Reptile UMK3 19" Statue by PopCultureShockToys

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  • by STORMS, Nov 6, 2012 at 9:08 AM

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    Attention all "Klassics" lovers... here's one to make your day. Reptile in all of his glory from the good old days of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. It's Reptile is possibly his best costume and stance that he ever had. Reptile kept this simple appearance until Mortal Kombat 4 when the tea, began making Reptile look 'less Human' and more of a Reptile. If you ask the average fan though, they'd probably still prefer seeing his Reptile face only when performing a Fatality.

    Be that as it may, this Reptile statue stands at 19 inches tall, comes with a certificate of authenticity and comes with an alternate Reptile head! Have a look!

    View all of the photos, here!

    Credit: s_paulik87
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. BeefSupreme
    Damn these are all fucking bad pricey though.

  2. Rampage254
  3. _xFriction
    $300+ ?!?!?!? was excited till I saw the price.... le sigh
  4. DownfouralitY
    I can only imagine how awesome this is for Reptile players. I hope they release a UMK3 Kabal one!
  5. s_paulik87
    @xFriction_Burnx no need to worry about that it sold out in less than a minute ;) Now everyone who didn't get one will have to worry about spending $600+ for it on eBay
  6. Mothmonsterman0
    OH MY GOD! I'm getting this, home much is it?
  7. s_paulik87
    @Mothmonsterman0 It sold out in 1 minute, the only way you are going to get this is through eBay when it ships out to us and someone is willing to part with one Or find someone on that would be willing to part with it (not very likely)
  8. superbn0va
    y so much $$! this sux for doggy as he collects everything of MK xD
    i would love to c rain with his klassic ninja suit and his klassic winning pose!
  9. Mothmonsterman0
    oh wow....nvm then
  10. AK TylerLantern
    The one that sold out is the one with the lizard face. PCS statues always have exclusive versions that are very limited, then they release a version that is not as limited.
  11. Temp
    Not really feeling the mask. :S
  12. s_paulik87
    Hi Tyler, this was actually only available through PCS website, an exclusive for the site(weird i know) . Limited to 150 this is the ONLY release of Reptile Jerry is doing and the only way to get it was through PCS. It comes with the Reptile Head, and normal head as well as an acid spit that Jerry is sculpting right now. What you are saying is how it usually works, but not this time around =) No sideshow,bbts etc...

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