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Discussion in 'Playstation Network' started by Krayzie, Nov 8, 2009.


    STORMS "War Season - the weak exposed"
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    gg's to NickLC03 and MyPianoHands
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    TWZTID Noob

    ggs storms, rissing and to random people in the xhd/honor room

    STORMS "War Season - the weak exposed"
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    vggs to T_lnvasioner

    nice scorp and kitana

    STORMS "War Season - the weak exposed"
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    vgg's to GANON and DZTRBED.

    DZTRBED has his hands on a nice Raiden.. ;)
  5. Gurimmjaw

    Gurimmjaw Earthrealm

    vggs to STORMS

    STORMS "War Season - the weak exposed"
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    I want your Deathstroke again soon... i think he may be your best character.
  7. Gurimmjaw

    Gurimmjaw Earthrealm

    Yeah, next time we play I'll play only Deathstroke vs you and see how I do. I think Deathstroke is also my best next to Flash, Shao Kahn, Scorpion, and Liu Kang.
  8. Krayzie

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    GG's Infusion

    GG's FTR_Secret or something like that... don't remember the name

    GG's GamerBlake

    GG's Honor_Phantom

    and for what its worth, Aaron... Somebody might have been using my connection through wifi. I reset my modem the next day, and the connection was back to normal. Maybe we can play again later.

    GG's NY_Disciple

    STORMS "War Season - the weak exposed"
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    VGG's to the following:

    EMPEROR_OUTWORLD, this dude is a beast.

    JELLOBURGER, the one person to beat me flat... :rant: I'll get you back. :top:

    NickLC, I think he hates me Raiden... ;)

    Broken Hearted, sick Kitana...

    BMFBOOYA, still got that GL... but damn that lag.

    and a few others that I fought tonight... GGs!

    BOSSETTE Premium Supporter
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    Good games:
  11. Check

    Check -

    Excellent Games to HONOR_ArchMagus the other day. Its kind of scary when you put 2 extremly talented players such as us in a 2 hour brawl together ( or was it 3 ). That was my only feeling while playing this guy; how incredibly scary these matches were. We'd both go for Up2 and hit each other at the same time. The games were just so evenly matched that it came down to simply which character was better in the matchup. Very good Arch. We must do that again. I enjoyed the CM and LEX mirrors.

    Very Good Games to Gamerblake. Guy has some skills. I wish he didnt abuse lag tactics so much because it was very obvious that he was and theres not much you can do about that on 2 bars. Nonetheless, they were fun. So Good Games, Blake.

    Infusion and Disciple: my bad once again, my message system is shut off on PSN so i do not see your messages till later on.
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  12. Check

    Check -

    CrazySubzero04 - The name says it all. But the connection was absolutly ridiculous. In all my years playing online i never seen a connection that good. What made it even better is the man behind it. Great games. Guy just plays and doesnt complain about shit. Word of advice though man, that sidestep will get eaten by up2 or d1, but those ice parrys and joker buzzers were spot on. Nailed me everytime. Made me think twice about up2ing or d1ing you. Sorry about our second session at first, i was overheating and sweating my ass off... my fingers just went completly stiff. Sigh.. anyway, give me a call when youre in fort lee, i live literally 30 seconds away from that bakery you go to.

    Infusion - Good games man. Sorry about halfway thru i was sweating my ass off and my fingers went stiff. Hit me up whenever youre ready to meet up again. My bad we didnt finish, even though we played a lot of games.

    Honor greyowl - You were the first guy i played. I saw you and knew youve been waiting to play me. Hope you enjoyed em man. Your support and complements mean alot. Ill never forget em.

    Yung Murk - Thanks for the friend request. Sorry i didnt see your message sooner. We will play next time im on.
    MKL_KingDavid - Thanks as well for the friend request. I should be back on in a couple days when i get that urge to play.
    Gamerblake - Good to see you again since the last time we crossed paths. Hope you had some good games with murk.

    and a bunch of other people who were nice enough to message me while i was on. Cant remember their names off hand but one was noob-licious? ill try and get to each and every one of you before MK9.
  13. Check

    Check -

    GGs Tom (not brady) last night. Thanks for letting me try some combos. Fun fights afterwards. Also thanks for hooking up your wired connection. I checked the name of that bakery and its the same one right up the street from me that you go to. If youre there in a hour or whatever, call me up. Would be nice to meet you. VGGS dude.

    Thanks to XMKDC_LiuKangX for sending me a friend request and the respect. This guy is INCREDIBLY cool. Very smart, follows the community very well and i liked the fact he still plays MKD MKA. Was fun talking to you for an hour on PSN last night. Thanks again dude.
  14. Check

    Check -

    Sick games to NY_Disciple. We finally exhanged numbers, so we're one step closer to getting you at Infusions one day. Man, its not about who wins with us. The games are always the best and are also the MOST FUN. God damn, its unbelievable how much fun i have when i play you.

    Disciple wanted to record a quick series to 3, so you guys can see some new matches of me finally. Im sure this dude wont hold anything back in regards to respect for me. His joker impresses me the MOST. Keep working on your Shang, d. We'll get you there soon.

    Thanks to XHD_Ultrawalk and Emperorisback (Palestine) for the friend invites. And sorry to the 2 more people i had to delete to add them ;( And of course, thanks to Rayrod for saying whats up and coming in the NYCheck room. Sorry i missed your message

    man that room was loaded... gonna have to start using a second account lol.
  15. Check

    Check -

    Sorry im late, but Very Good Games to Jago last week . We finally got a chance to get online and play after a very long hiatus. He just got fiber optic, so i just went on and tested the connection for him. No fights. Just combos/getting a feel for the connection etc.

    Much better,Jago. I always told you to get cable. While i dont understand how your connection speeds are only a tad bit better on Fiber Optic. Still, going from 2 bars to 4 is good enough for me. I'd say looking forward to fighting you, but im about done with this game (with the exception of when i go over to infusions). Thanks for your help, as always, with the new Lex and Raiden combos. Means a lot to me bro. Hope you can enjoy online a lot more now with your fiber optic connection.
  16. Ezreal

    Ezreal no
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    thanks dude it feels good to be able to punish flash b3, catwoman df3, darkseid knee, kahn shoulder, soul steal, etc...glad i could help with some of those combos :)

    BOSSETTE Premium Supporter
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    ggs to tda kitana
    nice to have someone to play kit vs kit
  18. KingShaz

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    Anyone wanna play tonight, i found my MKvDC disc :)
    send me message on psn, i'll be on tonight
  19. Krayzie

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    GG's to all of those who I played under the MKEmpires_com Id.

    I will be on more, I promise. :)
  20. Demonium

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    Making ID's with _com was my idea. Copycat.
  21. STORMS

    STORMS "War Season - the weak exposed"
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    What Bone said, my ID is "MKEmpires__com"

    BOSSETTE Premium Supporter
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    I'll be MKEmpires___Com

  23. STORMS

    STORMS "War Season - the weak exposed"
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    Seriously, you should. :top:

    Why the fuck not? It's a perfect way to advertise the site.

    We can't run out of names either... you could just do "MKEmpires_com1" or something.
  24. Demonium

    Demonium Noob

    Adding a 1 will not work. Try http_MKEmpires_com
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  25. YOMI RM JagoBlake

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    So there's a GGS Thread here, too? Well that makes my day! Considering I play MK vs DC VERY often, you can expect to see a lot of posts from me here.

    Anyway, I've had TWO long, epic series with two very good players. VGGS to KILLA_DZTRBED/XHD_ULTRAWALK and HONOR_PHANTOM! You guys are BEASTS.

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