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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by TheRobzi11a, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)


    I however have no problem putting money up for an online match. If lag is an issue, then it would be a no contest (and I mean bad lag) if it played like all the other tournaments we have had, it would be good to go.
  2. dubson

    dubson Active Member


    that's the problem , I would never bet serious money in an online match, maybe a little money or for an online tournament or something but nothing near as serious as i would offline

    thanks for telling me your largemarge , we have played many times before brotha so we can now talk eye to eye ok? i have some pretty salty hate mails from you as well from back in the day and remember many rage quits from you, at least on that account. obviously you have played me many times before as well, but on accounts other than largemarge, idk how many. only you do

    you only play mk2? i play many fighters was my point. i don't play mk2 like i used to, shit, even when OG mk2 was out. you post on a board now that was nothing like the boards before when OG was in its prime and the kommunity had many more top level kompetitors, this game is over 15 years old man, i play many other games as well, just keep in mind i haven't played this game every day for the past 1-2 years as you may have.

    thats why i hate Alts so much, because this game is so old, if you think your a top player you should play on a main account and embrace kompetiton amongst beast players and be known, shit. people are so afraid to lose, and try to hard to creep a babality and record it, etc. its ridiculous.

    play the game at a high level, be known, and help it live on
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  3. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    Jeez man...please chill out LOL. Take a deep breath.
    I don't take UMK3 seriously. I use low-mid tier characters and rely on my MK2 skills.
    I only play it when I can't get an MK2 match. But I know we've had even matches when we played.
    After you said you were a top MK2 player, I assumed your same standard applied to UMK3.

    I've been playing MK games for over 20 years, bud.

    MKAK sometimes lags with people that live an hour away. It's shit.
    Sure we can play sometime, I don't care. I never made any claim to be even close to a "top player" at UMK3.
    Show the world you beating up on my Sektor and Mileena. I'll have fun either way.
  4. dubson

    dubson Active Member

    lol, we were not even bud

    lol at you insulting my MK2 skills. your ridiculous jason.

    bro you used to be a 2 character wonder. kitana and mileena. any other char and you didn't stand a chance against even my Reptile!

    bro, don't forget where you came from. may have played 20 years, but not on my level! shouldn't have compared yourself to me in umk3! you didn't get good until you took it serious when it came out on OG and you got on

    you got me in mk2. I have been a top player in MK2. maybe not now, you may have surpassed me in MK2, but that doesn't mean I wasn't what I was or am what I am. your very late to the party too just getting online with OG MK2 ok, granted i give you your dues, i hate that you creep on alts. i used to respect the fuck out of you so much for not playing on alts and calling out people who did as well and because of how great you became at mk2. and yes there are many more players i would consider better than me in MK2 than UMK3.

    and idk why you act the way you do when you lose, rage quit can't even play a session and booted me off your friends list. thats not the jason i was boys with, i don't like salty ass losers. ill play a session with you in mk2 30 matches and stay the whole time even if i wasn't getting a single win, i love kompetition with good people
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  5. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    I told you I didn't boot you off my friends list. If anything, I deleted you from an alt when I deleted everyone off alt friends lists.

    Yep everyone knows I hate lag and if I can't move properly, I won't play.
    Sue me, I hate bullshit. That doesn't make me a salty ass loser LOL.
    I've always lost with respect as long as the connection doesn't totally blow.

    Mm actually when I first got ps3 we went even and I used every character in MK2.
    Early on my Kitana and Mileena were the only ones that stood out and I used them more than I do now.

    Anyway I'm done arguing about this. This is a GGs thread.
    You've been pretty confrontational on here. Not worth my time.
    This isn't rawmk2.
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  6. dubson

    dubson Active Member

    LOL no we did not go even and you did not play with everyone. You couldn't even play with Liu Kang! It was horrible how badly you needed them 2 female ninjas! Bro, you played with them 2 almost exclusively in a kompetitive session!

    Everyone knows i have no reason to lie or spread BS , we have both said our piece. I'm done also.
  7. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

  8. gamemk

    gamemk Well-Known Member

    Awesome games to kensidj. He's easily a top player with mike caldwell, btbb, and mortal Jason. He got me a bunch of games. Gg to subs balls. He got me on a game. Great games guys.
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  9. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    GG's to shane0987 earlier. Bad games to sniff_tester (someones alt), dude is in a friendly lobby but rage quits 1 and a half matches in. he even tried to low toe my scorp with liu the whole match but lost.
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  10. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    Yeah he can give us 3 a run for our money.
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  11. ProjectilePoint

    ProjectilePoint Johnny Cage Wins!

    Good games Mortal Jason, always a blast playing Cage mirrors with you even if it does get laggy, also good games to Ortiz and someone named Kinoko-no-Ronin who said he was a og MK2 player.
  12. dubson

    dubson Active Member

    hey old friend, would love to play with ya again some time.

    your one of the best cage players, if not the best cage player in mk2 in my opinion!
  13. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    GG's to everyone on this weekend. Lots of good players online. Bad games to Indio, crushed his weak Shang and then he ducked me for the rest of the weekend. Biggest coward out there.

    I even played DJ_Doc_Steel on friendly. Beat his cheating Shang with Sub, Jax, and Shang! LOL
  14. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    And Jason crushed me as usual. He seemed very focused this weekend! I only got a few rounds in.

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