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    Back on the weekend of 8/25 the UK's biggest gaming festival took place, Insomnia. There were 13 games being played in 3 days including Mortal Kombat 9. Our UK players were in full force with BengmanUK, Phosferrax, Strykie, 12 Gauge, Kosu, Shadow, Moonspell, OmegaK, Circlemasher and of course the condiment brothers, Mustard and Ketchup and more. Below is the stream archive for some of the tournament matches. Not all matches were able to get streamed, so if it looks slightly incomplete, that's why.


    Mortal Kombat tournament footage begins: 5:30,
    Click here to watch!

    Thanks to Ketchup-LK9T9 & Kosu
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  2. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup Team Razer|Cyber Gladiators Staff Member Moderator

    Just a little disclaimer.

    Kosu and Moonspell are from Poland. Not the UK, they traveled a fair way to take part.
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  3. Zwooosh

    Zwooosh Worst Lao Ever.

    Congrats to phos.
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  4. Kosu

    Kosu Noob

    Shadow also is not "random belgium guy" ;)
  5. Kosu

    Kosu Noob

    Hi was most amazig player, for personality and Shang skill!
  6. Zwooosh

    Zwooosh Worst Lao Ever.

    Too bad he's free de la phos.
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  7. Kosu

    Kosu Noob

    Special congratulations for MoonSpell hi is a Shao Khan of polish MK scene! :)
  8. AR-15

    AR-15 Back when Santana used to rock bandannas

    that 1st white commenator is like the deadout version of David Mitchell, entertaining fights tho
  9. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard Team Razer | Cyber Gladiators Premium Supporter

    watching myself drop the winning combo at the end makes me want to bleach my eyeballs.
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  10. Moonspell

    Moonspell "My Pride i Obey" Premium Supporter

    Well, i stopped counting My drops after two fights lol.
    My rusty out dated Kabal was awful. The only reason i was able to poll this off was thanks to Kosu - I've been along with him since a year now. I also had the great opportunity to have best Sektor player as my close neighbor and he is our friend. Without these two guys that Kabal wont stood a chance.

    Next time we play, I will come prepared with Kabal and own controller.

    STORMS - Thanks buddy!
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  11. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard Team Razer | Cyber Gladiators Premium Supporter

    yeah but you're kabal so dropping combos isnt important *Kappa*

    in all seriousness though congrats on the win, sorry we couldnt hang out afterwards, we became mad busy very quickly.
  12. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup Team Razer|Cyber Gladiators Staff Member Moderator

    Hey MoonSpell

    You guys ever going to upload those FT5's? Be cool to watch them back considering not much else was streamed.
  13. BenGmanUk

    BenGmanUk Noob

    Great tournament great experience. Gutted I couldn't stay an extra night for beer related shenanigans. Grats to Moonspell good job and a hype final for sure. :)
  14. Moonspell

    Moonspell "My Pride i Obey" Premium Supporter

    Yeah, We will upload everything we got. Its all on Shadow's Laptop HDD now. He's got a kid and frustrating girl around so it will take him some time to get it all rollin' on YT.

    But, we will have everything xD

    Thanks guys for coming. It was an honer to play and get through EU's best players that made to EVO, though am still sad that UFG and Foxy couldnt make it. I wanted to play them badly...
    Maybe on next tournament I will have the opportunity. All I need is two more to close my "list". Looking forward to see those guys there - and the rest of You as well.

    One more thing:
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  15. trustinme

    trustinme xbl-OBS trustinme

    nice vid,been looking this for was nice to finally see some footage of phos's shang,(hasnt got a patch on mine though lol) all i can say is your all lucky i was in st lucia when this was going to try and make it to something soon,looking forward to getting last place.
  16. Playpal

    Playpal Noob

    1:19:27 dat 2 frames of invincibility.

    Grand finals were tense, good shit to moonspell. Such an uncanny ability to avoid nets. Not understanding why Mustard is using dash d3 to avoid iagb though. Dash crouch block works the same and no risk of being whiff punished.
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  17. Metzos

    Metzos Ultimate Destruction Staff Member Moderator Premium Supporter

    Nice, gonna check them when i have the chance. Good stuff UK.
  18. Moonspell

    Moonspell "My Pride i Obey" Premium Supporter

    UK = Good Stuff
    Poland = Great Stuff

    Hell yeah! \666/
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  19. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup Team Razer|Cyber Gladiators Staff Member Moderator

    I'm not being biased. But I was the most impressed with Mustard at this one.

    Taking a 7-3 matchup down to the very last round AND resetting the bracket was the biggest achievement of the tournament imo.
  20. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup Team Razer|Cyber Gladiators Staff Member Moderator

    Better to not take the chance to get hit by the gasblast due to the fact you're blocking. D3 makes it 100% duck the gasblast.
  21. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard Team Razer | Cyber Gladiators Premium Supporter

    trial and error, d3 avoids the blast every time which was my main concern, but i dont have any kabal players to practise with so i didnt know there was a better option.
  22. nothing more to say.
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  23. fr stack

    fr stack day 1 phenomenal grab immune

    go 12 gauge reppin dat irish racism :D
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  24. BenGmanUk

    BenGmanUk Noob

    They're after me lucky charms! :D

    Sent from my HTC Desire S using Tapatalk 2
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    STRYKIE Oh if only you knew...

    First time I've seen most of this after the tournament since I was commentating and I had to keep it kinda civil lol, nothing worse than having your tournament life fucked over by this game's lazily programmed, wonky input detection. Was a fun weekend tough, good to see/meet everyone and congrats once again to MoonSpell , hope you're having fun with that stick that would've come in handy :p
    Put 2 and 2 together and you'll figure out I know first hand how it feels man. :( Still in awe of you though, nobody else in the community can say they've come that close to winning 3 majors in a row. :)

    (for anyone curious, I was on match point during that round, the 1st game wasn't streamed)
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