    Let's just congratulate Blake, shall we?

  20. Goldy

    Goldy Mrs. Chi
    Staff Member Lead Moderator Premium Supporter

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  21. GamerBlake90 types so fucking fast in MK chatrooms...

    and definitely deserved the spot :) very long overdue, congrats man
  22. Gh0sty

    Gh0sty ばかみたいに無料

    Congrats GamerBlake90 !!! Moderating can be a lot of work, but it shows your commitment to the community. Thanks and good luck!

    Sent from my jailbroken iPhone using a pirated copy of Tapatalk
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  23. RM JagoBlake

    RM JagoBlake The THUGder God
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    Thank you to everybody for the welcome! It is a privilege to be welcomed on board with the staff of TYM. Every single one of you have banded your efforts together to create a community like none other and in spite of all the downs we've suffered, you always came out stronger. I have full confidence that we will achieve greater success as the Injustice and MK10 eras draw near.

    Meanwhile...MLG Dallas is within two weeks. So to those who haven't signed up yet, I suggest you get on it immediately. GO, GO, GO!
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  24. Rampage254

    Rampage254 RedRaptor's Protégé
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  25. aj1701

    aj1701 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Congrats blake! You did great as a mod at mku, I'm sure you'll do great here.
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