Post pictures of yourself in this topic.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by gsp1179, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. gsp1179

    gsp1179 New Member

    I'll post one eventually.

    Probably after I get a haircut, whenever that may be.

    EDIT: found an old one

  2. abc ur dead0

    abc ur dead0 New Member

    Well you first. You cant make one of these and not even be the first person :roll:
  3. gsp1179

    gsp1179 New Member

    I'll get around to it. Someone else get the ball rolling.
  4. abc ur dead0

    abc ur dead0 New Member

    Well My Avatar duh. So I went first.

  5. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole New Member

    much better pic.
  6. abc ur dead0

    abc ur dead0 New Member

    Yea I agree. Apparently I had Lipstick on in the first one >.>
  7. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole New Member

    yeah, i did'nt wanna say anything, but, i might have thought ,i was outa touch with what youngens are doing these days. :?
  8. abc ur dead0

    abc ur dead0 New Member

    I took it using my Girlfriend Cheap as Camera and the colors fuck up.
  9. gsp1179

    gsp1179 New Member

    Well, I thought it was pretty.
  10. Enigma

    Enigma Active Member

    How can you start a thread on this and expect someone else to contribute first?
  11. abc ur dead0

    abc ur dead0 New Member

    What happened to your skin :eek: Why is it Green? :shock:
  12. TheRobzi11a

    TheRobzi11a New Member too lazy to upload pics
  13. NinjaGrinder

    NinjaGrinder A living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat

    used to be my sig for a while. that's me holding a beer and my Dying Fetus concert ticket 8)

  14. TheRedPsychosis

    TheRedPsychosis New Member


    I'm the one playing the guitar.. :)

    And if this makes it clearer...

  15. Kazlaz

    Kazlaz New Member

    my cousin has the same drum set as in that picture forgot what modle i got them to sound really nice with Ducktap they sound awsome

    but me my self has a pearl Session Maple : )

    i love that and my Dbass
  16. abc ur dead0

    abc ur dead0 New Member

    Kaz Post a Picture of you and your mom 8)
  17. Kazlaz

    Kazlaz New Member

    ill try lost the camera lol
  18. TheRedPsychosis

    TheRedPsychosis New Member

    Yeah, it is pretty nice, except no floor tom. :(

    My guitar ont he other hand.. is flawless. Custom made neck, really thin Ibanez Body, custom pickups.. mwahaha.
  19. Viva La Dillon

    Viva La Dillon New Member

  20. ZAQ

    ZAQ On Leave

    wow dude, no wonder you have shades on, that much light could kill Dracula
  21. stick man

    stick man New Member

    i dare some one to go in that room and hold up a magnifying glass
  22. Rockzilla220

    Rockzilla220 New Member


    Or you could just look at my myspace.
  23. Ice Prince

    Ice Prince New Member

    The normal boy...

    and then during "special times".....haha
  24. TempesT

    TempesT Guest

  25. O Juggernaut 0

    O Juggernaut 0 Ambassador

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