Skarlet Combo Compilation by Chile's WLK_Edward

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    Sent to us by the very respectable Kung Lao master from Chile, ETC McFly shares with us a Skarlet combo compilation performed by a friend and competitor of his, WLK_Edward. WLK_Edward is the present champion of Chile's WGC tournament, which is one of Chile's biggest events. WLK_Edward showcases Skarlet in many fashions whether it be solo or picking a unique tag partner to get the job done. See how Chile uses the 'blood Queen'.

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  2. Yeaa that corner otg reset is stolen lol good shit yo!
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  3. Red Raptor

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    Glad you got frontpaged WLK_EdwarD and again very nice and entertaining combo vid. ;)
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  4. KGA Kinetic Sapphire

    KGA Kinetic Sapphire *KANZUKI GOON SQUAD*

    Good shit Edward! I don't play tag myself, but it was interesting to see the different tag combos with Skarlet,...character pairs that some of those who usually play tag may have never considered before, may do so now!!
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  5. Puchi


    Genio Edward!
    Que bueno ver mas de Skarlet a mi parecer un personaje para nada explotado con mucho pontencial.
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  6. MKR

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    Could you please upload any other video website cause youtube not works in Pakistan
  7. ETC Mcfly

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  8. Eddy Wang

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  9. WLK_EdwarD

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    Thank you so much @STORMS ! and guys for u comments , i hope u like the video and the combo. The next video most be better ! ><
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  10. jephro

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    Always a good fun watch, keep em coming :)

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