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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by 9.95, Nov 21, 2009.

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    They are on sale until the 26th so I guess the prices will rise after :(.
  2. Satan

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    They have a small sale going on too. I haven't tried a Qanba before, but heard some good reactions about their sticks.
  3. -Deadman-

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    I'm looking for an online provider for aluminum bat-tops, however I need one that offers them in White
    Tried Dragon Joystick, but they only have Black and Silver. Help me keep an eye out guys. My Lili project must be pimp as possible
  4. zee

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    I recently had a custom Hitbox built by DaRabidDuckie. It consists of an acrylic case by Tek Innovations, a Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB, a Toodles SOCD cleaner and all Sanwa buttons.

    The red switch on the side interchanges the functions of the LB/L1 button with the Back/Select button to allow for jab plinking (aka b-linking) in SSF4. Although Duckie most likely won't be working on clear cases anymore, I am extremely happy with this build, and it's a pleasure to play on!

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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  5. Red Reaper

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    How much did this cost?
  6. zee

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    Red Reaper Custom sticks always tend to run on the expensive side. This was no different than an equivalent arcade stick, quotes of which you should be able to find easily.
  7. Red Reaper

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    I expected that. Was just wondering how much you personally got it for.. If you kan remember and are willing to tell me of course.

    Buttons are cheaper than a stick but the custom layout is also a factor.
  8. zee

    zee Icy

    Red Reaper A stick vs. buttons isn't a huge difference, really. :p The company I referred to that sells these acrylic cases also has an option for a Hitbox layout when you're placing an order. Regardless, as a direct answer, this dual modded & b-link capable sexiness ran me in the mid 300s.
  9. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    Kool. I wouldn't think they would have the Hitbox Layout since, if I remember korrectly, it's patented.
  10. KRYS9984

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    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to know if I could your honest input regarding stick options I've been considering for a while.

    In the past I've always played fighting games on stick (I was an arcade junkie) but decided to switch over to pad for Mortal Kombat 9. After much though, I think it would be ideal to have a fightstick at my disposal; not having one restricts me from playing other fighting games that (imho) do require one.

    I was tempted to purchase the Injustice: Battle Edition because the game and stick for $149.99 is an excellent deal, however, the lack of information regarding the sticks components has me second guessing the option. I do prefer the bat-top and concave buttons but that's all we know so far. Some people complained that the MK9 stick was sub-par and required some modding so to me, those are warning signs. Any thoughts on this?

    My budget is $150.00 (CAD) and only need a PS3 / PC compatible, no XBOX dual mod.

    I've been looking at the Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA "Kai"; I can get it for $135.00 shipped to my door and I've read on SRK that this model is good and has no reported problems.


    I've read some reviews on both but would like some additional feedback / opinion from my trusted TYM community.

    Is this a good bang for my buck or does anyone have additional suggestions. Remember, I live in Canada and shipping could be a little higher.

    Thank in advance.
  11. _xFriction

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    get a used hitbox

    ToX you still got that?
  12. zee

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    KRYS9984 That Hori looks pretty great, actually; it has all Sanwa parts and good design features. I wish they had more info regarding the button remapping, because if you can map Select onto a face button, you can plink with Select in SSF4 (if that is of any importance to you). Honestly, I wouldn't look further if this fit my budget and needs. ^_^
  13. Nucking Futs!

    Nucking Futs! Love me some arcade sticks!

    IMHO, both PDP MK sticks (TE & Klassic) are quality stuff. FWIW, I'm very anal about the quality, fit & finish of arcade sticks. I was VERY surprised PDP made such a quality stick. I've had both sticks since both of their launch dates & never had an issue. The only rant/prob I've ever heard about these sticks is that they're somewhat a PITA to dual-mod. Also, the TE version has E-switches (easily replaced) whereas the Klassick version has Cherry microswitches (much better!). If I wasn't so lazy then I'd change out the Happ Comp stick (for an iL Euro stick) & the microswitches. For the Klassic stick, I'd just change out the Happ Comp.

    The HRAP V3-SA Kai edition is great! IMHO, it's my fav stick for less than $150 USD. I've had the original V3-SA & now this Kai edition. Only complaints I've ever heard (with the original) was that it's somewhat light (4.88-pounds) & the matte artwork can get damage over time due to sweat & scratches (rings & nails). The weight's fine (at least for me it is) since I'm a tabletop player (versus being a lap player) & I also don't move around all over the place when playing. Some peeps just put coins in the corners to add weight. As for the artwork (of the original), I've never had issues with it but the Kai edition makes it even better for those that sweat easily and/or have long nails & wears rings.

    I prefer Japanese components (Sanwa & Seimitsu) over Happ & iL since they're much more sensitive & less travel for button presses (smaller deadzone for joystick levers as well). I like the Madcatz TE-series (I've had most of them) but the V3-SA series is my fav (under $150 USD) is because the wrist rest angle is much more comfy after an extended 30+ min gaming session. Let me know if you have additional questions or need pics from certain angles.

    You can map "Select" to the face button's, "Start" & also L3 & R3 to the face buttons, "L1" & "L2" buttons.
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  14. KRYS9984

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    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up (if you haven't seen it yet). is offering $60.00 off certain Madcatz fightsticks:

    I also wanted to give an update regarding the recent post I made.

    I actually got a chance to try out the Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA "Kai" and it was a little underwhelming. The stick felt light, the case felt thin and I couldn't get accustomed to the typical Street Fighter layout as seen on all the Madcatz fightsticks. I'm really used to playing on a straight button layout (as seen on most arcade cabinets) or arc shape where the 4 center buttons are slightly raised from the left / right ones.

    I decided to take a chance and put in a pre-order for the Injustice Battle Edition; hopefully the PDP stick will deliver and won't require mods to get it running smoothly. However, the Gameshark deals seem really good and I don't want to pass up the offers. The most appealing option (to my taste) seems to be the Soul Calibur Soul Edition Stick because of it's button configuration and larger space between the stick / buttons.

    Does anyone have any hands on experience with it and can share their thought of this item out of the box without any mods?

    Tim Static CaliJokerstyle mine is broken I noticed you showed images / mentioned this stick in previous posts, any thoughts?
  15. CaliJokerstyle

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    I love my soul edition. great stick and easy to mod in my opinion. The buttons are well spaced and it does work well for MK though i pad play mk. If it is your first stick you cant go wrong at all it is a very sturdy high quality stick. i still use it from time to time though i now have an Eight arc which is my main stick. Still for the price and quality you cant beat the soul Edition KRYS9984
  16. CaliJokerstyle

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    btw here is my new baby i got for my bday. Had to spoil myself.

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    Copy&Paste your post in here & I'll tweet it out:
  18. Nucking Futs!

    Nucking Futs! Love me some arcade sticks!

    The HRAP V3-SA Kai edition stick weighs 4.88-pounds while the Madcatz SCV stick weighs ~6.25-pounds so unless you're throwing it all over the place when in use, it shouldn't be a prob. Then again, I'm a table-top player (versus a lap player) so it has no effect on me unless a stick's insanely light (such as those 2-pound tiny dreamGEAR Micro or flimsy Exar sticks) but I can somewhat see if it having more of an effect for lap players. Even then, the wrist rest angle of the V3-SA is much more comfy for extended periods of play but that's just me. Keep in mind the V3-SA Kai edition has a modified Vewlix layout in the sense that the spacing between the joystick lever & the left-most buttons has a bigger gap (I'd say ~0.5" - 0.75") versus the regular Vewlix layout.

    Nowadays, no arcade stick manufacturer (besides X-Arcade but I don't recommend their products) uses the straight SF button layout although you can always get a custom panel replacement and/or have a custom builder commission you a stick with this layout. The layout you couldn't get use to is called the Vewlix layout which most sticks have nowadays although within the last year or so, the Namco Noir layout (aka Sega Astro City; the arc button layout you're referring to) has been making a comeback mainly due to Soul Calibur 5, Dead or Alive 5 & Tekken Tag Tournament 2. In terms of currently in production sticks, it's on the Madcatz SCV, Madcatz TTT2, Hori SCV, Hori DOA5, Hori VF5 FS, Hori TTT2, Hori Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs, Hori Fighting Edge, eTokki Omni & one or two other sticks I can't think of off the top of my head right now (just woke up). If you can be patient then the Madcatz SCV goes on sale randomly. I've seen it as low as $70 (Amazon but that was a one-time thing lasting a few hours) while NewEgg had it for $80 shipped recently. Keep in mind for the Gameshark (Madcatz official site) sale, you have to add cost of shipping (~$10 from what I remember) & tax in addition to it being on sale for $100.

    As for the Madcatz SCV stick, I had one recently but sold it since I tried to get back into the Namco Noir layout (it came out before the Vewlix layout) but just couldn't do it. It's all personal preference since whatever you're most comfy with in terms of the button layout. IMHO, this stick's the most gorgeous one Madcatz has available with that crazy looking 3-tone (blue, smoke & red) translucent case. If I already didn't have way too many sticks then I would've considered keeping it & replacing the top panel for a Vewlix. It's a great quality stick if you prefer the Namco Noir layout. If you're going for a full-size all-Sanwa Madcatz stick then go with the TE (or TE-S or TE-S+) or the V.S. models instead of the Fightstick Pro lineup because those feel subpar (to me) & have had random quality control issues (check the thread on SRK).

    Regarding the Injustice Battle Edition stick, PDP still hasn't announced which manufacturer they're using for the components but we should hear more soon since it's coming out in April as you know. FWIW, both of their 2 prior sticks (MK TE & MK Klassic) used Suzo-Happ (although the MK TE used decent E-switches while the MK Klassic used superior Cherry switches). Based on the high resolution pics I posted on SRK, I think they're going to use Sanwa components in addition to the already known Namco Noir layout but we'll see. And it's a good thing you pre-ordered it because it's a Gamestop exclusive & there probably won't be many for sale after it gets released since sales of the MK sticks didn't do too well but then again, that might've been attributed to the button layout of MK (not a good choice for other fighting games). I should probably cave in & pre-order here soon too, LOL!
  19. KRYS9984

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    Nucking Futs!

    Thank you very much for your previous posts; he information you've provided will help a great deal in my decision to purchase the ideal stick(s).

    The modified layout on the "Kai" model was a lot more comfortable than the standard one. Even the Street Fighter / SFxT models are still too close for comfort and as I mentioned, the viewlix layout does not feel natural as opposed to the noir layout (imo).

    Ideally, I would like to keep the items stock and potentially swap out minor parts such as the joystick and buttons. The artwork on both the SCV and Injustice sticks are really nice and I don't have an issue in that department, my main focus is comfort and button layout / case construction.

    I've also heard people say that the Injustice stick appears to have Sanwa parts (even though not confirmed). If this is the case, I'm more than happy and will use this as my main controller for fighting games that require one (MK is fine to play on pad and Injustice seems the same).

    I still feel like I should pick up the SCV stick just because it's constructed well, has an ideal layout and an excellent price for a quality product. I actually got to see one in person last week during offline casuals and was completely blown away at how beautiful it was. I was feeling rushed to jump on the SCV deal on GameShark, but I found a seller on Ebay who is offering it (has 10 in stock) for a lower price and this buys me some time. As mentioned, I am located in Canada and sometimes the crazy deals on Amazon and Newegg do not apply to the Canadian versions which seem to have a lot less stock / inventory listed.

    One last question, I haven't had much hands on experience with the newer generation sticks seeing as my last one was the SNES Capcom Power Fighter Stick from the 90's (which I still have and works well). I just wanted to know how I can make a stock madcatz stick feel like the american style arcade cabinets / components? I played on the MK TE stick and really love the stiffer spring return, multiple direction capability and obviously the bat-top. I've seen (and like) the Sanwa bat-top conversion kit but the clicky, sensitive joystick turns me off. If I'm not mistaken, Suzo Happ components don't really work on Madcatz products without having to do a big overhaul. I'm really looking for input regarding the right combination of replacement parts such as a new joystick or a stiffer spring for quick return, etc.....

    Thanks again Nucking Futs and to @CaliJokerstyle as well. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  20. Nucking Futs!

    Nucking Futs! Love me some arcade sticks!

    No prob! That's cool, to each their own regarding which button layout since it's all personal preference. Completely forgot you mentioned in an earlier post you live in Canada. That SNES CPFS was my very first ball-top joystick lever I've ever used. Hated it at first but now I appreciate it very much so.

    As for the questions regarding how to make the Japanese sticks feel stiffer (LOL!), you can always replace the spring in the Sanwa JLF (assuming you get this stock) with a stiffer one from Seimitsu and/or combine two springs in one. Or you can just go to your local hardware store to do trial & error until you're satisfied. If you don't want the clicking sound every time you move the joystick lever & can justify the price then the silent Sanwa JLF stick would be ideal although they cost $70+ (compared to ~$25 for a regular JLF). FWIW, Sanwa also makes silent buttons (foam padding inside the buttons) but they;re a few dollars more per button (~$3 vs ~$5). Unfortunately, you can't mount a Suzo-Happ (though I recommend an iL Comp instead if you're going this route) aka American-style joystick lever in a Madcatz TE stick due to the height requirement (it's too tall so won't fit in these cases). However, if you go the custom route with a builder, it'll be possible to mix & match (iL Comp joystick lever with Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons & vice-versa).
  21. Son ov Timett

    Son ov Timett Bork, No Jin

    I ordered a Sanwa Silent Stick through Arcade Shock last night. I had no idea they were based out of Los Angeles. Thanks for the recommendation Nucking Futs!
  22. Nucking Futs!

    Nucking Futs! Love me some arcade sticks!

    No prob! I completely forgot to mention Paradise Arcade Shop is legit too! They have a kit that includes all of the components of the silent JLF & a few bonus items (bigger actuator, circular & octo gate inserts, etc.) for $55 plus shipping (for reference, the silent JLF by itself cost $70+). Also, they've got two other options if you want to convert your standard JLF into a silent JLF.
  23. Son ov Timett

    Son ov Timett Bork, No Jin

    I have unsavory experiences with Paradise tbh. The problems arise with the fact that the man behind the operation lets his wife mail out the packages. On two separate occasions she mailed out the wrong product, one time in which, she sent a Sanwa JLF instead of the ordered Seimitsu LS-32. They're on the up and up though.
  24. Nucking Futs!

    Nucking Futs! Love me some arcade sticks!

    Well, that's no bueno! Yeah, I know he lets his wife run the storefront while he mainly handles the backend (designs, orders from distributors, etc.). $hit happens once in a while, as long as they resolve the problem. FWIW, Arcade Shock & I had a misunderstanding regarding my last order (I wasn't specific enough & they should've contacted me prior to shipping) but it was resolved amicably so I'm happy.
  25. Robotic Shark

    Robotic Shark you can never have too much honey

    I just bought a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX Premium used for $150 wanted to know if this stick is any good
    looked at there site and they are selling it for $430 so I think it might be good but I wanted to know yalls opinions

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