Stryker Wins a Tournament, Courtesy of VSM Maxter

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Feb 11, 2012.

  • by STORMS, Feb 11, 2012 at 10:57 PM

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    The results are in for the Top 3 at the Kombat Network Mortal Kombat 9 tournament hosted by 9.95. With a very surprising and very refreshing outcome, VSM Maxter wins the tournament with, yes, Stryker! In a very intense Grand Finals match vs his brother Crazy Dominican, Maxter just showed everyone that Stryker can win. And your top three are!

    1. VSM Maxter
    3. SwiftTomHanks
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. gdf
    Congrats to Maxter.
  2. Mikemetroid
    Damn! A week before I was going to do it at WB.
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  3. UsedForGlue
    Any archive footage?
  4. Crathen
    Good shit Maxter.
  5. Pig Of The Hut
    Maxter (loved the stryker and cyrax, loved the new tools w cyrax) looked great as did CD (scary kit) but damn SwiftTomHanks for the #1 ermac?

    best ive seen so far as well as against top competition

    STH was 5% away from winning it against CD - Great stuff man - ermac covers a lot of MU sektor has issues w
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  6. Pig Of The Hut
    For those keeping score at home

    Stryker - 1
    Cyrax - 0

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  7. GrandMasterson

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  8. Seapeople

    Good stuff Maxter.
  9. Via_Negativa
    it's all those grenade's gun's and tazer's. Typical cheating fucking police shit...
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  10. 1man3letters
    good stuff maxter

    proves the point ANY char can win tournies, jade raka sindel ANYONE!
  11. G4S KT
    I can't make it to ONE tournament and the entire order of the fucking universe is upset!?
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  12. gdf
  13. Rampage254
    I really hope I don't see a shit load of Strykers online.I felt special being one of the very few to use him.
  14. Bidu
    Holy shit.... lol
  15. GrandMasterson
    Highly doubtful. Even after CDjr proved Jax's worth a while ago, I still barely ever see Jax online.
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  16. PND_Ketchup
    I expect to see stryker in everyones top 5 in a month or two.
  17. Rampage254
    Yea, I hope no one really uses him, cause then people are gonna say I jumped on the bandwagon.
    I guess Stone Cold told Vince the news, didn't think he was srs:

    ..Jokes aside, nice one Maxter. :)
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  19. Vulcan Hades
    There you go. Hope everyone sees why I keep saying Stryker is viable now.

    Thanks for repping Stryker. :)
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  20. AYSAMO
    Stryker is underrated, I use him a lot against kabal and other zoning match-ups. GJ Maxter
  21. Angel Oleander

    And since when did The Swift One join the Many? Awesome :D :D :D.

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