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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by TheRobzi11a, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. MKillBill

    MKillBill Sabumnim
    Staff Member Lead Moderator

    I still play on occasion. Hit me up tonight and I'll play a set with you.
  2. I have signed out and getting ready to leave. Maybe next time. You are a great fighter. Im still trying to learn how to play the speed of mk2 im so slow at it
  3. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard


    One of the biggest losers around.
  4. Konqrr

    Konqrr Resident Kitana Downplayer

    GGs to @mortal_jason... I think I won like 4 out of 100 lol

    Playing you gives me a migrane. You have an answer to everything, make crazy reads, and make me cringe every time I press a button thinking I might get hit out of this attack too haha

    So good, thanks for sticking around!
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  5. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    GG's to "RAWTITTIES210" this weekend... LOL
  6. Yes I agree indio joe a joke
  7. Anyone up for some games tonight?
  8. Ggs to rocky over the weekend
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  9. dubson

    dubson Noob

    GG's to everyone i played over the weekend

    Been on a MK2 binge lately.

    Would love to play soon, Mike...
  10. MortalTomcat

    MortalTomcat down up left left A right down

    VGGS always to prince_combo, dj_doc_steel, konqrr, english0812, lando8834, ectonaut, adamantium1989, shangschlub, mortal_jason, mikecaldwell, kornut949, necoarc12, kinoko_no_ronin, and all the others i've played and therefore "trained" with as well. i especially enjoy our high energy matches and mirrors but you guys know that. Even GGs to cheating Culongy and cable pulling vortex_rikers and xICExMANx93 (supposedly INDIO_JOE?) <--without the lametastic auto fire (i could see you using this if you were disabled but really?) & also lag switching i would't have realized how REAL DEAL some players actually are including myself.) As for all the broke ppl with lag who actually CAN'T help it, I wish I could buy you all at least tier 1 cable. It really doesn't seem like a fair match with a fluctuating ping jumping over 110 or so when I play MKII 100% of my bandwidth is dedicated to my PS3. I wish everyone would or could do this and mix up their character selection. You win some you lose some.
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  11. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus Typical Male Ninja Scrub w/HPs in the corner

    Has anyone played against AZNPRIDE- on PSN? We played a bunch of umk3 then he quit ( he one maybe one match out of 20) and invited me to MK2. He beat me pretty handily because I don't play much. Then he got to finish him, with subzero, and pulled the deep-freeze about eight times before I finally quit. Then, he sends me a hate message in all capital letters about how I'm trash because I'm good at ultimate but not at MK2
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  12. MKillBill

    MKillBill Sabumnim
    Staff Member Lead Moderator

    He's a clown much like many other jackasses that have come and gone in the game. Ranks right up there with people like NiggaDickJax, except not nearly as funny.
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  13. MortalTomcat

    MortalTomcat down up left left A right down

    Vggs to david_GEM, the only solid connection all evening/night..
  14. Kensidj

    Kensidj Noob

    GGs to mortal_jason the past week or so! Lots of close nail biters and great match Ups!
  15. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    VGG's to Kensidj this weekend, a few games were close, but I didn't win a single match, dude gave me a proper beat down. I haven't lost like that in ages. You sir are a machine, and I only talk the smack out of frustration. No offense intended, I'm down to play ( and not spam ) anytime.
  16. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    GG's to "Dragon979," so glad people are still playing MK2
  17. Ggs to those I played
  18. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    lots of good players on lately, had some fun matches with "ewing27," "kinoko_no_ronin," and "mortaltomcat" (sorry if I butchered any names). It would be fun to do a tournament this summer. I can organize it if anyone is interested?
  19. Skkra

    Skkra PSN: Skkra

    If you're organizing stuff, tag me. I'm not good or anything but I love MK2 more than anything.

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