Starting a sacramento offline scene. Bay area folks welcome as well as central valley

Discussion in 'Pacific North' started by H2O FARMER, May 23, 2011.


    H2O FARMER Crazy 88 king

    Follow this thread for updates
  2. Aldalome

    Aldalome New Member

    Awesome, this is so close to where I live. Definitely making it out to next event you do.
  3. The_SNKE

    The_SNKE BLT | RM

    My parents just moved to Elk Grove so I'll be in the area most weekends. I think Sunrise Blvd. is only like 13mi. from where they live :)
  4. BeefyLevinson

    BeefyLevinson New Member

    Yo, what times are your tournaments? Casuals? Give us an update man, or PM me.
  5. EduardimusPrime

    EduardimusPrime Arashikage

    Big props to you , Farmer for hosting that last tournament! Bummed I had to leave early, but it was well worth it to see that there's actually a pretty decent community in norcal. Let me know when you're having casuals. I don't really know anyone in the area that plays MK.
  6. Odoyle

    Odoyle Active Member

    Will there be another tournament anytime soon? I'm no Marvez or Wrath but I still had a ton of fun at the last one. :)
  7. rpg

    rpg Horror Specialist

    Hopefully there is one so i can go to it.. =D
  8. Aldalome

    Aldalome New Member

    Seems like we've got a number of people looking forward to an event
  9. demonlos

    demonlos New Member

    Just wanted to let you Sac cats know about this tournament that will be held in your area (Davis) on Oct 22 and 23rd. MK9 will be there! Rep! Check the site for more info.
  10. Mattman

    Mattman Warlock Nerd

    Im from fresno, i would love to attend every time if it werent for the typical hindrances (money, transportation, etc.). I have gathered up a small group of players from here and were going to meet up for casuals for the first time tonight! So hopefully we can put our heads together and figure something out.
  11. EduardimusPrime

    EduardimusPrime Arashikage

    Hosting some Sacramento MK casuals on Monday the 10th (columbus day) from noon to 4. I'm limiting it to 10people so I have 9 more spots open. I live downtown and since it's a week day we can all go out for happy hour afterwards. There's lots of great places for happy hour near my house, so it'll be fun grab a byte and talk shop.

    PM me if you're interested and I'll put you on the list. Also if you want to add me on facebook search for Eduardo Benjamin Jiron and add me, so I can send you an event invite.
  12. EduardimusPrime

    EduardimusPrime Arashikage

    I know there hasn't been a whole lot of activity on his thread, but I thought I'd let all you locals know I'll be hosting another casual game day on Sunday the 16th. Shoot me a pm if you're interested and I'll give you more details.
  13. phage

    phage New Member

    I'll be there for sure.
  14. Ermac Dre

    Ermac Dre AKA SaikyoStyle

    Hey guys, I'm expecting some of you to attend Dromstruction in Davis this weekend.

    I'll most likely be commentating since my buddies at FinestKO are streaming and don't know crap about the game.

    See you guys there.
  15. rpg

    rpg Horror Specialist

    Well how did it turn out?
  16. Ermac Dre

    Ermac Dre AKA SaikyoStyle

    High level play despite a low turnout. We also had Tom Brady stream monstering it up sometime during the tournament.
  17. EduardimusPrime

    EduardimusPrime Arashikage

    That's awesome! Nice to see there's at least a little activity up here. Thinking about hosting casuals on the First or second Saturday of every month. looking for some committed players that are willing to make it a regular thing. Also thinking about starting a facebook page for the norcal scene if there isn't one already, but any ideas are welcome if you guys think it might gain us some momentum. Made a trip down to Oakland last weekend and had some really good matches. Looking forward to playing more MK in the coming months. Pm me if you're interested or have any questions.
  18. phage

    phage New Member

    Yeah, I'm always down to rep the dirty cop as long as school permits.
  19. H2O FARMER

    H2O FARMER Crazy 88 king

    Sup guys. I've had quite a full plate lately so I apologize about the lack of updates and events.

    I was thinking about starting some type of ranbat league for our area what do you guys think about it?

    Also to anyone who has been or still plans on attending any future events please post in here that you still play. Wanna get an idea of how many guys we still got. The last event had over 30.
  20. Marvaz

    Marvaz Basedgod

    so wtf sac?? lets hold a tourney again b4 i leave again. next weekend??
  21. H2O FARMER

    H2O FARMER Crazy 88 king

    Why dont you call or text me Mario.You know Im rarely on here.
  22. EduardimusPrime

    EduardimusPrime Arashikage

    Posted this on MKU earlier, but i wanna get this on all the big MK sites. Saw the norcal scene didn't have a facebook, so I threw one together real quick. Just another way for us all to keep in touch. The more exposure the better. Hopefully we can get more casuals and tourneys soon. I'm willing and able to organize something with some help of course.
  23. ninjay

    ninjay Active Member

    Hey guys. I am organizing a major tourney in Sacramento May 5-6. We will be playing AE, UMvC3, KOF, SFxT SCV, and maybe skull girls. This is also going to be streamed by Finest KO. I havent thought about adding MK, because I dont really know how big of a scene NorCal has for it.

    I would like to add MK to the list of games, but since I am already planning 8 or 9 different tourneys, I dont think I can do it by myself. Is there anyone I can talk to about possibly organizing the MK tourney for me? I dont know if we will have to time to add the top 8 or Grand Finals, but I would like for it to be there to help support the scene.

    If anyone is interested, please email me [email protected]
  24. KamikazeJD

    KamikazeJD Makes women fap

    u mind if I shoot this to mku? I think I saw this on srk.
  25. Marvaz

    Marvaz Basedgod

    WTF sac town. Anyone EVER going to host a tourney!??? Im itching to get some offline comp soon. Someone announce something. Please.

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