Official TYM MKII GG's Thread

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by TheRobzi11a, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. ProjectilePoint

    ProjectilePoint Johnny Cage Wins!

    Thanks i always strive to improve with Cage even though he is one of the weaker tiered characters, i never grow tired of using him and i apologize if i drive people nuts using him all the time lol. Feel free to send a friend request, i rarely play much anymore and only in the friendly lobby.
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  2. ProjectilePoint

    ProjectilePoint Johnny Cage Wins!

    If a users name has "bass" in it the first name that comes to mind is BigBadBassss, he was a good player and would not be surprised if that was him. Did you message him?
  3. dubson

    dubson Well-Known Member

    I believe your friends list was full or private last time I tried but I will try again!
  4. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    Yes he only replied "what".

    How exactly does Jester troll? I guess if he had won more he would have trolled me.
  5. Dyzvhtynzal

    Dyzvhtynzal D020188 Premium Supporter

    ggs with caldwell and jay last night. i think mk2 players are the most frustrated players of all. no news on a mk2 ps4 release yet i guess. only reason i'll buy it at this point.
  6. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    GGs to you as well. Also GGs to @Comon2680. I was bored so I played him 20 matches in 200 ping. A good reminder of why I refuse to play red bar connections!

    Yes we are frustrated because somehow we are moving BACKWARDS with technology.
    We had og MK2 from 2007-2012 which played 10 times better than MKAK (less lag, more people on, continuous play, etc).
    But every time I get pissed, I just remind myself that someday we probably will have nothing. They'll kill ps3's online functionality and then we'll be screwed.

    @St-BiOZ told me that he bought a PS4 online game for the new Cloud thing (?), and that it was so laggy it was unplayable.
    Like I said, moving backwards with technology... I guess there is always hope though...
  7. dubson

    dubson Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about getting MKAK for Xbox 360 @mortal_jason , what do you think?

    I would get a PS2 -to- 360 Controller Adaptor of course as well, since the XBox pads are Horribleā€¦

    I believe I heard @Konqrr say it plays 10x better and even the Random Select works for P2
  8. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    The connections are smoother than PS3, but it still delay lags.
    Plus you have to pay a monthly fee for XBL service.

    I looked into a PS3 to Xbox controller adapter and I read that those cause delay as well?

    There isn't a lot of competition on Xbox for MK2.
    Random select does work yeah.
    And It never dropped connections.
    I don't understand why the Xbox MKAK doesn't have the issues that the PS3 version does.
  9. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

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