Top 16 Set at Winter Brawl 6 for MK9!!

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by The Ghost of Tim Static, Feb 18, 2012.


Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by The Ghost of Tim Static, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Z-911-Z
    "You are now following Sonic Fox".
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  2. cedenike
    can't wait to see more sonic fawx:cool:
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  3. The Ghost of Tim Static
    Updated with Pool 5 & 6 results.
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  4. Juggs
    Sawnik Fawx is the fighting game prodigy! He's top 16 in MK and top 8 in SC5! Oh and he's 13 yrs old.
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  5. Pig Of The Hut
    I hate how peOple say FOX came out of nowhere

    Hah no he didn't

    We all know him on ps3/clans/etc
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  6. General M2Dave
    How many pools are there?

    And who is Sonic Fox using?

    Thanks for the updates, Tim.
  7. crosstalk
    Fox was using Mileena in the tournament and Sonya in casuals. Oh and I guess he played Viola in SC.
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  8. garik16
    Maxter used Striker in finals of his pool too.
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  9. BuddthaGreat
    Mane I can't wait for the videos
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  10. Juggs
    Online players aren't known, lol.
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  11. Zoidberg747
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  12. The Ghost of Tim Static
    Which proves nothing else matters until you come off the cable and prove it. :coffee:
  13. Zangrief
    So is top 16 tonight?
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  14. Zoidberg747
    This X10000. Now I just need a major to be in Dallas...

    and not totally suck.
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  15. Protagonist_1
    Sonic was amazing, can't wait to see his gameplay tomorrow!
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  16. The Ghost of Tim Static
    Texas Showdown in Houston, April 6-8th. GET THERE BRO! :p
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  17. Zoidberg747
    that is 6 hours away, not possible for me lol.

    I may make it out to a major like next year or this summer, but right now with school and basketball it just is not happening.
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  18. Protagonist_1
    Sonic is no joke, can't wait to see him in the future. Is he sponsered yet? If no...then why the hell not?
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  19. DarKNaTaS
  20. garik16
    Top 8 winners is set. Tell me if you've heard of these guys:
    CD Jr
    Crazy Dominican

    (In Losers T12 now are Brady, Sawnic, Tom Brady, and Death)
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  21. The Ghost of Tim Static
    Couldnt have got it started and done right without Blackula. :)
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  22. Ironsoulsmasher
    WHY and HOW does tom always end up facing arturo in these important matches. I'm tired of seeing sabin being the one that removes tom from a tournament almost every fucking tournament he's in.
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