Tech Rain's 43 teleport into 43 RHC while they are airborn.

Discussion in 'Rain' started by BookBurning, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards


    After testing this for a long time I have to say that this pressure reset is near incredible. The opponent cannot jump out without being caught by a 43 RH and if they block you receive free pressure; on top of that it seems like they need armor to bust through it. It's possible to dodge it with a rollback on wakeup but with a quick dash cancel into 43 RH, it becomes extremely difficult to do anything about it whatsoever.

    Even offline this works amazingly.

    So I was curious Somberness, why exactly is this so good in terms of frames? Can Rain cancel his teleport recovery animation with a move hence lowering the overall frames? That's the only thing I can think of.

    Let me know at your convenience or whenever you have time. Thanks.

    Also, Rain's, START using it.
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  2. Brownie

    Brownie Stay Wet <3
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    Yes I agree this is really good! It's kinda like Smokes tele at the end of a combo. I use it to bait wake ups a lot too. A few characters can wake up out of this though, like Lao and I think Reptile, but other than that... God like!
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  3. Samiish04

    Samiish04 Noob

    I'm not sure I understand quite well but if I do as an exemple this
    Combo : 4,3,lightning,uppercut,4,3,bubble,4,3,splash.
    Is what you mean do 4,3 teleport and start 4,3 pressure and not go for
    Damage by doing 4,3,splash ?
  4. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    What I meant is that instead of doing 43 splash as an example, replace it with 43 teleport.
  5. Samiish04

    Samiish04 Noob

    Won't the 4,3,rh punish by Wake up attack ?
  6. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    It seems to have some wonky ass properties and I've stuffed wakeups with it, even offline despite their "invincibility". It depends how quick the wakeup is.
  7. Samiish04

    Samiish04 Noob

    Gonna have to try this out.
  8. AK Smarrgasm

    AK Smarrgasm Based Yellow Shirt
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    This is similar to the jump kick tele ending i posted about a couple weeks ago. With 43 you come out a little slower but you net more damage on the combo. Try out jk tele instead of 43 tele and see what you think about it vs this. Im gonna start using these more cause the RH pressure just isnt cutting it anymore out of a bubble drop.
    I like using JK tele cause it gives you time to get a very easy crossup which makes it even harder for them to get out of.
  9. knoterror

    knoterror Supes-Zero

    Wuhhh? I thought this was common bnb tech. I've been doing this all along.
  10. IKizzLE

    IKizzLE BloodHound

    Wait, are you talking about ending combos with 43~tele?

    Not to be that guy....but.....

    I also have been using it since rain was released. Sorry if I am interpreting it wrong.
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  11. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    No you're exactly on the right track and so have I. It's just that I used to think that it was a simple "Reset" similar to Smokes whiffed teleport on wakeup but much better. The point is it needed attention called to it specifically; I've been doing it, you've been doing it and others have but for the most part I'm sure that the majority of Rain players had no idea. Plus the fact that it can and *has* stuffed wakeups seems to make it unique and I want it looked into.
  12. AK Smarrgasm

    AK Smarrgasm Based Yellow Shirt
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    Book is just reiterating how good it can be. A lot of rains will end their combos with splash or bubble drops and this is just another option that has certain advantages. This has been known for a while but never really explored like he is saying.
  13. Enenra

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    The Rain player in me just came all over my computer.
  14. Somberness

    Somberness Lights
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    I don't think there is anything special about it, ending with teleport off of it leaves you at around neutral if an immediate wake up is done. The invincibility will depend on when the 4 hits. Ending with 4 teleport gives you more advantage than 43 but less damage. With punch attacks in general, even more than that. I just realized his teleport switches sides faster if done in the air, so I need to add that info. It's really hard to do an instant air teleport as low as possible so I hope I can get the range right.
  15. AK Smarrgasm

    AK Smarrgasm Based Yellow Shirt
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    Thats what im saying about Jk-tele. Since it is an air tel it recovers faster. Why does it feel like no one listened to me when i made the thread about it? sombreness, is there any way to see what kind of advantage you might be at after a jk-tele ender vs all the other options?
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    I listened to you :3 But it is the Rain forum. There is a grand total of like 8 people here.
  17. RM GamerBlake

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    Make that nine people.

    Nice post, BookBurning.
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  18. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    I've actually never done it but am going to test it here in two seconds. Thanks for the headsup. :) And thanks Sonya Blake
  19. Somberness

    Somberness Lights
    Premium Supporter

    Why not go for damage? You'd be at more advantage than a ground attack but I don't know what you could do with it.. Without knowing much about him, I think I'd always go for bubble or geyser kick enders. You can teleport after a geyser kick ender and still be at advantage if they don't tech roll.
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  20. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

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    Woah that's awesome to know! Thanks
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  21. AK Smarrgasm

    AK Smarrgasm Based Yellow Shirt
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    The reason i want to be at more advantage is for the crossup that you can get. You will recover almost before they even land from the kick. This give you probably the easiest crossover ever for rain which can start RH pressure for free. You only lose 3-4% but it makes it that much harder on the opponent. You have to do it to really see just what it does to the opponent. It can also give you a much easier free check with either b2 1+2 or b23. Or if you prefer you can pick them up with d3. Overall i just see it as a better option overall cause it opens up a lot more for rain.
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  22. Mothmonsterman0

    Mothmonsterman0 Mortal Kombat is NOT dead.

    i love using this, so many things you can do
    - keep RH pressure going
    - go for a low with b2 3
    - grab for 12%
    - bait out wake ups, or blow up wake ups with Ex Roundhouse =)
    - or eat a wake up haha

    i have also been ending combos with naked water gun, since the push back only puts them at jip range as apposed to 4,3 water gun which puts them almost full screen.

    great post!
  23. NkdSingularity

    NkdSingularity Truth and Ugly

    I'm sure we've all been hit out of 4,3 and the opponent has only got an anti-air combo out of it? So it may well be that 4,3xxTele is an air tele with the faster recovery.

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