Police Brutality Replays - CRAZY DOMINICAN vs Maxter

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    Here is a direct archive link to the Grand Finals from the "On The Edge" Kombat Network tournament hosted by 9.95 - It came down to the CD Brothers and VSM Maxter surprised us all as instead of picking his normal characters of Cyrax or Johnny Cage, he picked Stryker. We should also note that his brother CRAZY DOMINICAN did know the match-up, however Maxter changed up his style a little. This is special to the fact that sometimes we believe in tiers and sometimes we just believe in the players.
    Go to this link @ 39:30
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Under_The_Mayo
  2. roosTakk
    I hate all the complaining about nerfing/buffing certain players. This man went from my main(cyrax) to an unused to defeat my nemesis(kitana). Cheers.
  3. Noob Saibot
    I don't even think Stryker is underused because of his "tier listing". It's because the character is lame. He's a cop. That's the breadth of the entire character.
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    In all fairness, this was obviously a straight up counterpick, CD was getting his ass zoned off almost all the way save for a few punishes xD

    So is Kabal, yet look how many people have flocked to him, lol
  5. AR-15
    yeah but Kabal is a burnt skin having, gas mask using, dual hook sword wielding, speed freak. not just your ordinary pig lol
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  7. Angel Oleander
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  8. Vagrant
    So that's why there were so many Strykers on ranked last night.......
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  9. Garasky
    Stryker is not as flashy to watch but I can tell the zoning game is deep
  10. BehindTheLight
    I am banned from justin and twitch. I have been dealing with tech support for a long time and they cannot figure it out. So basically I can't watch archived videos from twitch. I really want to see maxters stryker. Just wondering if someone could download it and upload it somewhere. Would kick ass if someone does it. You can download videos from twitch and justin if you have the DownloadHelper add-on installed in Firefox.
  11. Geochron
    But that's why Stryker is awesome! In game filled with sorcerors, gods, undead, and ninjas with magical powers; he's just a bad-ass with a gun. It's like Batman in the Justice League.
  12. Via_Negativa
    Except a bit ghey with a likeness to john cena... and like cena for wrestling he brings the mk universe down..:)
  13. LEGEND
    Decent enough Stryker, nice to see him getting stream time regardless
    CD clearly doesn't know the matchup, in the perspective of a kitana player that was painful but as a stryker main it was also pretty entertaining

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