Toryuken! Stream Archive of Pools and Team Battle, Reminder for Toryuken and Console Combat Streams

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    Well, while for wait for today's Mortal Kombat from both Road to Evo event, Toryuken and also Ohio's Console Combat, how about some stream archive footage? I'll put this stuff in order so it's easier for everyone to check out and go to.


    • Toryuken Pools via this link beginning at about 5:05:00
    • Toryuken Team Battle (ended up being 8v8, I believe), that is also this link and it starts at 9:41:00 with BlueNINE (US) vs Playpal (Canada) to start it off... and boy, if you haven't watched this yet, Playpal has some surprises for you!
    • Today @ 4PM: Okay, now to what it going to be LIVE today... Toryuken, Mortal Kombat 9 Top 8: To be streamed Sunday 5/20/12 at 4PM - 6PM via Main Stream
    • Today @ 6:30PM: And you thought that was it! Well, it's not. Console Combat w/ Michelangelo is today! And guess what, this is set to beggin right around the time Toryuken's MK9 Top 8 is set to end.. Mortal Kombat as per their stream schedule will begin around 6:30 PM via Console Combat. Click here to view the full event details. Attend if you can! Watch the stream, of course!
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, May 20, 2012.

  1. GrandMasterson
    Insuperable's Quan Chi absolutely blew me away. Mad respect.
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  2. n9195v
    Yeah I second that . My hats off to Insuperable .
  3. General M2Dave
    Console Combat turn out is looking very good for MK.

    Notable players to be in attendance:

    - MichaelAngelo
    - THTB
    - Master D.
    - Playing 2 Win

    And many more.

    Tune in after REO wins Toryuken. LOL.

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