Shang Tsung's Fight Night IV Pictures/Footage...

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by YourMKArcadeSource, Jun 29, 2014.


Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by YourMKArcadeSource, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. EGP Wonder_Chef
    The incredible thing is how still in shape so many of these guys are.
    So many legends right there.
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  3. Swindle
    This warms my cold heart.
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  4. GGA Jeremiah
    So many fans came out. I see proof that MK is still super popular. So many people were so happy to see the actors out. It was a lot of fun.
  5. mortal_jason

    Awesome pics man! I heard you and MK2_Divine had some good games on the MK2 machine? He's solid with everyone.
    I watched the tournament on live stream, didn't see you in it though.

    My apologies to Moe, who Divine beat in the Finals. Didn't mean to trash talk you on the chat, bud.
    Just want to see more good players on ps3 :)
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  6. Braindead
    Sonya is still hawt.
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  7. Moonspell
    Awesome, life will go on, we will live and die and MK will be still one of best selling franchise.
  8. Swindle
    Congrats on the win, MoonSpell
  9. Pterodactyl
    Jax and Sonya really kept it together over the years.
  10. YourMKArcadeSource

    Yeah. We talked for a while and had some good games. He mentioned you and I said something like "oh, yeah. He's kicked my ass on more than one occasion. His sister too." He was pretty cool.

    He beat Moe? Wow. Good for him. I didn't stay for the tournaments. They didn't start till 11pm and I had to drive 10 hours back to Wichita the next morning....which will begin in about an hour from now.
  11. JAP
  12. VenomX-90
    Awesome, REfuckingSPECT!
  13. ERR0R MACR0
    This looked like a cool event
  14. mortal_jason
    Yeah he beat Moe 2-1 in the Finals.
    I was surprised they started the tournaments so late.
    Guess everyone was having too much fun with the MK actors!
  15. CrimsonShadow

    This picture is awesome :D

    The baby's facial expression is my favorite part. He's like "If I can just make it to that pizza over there, everything will be golden"
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  16. Frantastic23
    Kerri Hoskins can still get it. :cool:

    I'll definitely give her a modified version of the :REO
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  17. Eddy Wang
    Too godlike, i can't take it, someone grab me, grab me!!!
  18. VenomX-90
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  19. GGA Dizzy
    Brian Glynn and John Parrish (Shao khan and jax) are still really swole
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