Official TYM UMK3 GG's Thread

Discussion in 'Ultimate/Mortal Kombat 3/Trilogy' started by Sub-Zero BMC, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Derek

    Derek New Member

    GG Dave. Sorry about my headset being all weird and stuff and that I had to leave.
  2. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    ggs Sugar and Annihilator.

    Very nice csub you got there, get those 50% combos down and you'll be downright lethal with him.
  3. BustaUppa

    BustaUppa Westbury Nathan's 4 Life

    Ha ha I got wrecked silly by Crazy Dominican last night in a random ranked match. He picked Smoke and I was like "uh-oh." I remembered his killer Smokeness from NEC and sure enough it was just as nasty online. So "GG" to him!
  4. Annihilator83

    Annihilator83 New Member

    GG's Konqrr and Sugar, had a lot of fun that night with all the randomness selection and overall tips. I will definitely practice that 50% combo with Sub. Look forward to playing with you again. :D
  5. Derek

    Derek New Member

    Thanks guys GGs to both of you.
  6. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    ggs Skizelli and turned up the offense tonight, what a turn around :confused:
  7. Action Kungfu

    Action Kungfu New Member

    gg to Annihilator, Eric Darkside, and Crazy Dominican.
  8. Annihilator83

    Annihilator83 New Member

    Haha yeah man, had to take some tips from one of the best Sub's around. :D

    GG to ACTION KUNGFU, DjEric Darkside and CRAZY DOMINICAN as well.
  9. Annihilator83

    Annihilator83 New Member

    GG ilovepoop, its always fun when people talk trash and still end up losing. (I was ShaolinKamikaze) :lol:

    I appreciate it that you booted me out. :lol:
  10. ilovepoop

    ilovepoop New Member

    i only booted you cause u were lagging and i was only "trash talking" as u would put it cause you were lagging i'd gladly play you again if you could fix your connection
  11. Annihilator83

    Annihilator83 New Member

    No you only booted me because you can't stand losing. I've played with Konqrr, ACTION KUNGFU, Sugar, XL, Dj Eric, Crazy Dominican and never once had an issue of lagging. Cable connection FTW!

    If you want to learn on how to use that Nightwolf effectively, maybe take some tips from Crazy Dominican to help you out so you don't lose to shitty ass Sub Zero players like myself instead of retorting to lag being the issue when there wasn't any. Or just plainly don't take the game so seriously if you lose, its all in good fun. :lol:

    I distinctly remember the first round where you almost had a flawless victory on me and said 'Can't fuck with the poop', well I guess the poop got pooped on afterwards. :lol: I guess it was lagging a lot there too huh?
  12. ilovepoop

    ilovepoop New Member

    i love that you come out and flame me like i just killed your mom and secondly it was lagging also i would like to know if anyone has ever heard me say "can't fuck with the poop" cause thats not something i would say i might call you a douche or something but i wouldn't say that also sometimes peoples connections don't get along especially since im on a wireless router it causes many problems

    thats enough on this topic considering one of us might get banned
  13. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    Keep this kind of stuff to PM's guys :evil:

    ggs Shock/Sy/Sugar...almost got to 20 wins :shock: but Shock got to 50 first lol

    First time in awhile lately where I've had literally NO lag whatsoever, it was nice. Probably because I reset my modem right before I played.
  14. Shock

    Shock Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Yes that was an entirely lag free fun fest, 3 volleys of Reptile infinite on Jax = nuts on the 360 gamepad, I'll get it down eventually. GGS to Konqrr, Sugar and Sy Illusions.
  15. Derek

    Derek New Member

    Yep, all 65+ matches. Highly enjoyable. Sorry about my headset acting up toward the end.
  16. GameOver

    GameOver New Member


    GG to all of you I've run accross in the last few nights.

    More specifically: ILP, Yoshi and Angel.
  17. BustaUppa

    BustaUppa Westbury Nathan's 4 Life

    Ran into Freeisgood the other night in a random ranked, I don't even remember the particulars but GG man!
  18. DAVE101

    DAVE101 New Member

    You're still using the 360 controller? I thought after a while I could get used to it but I stopped improving after the second day. Both xbox and xbox 360 have the two worst controllers ever made. Its not just fighting games either. In other games where you use the anolog you can tell how hard it is to get a diagonal when you want to.
  19. Sub-Zero BMC

    Sub-Zero BMC New Member

    the reason why it doesnt go diangonaly when you want it is because when Xbox made there controllers smaller they forgot something and that was to rescale the analog sticks. On the first Xbox controlers those big ones (B-type)
    it was fine but then they made the small ones (S-type) and never scaled them right.

    p.s. by scale i mean the range of the diagonal direction. say 0 is up, 90 is right 180 is down, 270 is left, and 360 is also up, then the range was about 40 to 50 for diagonaly up and right on a bigger stick easier to hit on a smaller on harder. They should of scaled it to 35 to 55 but they never got around to it.
  20. Annihilator83

    Annihilator83 New Member

    GG to Shock, Sy Illusions, and zZsdkZz. Psycho kombat was really fun lol!
  21. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    Oh man, I hate Psycho Kombat!

    GGs to everyone I've played in the last couple nights...I think I may have solved my "Xbox shutting off randomly" bullshit. We'll see tonight!
  22. Shock

    Shock Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    GGs fellas, hopefully I'll be getting the KB adapter soon!
  23. Action Kungfu

    Action Kungfu New Member

    As any of you guys played VA380 yet?

    Well gg to him.
    He's pretty damn solid.

    The other day when I had played with Crazy Dominican, Annihilator and Dj Eric, i entered the room without going to arcade mode first and lost my characters.

    I'm upset cause I couldnt pick Mileena. Looks like i gotta put the code back in. I'm only going to put in Mileena this time instead of the other 2, until they make it so it saves automatically. Cause I'm too lazy to sit through the kombat kode bs. And I only use her out of the 3 unlockables.

    I think some of you guys(konqrr, shock, etc.) might like what I can do with Mileena now. She's not quite where my Kitana is, but she was getting there. And I also improved my kabal, but that's not very hard anyway.
  24. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    Nice, I've picked up Mileena too and get her 41% punisher quite frequently as well <- thanks Shock.
  25. abc ur dead0

    abc ur dead0 New Member

    I just realized I need to add like most of you o_0

    Boostjunkie and Shock is about all I have now. XL too. Maybe other people whose GT is not their name like BoostJunkie's.

    Well, im not an ass anyways so hope to see some of you guys soon. :)

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