Rumor: Second Injustice DLC Season Pass Leaked

Discussion in 'DLC Discussion / Requests' started by Mulder, May 12, 2013.

  • by Mulder, May 12, 2013 at 5:23 PM
  • Mulder

    Mulder Noob

    Well from the same guy who leaked Doomsday and the remaining DLC comes a new leak. According to him after digging around the season pass data he found this-


    It seems that the meanings of the four in order are - Martian Manhunter, Red Hood, Power Girl, and Sub-Zero. Is it true or not? You be the judge.

    EDIT: Thanks to Chainsaw for bringing this to my attention.


    Scroll down a little bit from the top.

    Second Season Pass Rumor Image Article.png

    The above image is taken from the provided link. Again, please note that this is just a rumor and nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

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Discussion in 'DLC Discussion / Requests' started by Mulder, May 12, 2013.

  1. MorbidAltruism
    You should add the link. :16Bit
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  2. kabelfritz
    does anyone actually wanna play as power girl?
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  3. Law Hero
    No. To everything.

    That is all.
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  4. MorbidAltruism
    Yes. I would be simply fascinated to see how she plays. :16Bit
  5. Mr. Mileena
    No Poison Ivy???
    No Starfire???
    No Zatanna???

    Oh hell no, I'm going to have a bitch fit if this is true.
  6. xWEBSx
    Ohh boy.. Here we go....

    I don't care who is in or who is out. I am thoroughly enjoying the game and say.. The more the merrier. If additional passes occur, I commend NRS for continued support of the game.
  7. MakeMeScream
    ... Would it be wrong if I said yes?
  8. MorbidAltruism
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  9. MorbidAltruism
    No. It could only be right coming from you. :oops:
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  10. Mulder
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  11. MakeMeScream
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  12. Mulder
    Starfire wasn't even on the table if the poll is to be believed.
  13. kabelfritz
    absolutely not, then that character makes at least someone happy and is not complete nonsense.
  14. KombatNerd
    I do.
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  15. MorbidAltruism
    She will make tons of people happy. :16Bit
    She will also make tons of people salty. :joker:
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  16. Wemfs
    I don't.
  17. Mulder
    List makes sense though. 3/4 are highly requested.
  18. Wemfs
    This game doesn't need anymore bitches in it.
  19. KombatNerd
    Best of both worlds. :REO
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  20. Kaiology
    This is obviously fake. People, Scorpion and Sub-Zero are fake and probably just placeholders for the two winners of two polls.

    Boon already said NO MK CHARACTERS. Scorps and Zero are most likely Static Shock and someone else. Not to mention, this pass has three heroes and one villain. Sub-Zero would be on the hero side.
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  21. Mulder
    Especially a certain Martian.
  22. Kaiology
    This game doesn't need any clones*

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