The Stanley Parable

Discussion in 'Komedy Central' started by LEGEND, Sep 20, 2012.


    LEGEND YES! Premium Supporter

    I know this is old, but if you haven't seen/played it trust me, Its worth experiencing

    if you start watching DO NOT STOP.

    pay attention and enjoy ;)

  2. Playpal

    Playpal Noob

    why would you watch this? Just download the mod for free and play it yourself.

    LEGEND YES! Premium Supporter

    it is much easier to share this way and in the end there is little difference
  4. Playpal

    Playpal Noob

    I disagree, the effect would be stronger if the game was played.
  5. Euphoric

    Euphoric MKX Premium Supporter

    WTF is this shit, one of my friends randomly posted "The Stanley Parable" on his wall and we were like WTF dude?

    LEGEND YES! Premium Supporter

    if you have a pc you can download it for free, if you have a Mac you have to own HL2 in order to download it

    Either way, its worth experiencing in one way or another

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