vVv CD Jr wins MK9 at MLG's Spring Fighter Arena in NYC

Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by The Ghost of Tim Static, Apr 28, 2012.


Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by The Ghost of Tim Static, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Warplay
    This guy just keeps winning. Good shit.
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  2. Protagonist_1
    Tom Brady's match versuz curbo was pretty convincing. If Johnny Cage doesn't get in, he's fucked. All he can do is try to force sub into the corner, and make something happen. Not only that, Curbo wasn't able to build up that much meter when the clone was on screen. Johnny cage's projectile can also be slid under on reaction. To me, it's really hard to say it's a 5-5 after what I just saw.
  3. K7L33THA
    3rd best MK stream ever behind Final Round and Evo 2k11!
  4. Syntsui
    I just want to see anyone else say that this matchup is 5-5. The best sub in the world against the best cage ended up in this carnificine, what a massacre.
  5. swag1
    *still double the prize pot of final round*
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  6. Squeaker101
    Number one CD jr fan right here. If you wanna fight for this title, add me one PSN. (I also am the biggest fan of XBlades and OneBoxyRobot)
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  7. Syntsui
    Hey Raiden's block infinite guy! How are you?
    @topic: Anaheim is going to be crazy with dem runbacks and and coasts feud. Props to all the players tonight.
  8. G4S KT
    So I got 5th in the arena, with maxter winning by the skin of his fucking teeth because I played sloppy and dropped key shit.

    I can't break 4th - 5th... Dominicans and REO keeping me down :(
  9. Syntsui
    Man you need to stop trying to get the reset every time, that cost you several rounds. Good showing tough
  10. garik16
    "5th" huh. More like you came within an inch of going 0-3 :-P. Of course its not like your competition was weak.
  11. G4S KT
    I also came within an inch of going 2-1 and advancing.

    I normally hit that combo 9/10 times.
    Honestly I played pretty poorly in the arena; I'm surprised that REO was the only one who blew me up.
  12. Tomblessor86
    Congrats CD jr & Detroit, That was so fucking hype. When Detroit pick Ermac for buttons checking, i knew CD jr going to be surprised. Good job guys.
  13. Apock
    tom was amazing.
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  14. ZtrideRz
    Where is there videos to these fights..?
  15. ZtrideRz
    Is there any on YouTube that sites stream is really glitchy can't make out what's going on..
  16. Eddy Wang
    WTF was that on the 1st match, who is rian lol, and REO was playing along and scrubbing each other out with 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 hahahahahaha
  17. GGA 16 Bit
    CD Jr is going to get rich off MK. That's awesome.
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  18. DownfouralitY
    CD fuckin Jr.. Can anyone stop him? Certainly not the west coast.
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  19. GGA 16 Bit

    FOXY? :eek:
  20. Gimmick
    REO was looking unstoppable as well until he went up against cdjr's jax. Euro players got a lot of on their plate against the US
  21. PND OmegaK
    I went into watching the grand finals knowing CDJr won and it was still hype as fuck.
  22. ZtrideRz
    That guys Jax is unreal.

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